Lessons dignity of the editor of the Republic

The head of the pro-regime Union of Journalists, the editor? Newspaper "Respublika" Anatoli Lemeshenok today at a press conference that, as it turns out, state media journalists have also written about the economic crisis.

"Many accuse us on opposition websites, the Russian media that the Belarusian journalism slept economic situation. You know,

We sometimes give alternative views.

newspaper files are not going anywhere. Leaf through and "Sovetskaya Belorussia" and "Narodnaya Gazeta" and "Republic". Very often, we wrote about it, predicted this situation, we sometimes give alternative views. "

But according to the chairman SI, it is necessary had to do "Not so quiet." "Bright, loud, much more. Here is a question about some liberalization on the media field. We need to take a little responsibility. Well, burn us for something, perhaps, that there are the same editors have made, but we must not be afraid of it. Because we really wake everyone which can be ", — Said Anatoly Lemeshenok.

He also complained that government publications are experiencing financial difficulties.

"Printing has become much more expensive. While the plant is not native Shklovsky

There are attempts to take the last of us.

we were in a hurry to make some concessions, but on the contrary, there are attempts to take the last of us "- said the editor of the" Republic. "

He also drew attention to the high rates for newspaper distribution by mail.

"For example," Pressball "very strong edition, is planning to move only in the online format, because the mail clamps tariffs" — said A.Lemyashonak.

He also said that led them to the newspaper does not receive grants. "In the list as it is, but do not get," — said the editor of the "Republic."

Anatoly Lemeshenok also commented on the deal blogger and journalist of the Polish "Gazeta Wyborcza" Andrew Pochobut, whose trial starts tomorrow.

"I asked that question, I was told that there is — pure criminality" — said Lemeshonok.

"If the government is loyal to Alexander Varlamov got on such

He is loyal to the government, it is not the opposition, but it, too, is to stand trial.

moments that placing him (do not know what it will end.) He is loyal to the government, it is not the opposition, but it, too, is to stand trial. That is why from the other, your representatives should make political martyrs? "- He said.

"We know these games, well, play — play. Even in games, children, adults, there must be a level of decency. When we can not be intelligent people, but at least worthy" — said Lemeshonok.

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