Lie detector confirmed that Ukrainian abducted by aliens

July 27, 2012 18:50

V.Voronezhsky passed a polygraph test with a rating of "positive" in January 2012 in Moscow (story talk show «Pro Life" (02/10/2012, the TVC, Russia).

February 10, 2012 in a talk show «Pro Life" (filmed January 25, 2012) on the TV channel "TV Center" (Russia), a famous Ukrainian abduktant (UFO abducts) Vladimir Voronezh (from the city of Dubno, Rivne region) has successfully passed a polygraph test. "Successful" — means that a specialist in the field of lie detector test confirmed the correctness of the words V.Voronezhskogo about his contacts with aliens.

Recall, 29-year-old Olga, 34-year-old Vladimir was a prisoner of aliens in 2008. Their stories of contact, in particular, can be found on the link —

Specialist and operator of the polygraph (lie detector) served Volodin Igor Konstantinovich. Questions and answers to them was:

— Your name Vladimir?

— Yes. (TRUE)

— Today, January 25, 2012?

— Yes. (TRUE)

— Are you afraid that the polygraph will detect your lies?

— No. (WRONG)

— You talked with extraterrestrial beings?

— Yes. (TRUE)

— You in 2008 saw other galaxies?

— Yes. (TRUE)

— Aliens on your wife conducted experiments?

— Yes. (TRUE)

— You agreed with his wife to enter into all the confusion about the topic UFOs?

— No. (WRONG)

— Aliens put on you experience?

— Yes. (TRUE)

— You saw the "UFO"?

— Yes. (TRUE)

— Neighbors call you an astronaut?

— Yes. (TRUE)

— Your life has changed for the better after meeting with a UFO?

— No. (TRUE)

— Answering the questions of the test, you lied even once?

— No. (TRUE) …

Commenting answers Volodin IK said: "I can say that he believes in all the things that happened to him, maybe it was really a dream, maybe he really was flying somewhere … he believes in it strongly. And to the question "Have you talked with extraterrestrial beings?" Answers truthfully, "Put it on your alien experiments" — answers truthfully, "… Did you see the other galaxies?" — Little doubt … "

Commented on the results of the test and the guest of Vadim Chernobrov:

— According to the confidence, he said significantly to key questions. I, honestly, do not care whether he arranged with his wife or not (enter all being deceived about UFOs) because he was not silent for four years, he was talking to her and the many questions discussed. I do not need to ask him, worried or not, is what I see so, I was worried, "he saw or did not see, he invented or invented?" The big questions I see the green light, the other question I have for him no … "

Notably, in 2009, as part of the documentary film "Caution: UFO" (Studio "07 Production" channel "Іnter", Ukraine), Vladimir Voronezh and his wife did not pass a polygraph test. Andrew Volyk, speaking expert polygraph examiner, the survey concluded:

— In this case, I'm no surprised as nothing special, extraterrestrial, say, ESP, or extra-human perception I saw. I only saw a few ordinary people wound up, tired of the psyche, and with some its some complexes that exist in every individual …

"According to the polygraph examiner, Olga and Vladimir Voronezh had never been on board a UFO, and their story about their alien abduction — is nothing but a fiction," — is summarized in the documentary Ukrainian TV journalists.

Voronezh, Vladimir himself in one of the comments on the website "Ukraine Abnormal" said:

— If this were true, then surely I would have agreed to take the test on the detector with a further demonstration of the whole Ukraine and the CIS?

We should also say that Russia's "positive" results of the test subjects themselves very happy, despite the fact that in some countries the polygraph is not considered as conclusive proof of the reliability of information on the subject of research (for example, Germany and Poland, the data obtained using the polygraph can not considered as evidence in courts.) Also an open debate: whose polygraph mistaken Ukrainian or Russian?

Igor Berezhnoy

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