Leonid Filatov. To remember … (many episodes) watch online

Leonid Filatov.  To remember ... (many episodes) watch online
Eminent actor Leonid Filatov devote your life to the details of the most recognizable Russian and Russian actors who have already left this world, leaving behind a rich legacy. Author's series "To remember …" devoted to such stately actors as Vladimir Vysotsky, Rolan Bykov, Innocent Smoktunovskij and many, many others.

This documentary series came to an end in December 2003, which was dedicated to the most Leonid Filatov. Cycle had to finish early because of the death of the leader.

How many actors have experienced the glory ecstatic reviews from critics and audiences love, and later found themselves behind Cinématographe, forgotten by everyone. Creative individuals, subtly perceive the world around us, they have experienced in a special way so difficult for them to oblivion. Feeling the need to implement their own talents, but from time to time without the ability to translate their ideas into life, such people are slowly burning through their lives, and the last life often catastrophically.

Look Leonid Filatov. "To remember …" Online

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