Lebedko Black Hundreds raised their heads

The leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, one of the defendants in the case of events of December 19, said that the tragedy Minsk on April 11 itself brings together the people, but the authorities are trying to unite the nation by force and through the creation of an enemy.

"Today, the Black Hundreds raised their heads. That what's going on State media — it's a terrible thing. In principle, they are calling for pogroms — go and smash the opposition, their offices, their apartment … Therefore, the situation in Belarus can expect anything, she nepragnazavalnaya. "

Liabedzka urges opposition not to give in to emotions, to express to the authorities and the people of Belarus to their offering.

The power is now in a state of shock, said Lebedko

"In this state of mind is asleep shock and emotion on the rise. In this situation there is a certain temptation. The power of disappointed with the likely culprit in their hands. What's that turner, fitter, it does not pull on the threat to the the whole country. This image must be strengthened. Kim? Well, the opposition. I think these talking heads on BT will go further and strengthen the image of this international institutions and organizations. can be attributed to the machinations of enemies and problems with sugar and currency … In a normal civilized country, such an approach is unacceptable. "

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