Legendary Scorpion pistol in a traumatic version — Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber

Legendary Scorpion pistol in a traumatic version - Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber
Gas gun Skorpion (Scorpion) Sa vz. 61 caliber 9RA having the opportunity to conduct fire rubber bullets — a civilian weapon, which means an effective self-defense. The main purpose of Sa vz.61 is temporary removal striker subject of action.

To adapt to traumatic option was applied a new barrel. Metal barrel, one-piece; bore type T10 has two small pin that totality c longish barrel provides a muzzle energy, which is comparable to c champions last recognizable tests. With all of this from firing hard objects excluded in accordance with the requirements of the EKC. Apart from this, the automatic mode has been removed. Included c bended «native» magazine (does not work c «nines» and attached to beauty, aesthetics or experiments) comes a new direct store made specifically for cartridge 9 mm PA.

Choosing chuck 9P.A. for obvious traumatic gun. In 1-x, it is in Russia the most traumatic vserasprostranennym ammunition. In-2-x for combat submachine gun Scorpion Sa vz.61 previously used ammunition 7.62 x17, which had enough moderate dimensions. Because of this, to rework combat pistol Scorpion, for example, under the ammo 10h28 AKBS company claimed a lot more time and labor costs, which are guaranteed to increment the already rather big price for a new stun gun.

Legendary Scorpion pistol in a traumatic version - Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber

In automation Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber has a mechanism of blowback. Conduct fire single shots or bursts enables trigger hammer type. Fuse-translator can be translated into one of 3 positions: back («1») — a single shot; average («0») — safety; frontal («2») — turn. Safety lever translator located above the pistol handle on the left side, allowing you to comfortably and quickly to work with him. Shot made with a closed gate. Gun «Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber» equipped moderated rate of fire due to the small mass of the gate and cartridges that allows you to create more than 100 per minute shots.

In this regard, after each shot, a retarder disposed in the handle closes the shutter at a certain time in the final position a spring-loaded rear gripper, thereafter, releases the shutter. This has improved the rate of fire of 840 rounds per minute, with all this gun is perfect in handling the management of fire in automatic mode. Cocking handle made oboestoronney. On both sides of the receiver are placed cocking levers, formed as a button. «Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber» resettled iron folding up the butt. Used in the manufacture of bent wire. Sights — L-shaped rear sight and front sight, which allows to deliver aimed fire at a distance of 75 or 150 meters.

In the United States Czechpoint USA delivers this submachine gun under the designation .380 AUTO Sa vz. 61 Scorpion. This automatic version is designed chambered .380 ACP (9h17mm). The unique cartridge was used Scorpion .32 ACP (7,65 h17mm). Scorpion got a new caliber as progressive Rifle U.S. public believes that the lack of ability of automatic fire in Skorpion Sa vz. 61 chambered for .32 ACP makes it simple «toy». Despite this, even a new cartridge requests South American arms market is not completely satisfying. The main feature of version for the South American market is a new transparent polymer magazine for 20 rounds (the mass of empty shop — 50 gr, framed — 250 g) and the lack of stock. Price Scorpion automatic pistol in the United States is about 615 bucks.

Scorpion Sa vz.61 gun is not only an instrument for self-defense, but is a collection value as a reference made of combat, the creation of which was conducted in 1960. Initially Scorpion submachine gun developed for tank weapons, communications, military and other fields. Service in Czechoslovakia was adopted in 1961. Delivery «Scorpion» were carried out in Angola, Egypt, Libya, Iraq and some other countries. Apart from this, Scorpion was used alongside terrorist groups during some loud terrorist acts in the 1970-1980-ies.

Legendary Scorpion pistol in a traumatic version - Scorpion Sa vz.61 Rubber

The main advantages gun Scorpion Sa vz. 61 are the strength, large magazine capacity, the highest quality production, as a great business resource. By shortcomings can be attributed quite huge size and considerable weight. Specifically shortcomings traumatic gun Scorpion determine its basic purpose. It can be recommended as an instrument of protection of property, as the weight and dimensions do not allow him to constantly wear for yourself, ao stealth and can be no question.

Approximate price in Russia — from 25 to 35 thousand rubles.

Technical properties of a stun gun Scorpion Sa vz.61:
Caliber — 9 mm P.A. Rubber.
Length of gun:
— With buttstock — 522 mm;
— With folded butt — 270 mm.
Height — 167 mm.
Width — 43 mm.
Barrel length — 115 mm.
Weight of gun:
— Without magazine — 1370 g;
— To shop — 1420
Capacity — 20 (10) rounds.

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