KRET started producing a new generation of artificial respirator

Concern "Radio-electronic technology" (KRET) SC Rostekhnadzor started producing mobile devices electrically driven mechanical ventilation (AIVL) — "Avent-M." Unlike earlier models produced a new device is able to work independently through the built-in battery and controlled remotely via Wi-Fi. According to the specifications it is superior to many AIVL foreign proceeding and it is worth 40% less.

"Avent-M" makes entering the KRET Ural Instrument Plant (CPL), capable of delivering up to 650 units per year.

Mobile motorized ventilator "Avent M" can be used without being connected to the network for five hours with built-in battery. The device has an active exhalation valve that maintains a certain level of pressure in the patient's airway. "Avent-M" is able to adapt their work to the needs of the patient and automatically adjust the ventilation parameters, depending on the patient's condition.
New AIVL generator is equipped with a flow of air, touch screen controls, as well as a module Wi-Fi, which allows you to control the device remotely. In addition, the module allows you to store information about the patient's condition and change the ventilation mode on a shared server health facility and send the data to the advisory medical centers.

"The development and production of medical devices and equipment — important from a social point of view, the direction of Company activities, — said General Director of CPL Alexander Morozov. — The characteristics and functionality of the new" Avent M "exceed their foreign counterparts and is cheaper by 40% — from 500 thousand rubles. use of the device allows health-care institutions to reduce operating costs. "Avent M" can do without the service two years, while a similar foreign equipment needs it at least once a year. "

"Avent-M" has already been tested in the Chelyabinsk branch of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences. In the opinion of experts from the existing analogue device market is characterized by high degree of automation options and the ability to use new modern modes of ventilation.

In the near future the modified "Avent-M" will be operational check in Chelyabinsk city hospital number 3 and a clinic in Yekaterinburg.

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