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January 26, 2013 1:49

Detailed predictions about the fate of Russia, which gave the Lady of Fatima will be hidden until 2014. The Vatican does not give permission to publish the diary of a nun Lucia, who witnessed the miracle. Press secretary of the Vatican says that watching more than sixteen million documents requires a lot of time and trained people. So now the opening of the archives from 1939 to 1958, is not yet possible.
In 1917, three shepherd children every month on a certain day the Virgin Mary. Children hit the world with his prophetic stories. So a child Mother told about the Russian Revolution and the emergence of a new state, which will destroy the church, about the beginning of World War II.

One of the girls, Lucia, has grown to become a nun, and betrayed his memories in the Vatican archives. Interestingly, the prophecy came true up

Basic details of the predictions were published later added some chapters. They tells the story of the universal importance of Russia. The victory over the Whore of Babylon and the red dragon accomplished through turning to God Rossi, approval power of the Holy Cross.

Some chapters diary nuns remain closed. They say that there is told about the financial crisis that the world will turn to God, for the attempt on the Pope, the future of Russia. But when these chapters will be declassified — unknown.

The reason that the Vatican is in no hurry to declassify records are documents that illustrate the behavior of the priests in the heyday of Nazism. There are photographs of the Pope as a teenager, dressed in a Nazi uniform. As a child, he was a member of the Hitler Youth.

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