Large lot of cattle placed in the Amur region

October 3 Vaninskiy sea port ship came "Brahman Express" from Australia, who delivered 2,886 head of cattle a highly productive breeds Charolais, Aberdeen Angus and Hereford. Animals acquired "Rosagroleasing" at the request of farms Amur region.

October 5 completed loading cattle in special railway wagons, farm animals sent to lessees.

Delivery of nearly three thousand heads of selective breeding beef cattle is important for the development of animal husbandry in the area. Cattle will be used to generate high-quality breeding nucleus in regional economies and maintain effective breeding.

Delivery of animals is carried out by "Rosagroleasing" with the support of the Government of the Amur region in the framework of the objectives of the State Programme for the Development of Agriculture in 2012.

So JSC "Agro-Soyuz Far East" sent 58 bulls and heifers 1,500 Aberdeen Angus, 20 bulls and 395 heifers, Hereford and Charolais cattle breed — is 20 bulls and 393 heifers. Another 500 Hereford heifers will of "Credit Guarantee Agency of agriculture".

"Rosagroleasing" together with JSC "Russian Railways" is the railway transportation of cattle as scheduled. Only involved 145 specially-equipped cars. The total length delivery from the port to the farms of about 2000 km.

The animals were met at the port of highly qualified "Rosagroleasing" who were present during the customs clearance, veterinary control, ensure quality and timely feeding of livestock.

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