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In Vetka district evicted after the Chernobyl disaster in the village of conversations, on the banks of the winding river is lonely hut Nina Kovzelevay. The rest of the house because of the high radiation buried in the ground.

Hostess with the family involved in cattle breeding — raises two dozen cows and calves.

Equipped with many of last year's hay rick, a board on the oaks, the home looks like some prehistoric settlement.

Stozhkov last year's hay

Animal grazes past the river, Igor, the youngest son of Mrs. Nina. From the conversation, he refuses.

The mistress has just come off the perabirannya potatoes and talked about her lonely life in the resettled villages:

Nina Kovzeleva

"We've got to radiation with her husband in Vetka apartment, and the house — her mother in law. It is written for our son. A son of Chernobyl before the eviction was in the army on the Kola Peninsula. Then married in Leningrad, and nowhere to live. He terminated the contract of service and returned with his wife at home. It was necessary, Of course, after the Chernobyl disaster to pass the house, but the documents on it were. And he — on the Kola Peninsula. And did not have to pass, and so it remained nyazdadenay. "

When the son came, Nina Kovzeleva appealed to the then Chairman of the Executive Committee to Baranov, but he said that the relocation is completed, the compensation paid for the house. And has remained a family Kovzelevyh live in two houses: the older two sons — in the branch, Nina and her husband Igor and younger — in the conversation.

The river near Besed

The villagers, of course, do not sit idly by. Sow vegetable garden, raise livestock:

"It used to happen to pass animal traders. Verification of giving. And those merchants by year and even two did not bring money. And last year agreed to sell three steers and two or three cows. Well, excess pazbyvats. Larger economy — about 20 goals , then it is very difficult. Went to the executive committee, and they do not moo and tselyatstsa. said, we have no sheds, no place to put. "

Merchants also began to press to not go into the "zone":

"Well, I think so, collected documents — lucky for meat in Gomel. Maybe they will, maybe there looking. At the factory told me that radiation is too high — reattached. Advised to feed the clean feed, give beets and corn. But Well clean feed I have not. Yeah for me to land Last year, fined for 350 thousand for the grass, which is overgrown — 200. And for grazing fined. Radiation, they say, the zone. "

Mrs. Nina says that the previous chairman of the executive committee Viktor Burakou helped sell calves for fattening Farming company Uritsky that near Gomel.

Now Vetka new head of the district, and the hostess is tormented with his cattle.

Cattle on pasture

Mrs. Nina decided Last year, Chairman of the Executive Committee to write about their animals, but from there it was transferred to an executive committee — and a vicious circle:

"I do not know what to do with the animal, where to sell it — even in Russia take me. Those of our villagers, which is closer to Russia, then carry in Russia. Putin takes both calves and cows."

In Lately live Kovzelevym becoming increasingly difficult. Local officials are pushing for the relocation:

"They also force! Kovalev is coming:" House — bury, let vysyalyaysya. "He got it to me for 25 years, all shlunne. Him well, he is retired and still working. And I, too, have something to live — I have a small pension . short, when there was a humanitarian mission, there was no time to look at the orders — all coming here, bonfires were burning, rested. And how did not the Germans and Italians to transport humanitarian aid, they do not let anyone here. "

Forest for export

The woman says that, despite the radiation around the forest are cut down and taken out:

"Radiation does not radiation, and the forest is cut somewhere Lukashenko sells."

Life in the resettlement Besed anything but sweet. In addition to economic problems, Kovzelevy face other challenges — saving vegetable garden from wild boars, fight with wasps hornets yes, flooded the board. In winter, the road completely blocked with snow:

Wasps have settled in board

"Boring without people. Receiver I have a battery. Sometimes I include, listening, that there happening in the world. "Freedom" listen to other foreign radio stations. Those more true what they say. Too heavy to live. In summer, still, of course, it's easier — the road is open, you can on the Great to reach branches. And in the winter — zagude, sweep up. The wolves, wild boars and go around the house. At night, have not come out of the house, and during the day they do not exist. "

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