Lebedko the rhetoric Lukashenko affect the economic situation

Commenting on the statements of the opposition Lukashenko, the chairman of the United Civil Party Antola Liabedzka considers unworthy emotionally respond to such emotions. They are caused primarily concern the economic situation in the country.

"The authorities have time to decide on opposition or is it an empty space, or is it really any real force that has a real impact on the situation. If it is the latter, then there are two approaches. One that shows now, it's an enemy, which should responsible for everything. If so actually deport jailed opposition and will be sugar and currency, then let's practice it will do. Let's put all the dissidents in prison, deported, or bury in the ground. But if we are all to transplant them, poison or otherwise will do, and will not be sugar and the ruble will fall again, then under these statements have nothing.

Despite this pressure from the government, if the fault extends to the opposition, we will offer our vision of how to reorganize the electoral system. As in Belarus to privatize that it was not such a "pililava" when officials expect to be involved in this process. And will work on a more fundamental document — the economic program — which traditionally passed every prime minister ".

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