L. Zaika: Madness ended with paternalism

What accounts for the Company's decision to reduce the Minsk City Executive Housing? With this issue we turned to the head of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika.

Zaika: "All of this craziness with paternalism, social programs 2010 ended. Alexander G. became president. Now we need to fix bugs. The guidance to ministers, governor. The condition for obtaining Russian loan is to reduce demand on the domestic market. And it is clear the housing program, this subsydarnasts, the mass migration of people to the capital, loans at 1% interest for the construction of housing — it's all over, rainy Monday wipers remove the flags.

Note president of welfare cuts will affect almost all of them, except the disabled and families with many children. This falls under the large proportion of paternalism, which was, by this applies subsidizing many foods and subsidies for housing construction, as it is the bottomless pit, this also applies to programs for young people.

I am advocating that the government went ahead and removed at all the fat that has grown. "

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