Life News has learned the names of the organizers of the possible explosion in the subway

Raseycki resurc Life News writes that the explosion in the subway station in Minsk on October organized adnaklasniki from Vitebsk 25-year-old Dmitri K. and K. Vlad, as well as a 28-year-old M.

"Mitya and Vlad were best friends at school were in the same class. With the other guys, they almost did not communicate. Mitki always been a strange and introverted, poorly at school" — says adnaklasnik detainees. "Solid-five he was only in chemistry. Here he was not equal. Firecrackers first made, then began tinkering explosive packages that are very powerful. And Vlad has always helped him in everything, was his only friend."

After school, Dmitri K. and Vlad K. enrolled in a vocational school. Having a locksmith profession, they found work in the Vitebsk Plant of Tractor Parts. There, they met with a third detained on suspicion of blowing up 28-year-old mechanic Medvedev.

Photo alleged suspect

Clandestine laboratory manufacturing of explosives was in the basement of the five-story building where the family lived Dmitri K. and Vlad K..

"During a search of the basement of a house on the 1st lane Repin was discovered laboratory where Dmitry K. collecting explosives "- confirmed Life News in law enforcement Vitebsk." In explosives in the basement found two hundred bearings, pieces of metal and fittings that locksmiths brought from the factory. We are carrying out checks in the basements and attics of the neighboring houses. "

"After, they were arrested, they passed another accomplice, also a locksmith factory of tractor spare parts. His name is M. He helped them tinkering explosives "- said a source in law enforcement agencies of Belarus." He was detained by the KGB. The plant is being searched, and surveys. Find out which workers could know about planning the explosion. "

"Dmitry K. We worked as a mechanic" — confirmed BelaPAN human resources manager Vitebsk factory of tractor spare parts.

However, indicate how much time Dmitry K. worked for the company and how it manifested itself, head refused.

In the Attorney General's Office, which is investigating the case of the attack on the subway, the information circulated on the Internet, do not comment.

The KGB of Belarus noted that the names of the suspects can be called only after it was formally charged. This must take place within 10 days after the arrest, that is — until April 23.

April 11 at the metro station "October" there was an explosion. 13 people were killed.

Russian Internet portal Life News specializes in sensation. Journalists portal repeatedly fed unverified information.

Home and basement alleged suspect in the explosion in the subway




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