Lebedko a path leads to the Berlin Wall in the country

"On the eve of the presidential election, we dodemokratizirovalis to the fact that not only you, but I padtashnivala. Was already so much" democracy "that just felt sick," — said Alexander Lukashenko in his message.

Commenting on the statements of Alexander Lukashenko that excessive democracy has led to the tragic events in Minsk, the chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko said:

"Naturally, we're different estimates of what it was. Indeed, the problem of Belarus once the acute shortage of democracy. No European country, democracy has not led to the problems that exist in Belarus. And perspective management and economics, and social issues. Practice shows that just lack of democracy or lack thereof in many areas have led to that. what we had and that, apparently, will still have to come. But the problems that were in the campaign were largely instigated by the authorities. After all, she had moved away from the law, has established itself in this country . "

Lukashenko threatens that, they say, "will not be able to break the country, we will destroy any fifth or 25th column." What is behind these threats?

"The strategy that is chosen by the Belarusian authorities is unacceptable and a dead-end. In this situation needed pulses promises to consolidate and bring people together in positive programs around the country. And we are trying to unite around some pavmitychnyh enemies. And it's a dead end, for he would lead the country to a standstill only. He will distribute more people inside the country on their own and others. And this leads to the Berlin Wall, which will be in the country. Or to the barricades, which again divide rather than unite. "

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