LA Ink watch online

LA Ink watch online
We offer South American reality show "Los Angeles ink "on the work of tattoo artists. We fast forward to West Hollywood, located in sunny California, where returning to Los Angeles, Kat Von Dee, decides to open her own tattoosalon. Return to California, it forced the differences that emerged from it with a tattoo artist from the TV series "Miami Ink."

Kate and her close friend Pixie accepted for seeking tattoo artists. Turning to davneshnemu friend Kari Miller, the girls are 2-tattoo artist Kim Sage and Hannah Atchinson.

All the actions swirling around the new showroom Kate practically around the clock removes the operator. Any of the customer who comes to salon, knows about himself, about the events of his life and knows the reason why he's going to do for yourself is exactly the tattoo.

In the television series seethe true passion: the middle of the first season will be marked by the firing of Pixie. 2nd season we will be able to see the work of Hannah and Kim, but after filming the two girls leave salon. In the 3rd season salon Aubry Fisher will be accepted, but, and it will not develop the case with the other participants of the show, and she, too, will go away.

So for you to be bored and you do not have to be able to safely join the millions viewing audience of this interesting television series!

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