Krichevsky prosecutor warned the journalist for an article about the terrorist attack

Editor of the independent newspaper "Free City" Sergei Pixelated Krichevsky District Attorney issued an official warning about the inadmissibility of violating the laws regulating relations in the sphere of command. The reason for the warning was the journalist's article "Black Days". It is dedicated to the terrorist attack in Minsk on April 11.

In the blame Sergei Irregularities Prosecutor Vladimir Tryvayla put in the newspaper spread false information about the investigation into the terrorist attack, as well as information which contains libel and insulting remarks against heads of state power. Publication, as stated in the prevention, aimed at "discrediting the law enforcement agencies, the Belarusian state and society."

Sergei Uneven states that the warning does not agree and will appeal it at the prosecutor.

"It is clear that the prosecutor performs a general order against journalists who are trying to cover the investigation attack from all sides. We did not make issue of" bloody ", with photos of victims, we just felt relatively detainees accused of committing a terrorist act, that they were really those who committed the crime, not the ordinary "scapegoats." We also spoke about the claims Head of State a "fifth column". We believe that such statements are inadmissible. I am a prosecutor, and said, that power uses the attack to press journalists. Pavynosits them now alert, and then use it to punish criticism of local officials have nothing to do with the attack. That is, using the attack for political purposes, "said Sergei uneven.

In a warning letter states that in case of repeated violations of the law Sergey Uneven will be prosecuted.

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