Last destroyer type «D» adopted for Vilikobritanii

Last destroyer type
Navy England included in the composition of its own second and last destroyer «Duncan» Project Type 45, also known as type «D», reports citing Jane’s edition
Flag-raising ceremony on the ship was accomplished September 26, 2013 the Royal Navy based in Portsmouth.
It is expected that during 2014 the British military will conduct tests finishing the ship, and the first of its rapid implementation is scheduled for 2015.
«Duncan» was laid in June 2007 at the shipyard of BAE Systems in Govene in Glasgow. Launching a ship on the water held in October 2010.
Destroyer Displacement is 7.5 thousand tons with a length of 152.4, 21.2 and width of 7.4 meters draft. The ship can reach speeds of 29 knots and a range of its stroke is 13 thousand kilometers. Destroyer armed with cannons 20.30 and 114 mm anti-aircraft missile complexes with missiles Aster 30 missile launchers of cruise missiles Tomahawk.
Marine tests «Duncan» held in September 2012. Type 45 destroyers of the project from time to time referred to as type «D» as the title of all vehicles in the series begins with this particular little letters: «Daring», «Dontless», «Diamond», «Dragon», «Defender» and «Duncan».

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