Lebedko thousand exercises every day, and you do not break

The vast majority of those who are serving a sentence in prison, complaining of a significant deterioration in health. Previously unfamiliar disease creep unexpectedly. This cardiovascular, and respiratory and stomach problems, and musculoskeletal problems. Reason for them — lack of air in the chambers syrasts, enforced idleness, the psychological state plus the total lack of sanitation.

Prisoner of conscience Anatoly Lebedko, who spent several months in the "American girl", nevertheless believes that maintain health in prison is possible. In his interview on "Prison and Health", he expressed some advice.

Lyabedzka: "In" an American, "I, like everyone had a lot of time. Quite quickly I said to myself, or you will sit, bored, think of something bad — or will engage itself both intellectually and physically. Each day I had my homework: during the mandatory walk in the prison yard, regardless of rain, snow, sun — a thousand times to be wrung out … . "

"Prison Health": "You have said — a thousand?".

Lyabedzka: "Yes, a thousand times to be wrung out of the concrete. Daily, without

"The administration of the detention facility there is a cult of force. When they see that the person is struggling to be fit, they begin to treat him leniently. This I felt."

exceptions. In addition, every morning thousands of abdominal exercises, lifting and lowering the legs on the bed. And so on a regular basis. The fact that up to me, I did. By the way, I felt the respect of some members of prison administration. After all, there is a cult of force. If they see that people do not think that he is struggling to be fit, they are even easy on you. This I felt. "

"Prison Health": "However, in order to do a thousand exercises out there, probably, to have the freedom to be as physically disciplined and do at home for at least one exercise per day? Or you just disciplined bondage?".

Lyabedzka: "When I was there, in the early days I was just hard to force yourself to do something, the more some kind of exercise. I realized that free will affects us in some way and negatively. Difficult for us that something to do, hard to get to. If you get into some sort of exception, then the body is concentrated there, and the feeling that something needs to be done, so much more. Naturally, I will do every day — I run, adtsiskayusya, do exercises, but certainly not in such numbers. most interesting is that everyone who was sitting with me, somehow began to engage in their physical form … ".

"Prison Health": "It seems to me that not all of those wishing to make every day a thousand exercises in the chamber and in the prison yard, like you …".

Lyabedzka: "If a man has a strong spirit, it is too early or too late to correct

"If a man has a strong spirit, that sooner or later will pull poor physical fitness to some higher level."

poor physical condition. If you have the spirit, the physical preparation you can pull up to any higher level. If there is no spirit, then, even if you have a God-given some outstanding physical condition, people will not be able to develop them. "

"Prison Health": "Briefly stated: once there, it is necessary to focus on the spirit and start doing exercises."

Lyabedzka: "Absolutely. Under any circumstances. The only way you can survive there. I will say that the equipment in the chamber — these bunks or the bunk, parallel bars — allows you to make the most-different exercises. Also, you need to also begin to show some other mental work. There, in the "American", I began to write poetry. How can I read the book there. Apparently, as much reading as a child. I wrote a lot there, and the combination of physical and spiritual form, but it can survive during prolonged exposure in a bricked actual state. "

"Prison Health": "Well, here's a few months in a bricked state, and for this time no sickness, no single pill or some kind of scum still clung to you? '.

Lyabedzka: "Well, that got worse? Vision. Due to specific lighting conditions. Also, there were some problems with the fillings in his teeth. But in those circumstances the matter could not be resolved., Everything else — the heart, stomach, lungs, joints — thank God, I passed. Given the low temperature in the chambers, solid zagornutasts least 22 hours daily in this concrete, rebar this, of course, could expect much worse consequences. "

"Prison and Health": "I believe that you need to publish some special notes on maintaining health in appropriate conditions so that people somehow prepared, because, as they say — the amount of jail … yes. "

Lyabedzka: "Yes, indeed, rewarding experience. Everyone can use it. At a certain strength of mind physical conditioning is a habit. Just like in the morning to brush your teeth."

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