KSA ATC of Azimuth put to Armenia

KSA ATC — a complex of automation of air traffic control

In May 2012 a tender for the supply of KSA ATC Republic of Armenia is a member of the agency Eurocontrol. The tender was attended by the following companies: Aerotechnica (Ukraine), Indra (Spain), Thales (France), Azimuth (Russia).

As a result of the tender of "AZ" (Moscow), a developer of CSA ATC "Galaxy" was the winner, and in July 2012 was awarded a contract for the supply of equipment.

In autumn 2012 the CSA ATC "Galactica" will be installed in the new control tower Kazan in preparation for the branch "Tataeronavigatsiya" Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State ATM Corporation" to ensure the holding of the Universiade 2013.
KSA ATC "Galaxy" is a complex of automation of air traffic control, which was developed by JSC "Azimut". 


JSC "Azimut" — one of the leading developers and manufacturers of communication systems, navigation, surveillance and air traffic management automation. JSC "Azimut" combines specialized enterprises, some of which are established in 1959 and is one of the main suppliers of communications, navigation, landing and surveillance under the federal target program "Modernization of a unified air traffic management system of Russia (2009-2015)" .

All equipment complies with ICAO requirements and safety standards and the type of production of the Interstate Aviation Committee. According to the operational and technical characteristics of equipment "Azimut" is not inferior to Western counterparts on the market leading companies in the world.

In the factories of companies "Azimuth" is realized the full production cycle using the most modern machinery equipment of American, European and Japanese manufacturers. Group companies have all the necessary certificates and licenses to carry out work on behalf of civil and military users. In the portfolio of the company includes more than 20 types of commercially-supplied products.

The total amount of the equipment supplied under separate contracts is about 650 units. Of these, about 20% of the funds delivered abroad (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Mongolia, Vietnam, Lithuania, Estonia).

The latest being developed innovative equipment in accordance with the CNS / ATM concept of the International Civil Aviation Organization, including automated ATC systems. The tools developed are competitive on the world market. Currently, negotiations are under way on the development and delivery of equipment with companies in South Korea, Italy, the USA, Sweden.

The group of companies "Azimuth" has all the necessary competencies to upgrade airfields "turnkey". The total number of employees of enterprises about 1,000 people, including 600 developers, 300 — production staff, 200 people — the wait staff.


PS. Sent a letter to the company about the cost of the product. Waiting for an answer.

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