Krivoy Rog programmers compete successfully with Autodesk and other giants


Programmers from Krivoy Rog challenged the software industry giants and won: the development of scientific-production enterprise "KRIVBASSAKADEMINVEST" in the field of geographic information systems, business process management and automation of production become the largest enterprises, despite the existence of well-established in the market of foreign counterparts.

Geographic information system (GIS) — an information system that provides for the collection, storage, processing, display, analysis, modeling and dissemination of spatially distributed data

Perhaps the most famous product of the company — Geographic Information System (GIS) K-MINE, designed to work with distributed in the space of data, in particular as a tool to automate surveying and geological software, planning and design of mining operations, automation of processes of mining. The idea of creating GIS dates back to 1995 because of a lack of capabilities of the software company Autodesk (global company with an annual turnover of $ 1.7 billion) for the solution of practical problems in the field of mining.

Then wipe the decision to develop its own GIS, many causes alertness: experts feared that a small team of developers from Krivoy Rog did not have the strength and resources to compete with a dozen companies worldwide. However, thanks to the knowledge of the business and understanding the needs of customers in this industry, "KRIVBASSAKADEMINVEST" surprised the skeptics. Today, the company has successfully cooperated with such industry giants as PJSC "ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog", Poltava and Eristov processing plants (in the group Ferrexpo), Inguletsky, North and South mining companies, the German company Knauf, "EUROCEMENT groups" holding more than than a hundred companies in the world, and others.

Businesses choose to develop the domestic company, it is guided by pragmatic considerations: the introduction of products "KRIVBASSAKADEMINVESTA" an appreciable economic effect, allows faster execution of work, reduce costs, improve product quality and increase safety. For example, the implementation of a system to optimize the export of rock from the quarry at Ingulets GOK, where a decision on the planning of the export of rock from the quarry has always taken a person as a result of computer simulation has become possible to reduce the average distance transportation of rocks, which in turn has led to substantial savings. Naturally, the management GOK immediately transferred this kind of problem on the computer base. Implementation of the system through the production planning of the main shops of the same GOK has meant that it became possible to reconcile the technological process of final products, and for eight years factory uses these software products. And none of the known systems of Western developers were not able to block their achievements.

It is important to keep in mind that just GIS K-MINE thanks raznoobraziyumoduley intended to address a wide range of tasks of mining production, can replace a set of three or four expensive imported systems.

Another advantage of the products' KRIVBASSAKADEMINVESTA "to foreign counterparts — high performance, including due to the use of patented algorithms developed by employees. This allows not only to simplify the process of using GIS, but also lower the bar of system requirements for equipment that reduces the overall cost of implementation.

GIS K-MINE has recommendations Gospromgornadzor Ukraine, the State Committee of Ukraine on Mineral Resources, consistent with RTN, has received the recommendation of the State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety, a positive assessment of the National Research Institute of Industrial health and safety.

The company develops and other markets. In addition to the above GIS K-MINE success among business use and other products of the company — an agricultural information system «AgroMINE», electronic document management system «KAI-Document" medical information system «K-MIS" ERP system «KAI-Enterprise "etc.

Special attention in the "KRIVBASSAKADEMINVESTE" pay educational projects, training a new generation of specialists. For students of higher educational institutions have special programs to get a free licensed copies of the company's products for use in the educational process.

In addition, the initiative "KRIVBASSAKADEMINVESTA" by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine, the State Geological Service of Ukraine, the State Committee of Ukraine on Mineral Resources conducted scientific workshop SVIT GIS, which today has an international status. The seminar focused on the use of geographic information systems (K-MINE and other decisions) in the various spheres of economic activity.

For our part, we can only wish good luck to the domestic software developers — perhaps the only Ukrainian company that has managed to succeed in such a competitive high-tech market. As well as success in carrying SVIT GIS-2012, which will take place in Crimea 14-18 May 2012 (more on

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