Loans are frozen, construction stopped

Belarusian leadership is trying to stabilize the foreign exchange market by introducing various restrictions, reducing government social programs. In particular, as stated on the eve of Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Rumas, in 2011, the housing program will be reduced by 220,000 square meters — more than five thousand standard three-bedroom apartments.

Thread reduce housing investigated in Minsk and regions journalists "Freedom."


In Minsk has 280,000 people are in need of better housing conditions

In Minsk, today the biggest in Belarus all of those who need to improve the conditions of housing — there is almost 280,000 people. Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Nicholas Ladutko last Tuesday put forward a number of new proposals, how to reduce it. In particular, the period of residence in the capital to get the right setting at all, it is proposed to increase from 5 to 10 years. At the same time, it is proposed to reduce the test requirements of living space for queuing — from 15 to 10 square meters per person.

An employee of UMS Minsk city executive committee: "While working the same '

In the management of capital construction of Minsk City Executive Committee, which is shared construction of new apartments in Minsk, does not comment on proposals Nicholas Ladutko. Note that in working with clients so far nothing has changed:

"We are working as before. When changes occur, we will bring it through official documents. While no innovation did not happen" — said in a telephone conversation with the correspondent of "Freedom," a responsible employee of the council of Capital Construction City Committee.

Expert "Freedom" Leonid Zaika: "We will return the currency crisis state cash loans for housing"

Leonid Zaika

Economist Leonid Zaika believes that during the currency crisis, the government will cancel the cheap cash loans for housing:

"No cheap credit and distribution of money will not. Because the domestic market has created enormous stocks of Belarusian rubles and currency in fact. And this is the result of 2010 and of the course of which the so-called All-Belarusian Assembly stated:" The correct road we go ! . "


Cut and appreciation of the housing construction market

Brest realtors believe that not all private construction firms survive the currency crisis. Housing construction will be carried out only by state enterprises, primarily for social purposes. At the regional real estate market — a variety of estimates and assumptions.

Experts real estate agency "guarantee of success" note that in the last ten years the real estate market experienced a time of crisis five times. The current crisis, according to experts, will undoubtedly lead to a reduction in housing:

"First of all the construction will be reduced. Market will remain only the state and most large companies, such as, for example," Brestzhilstroy. "They are aimed at the construction of social housing, so the company will continue to operate under all conditions. Then we can talk about the" Navukovapram. " But the rest of the organization is unlikely to be able to survive this crisis. "

In general, as the representative of the real estate companies, people have no money to buy houses. Weather forecasts in the current situation is almost impossible:

"We honestly do not even have the weather, just now watching the situation and wait because everything is unpredictable. But I think that prices will fall for second homes. Same as it was in 2008, when the devaluation of the ruble. But if you talk about the primary housing — here there is not any predictions. "

Cost per square meter of housing in Brest — $ 1,200

The representative of the state of the construction company Brest Gennady says that while the crisis has not affected the company. But, he said, we should expect higher prices in both the primary and the secondary market. Loans will become less affordable, housing will be reduced:

"Housing is expensive. Perhaps there will be significant jumps, but now the cost per square meter exceeded $ 1,200. Regarding loans, as more than a million rubles to expect the monthly payments."

Unlike public companies, private builders felt strongly currency crisis. Work in the construction halted, said a representative of one of the private construction firms Brest Vladimir:

"For example, we recently took yet another object. But we can not start work because there is no money. How did you start to freeze money in the accounts, so everything stopped. Moreover, prices of construction materials rose thorough. Previously, we have gained the necessary three thousand, now bring on the six thousand rubles. "


Construction projects in the neighborhood "Satellite" almost dead

Mogilev region last year's housing plan remained unfulfilled.

In the region this year plan to build 850,000 square meters of housing. Last year, the plan was stsipleyshy — 790000. But it did not fulfill. Reasons voiced representative government control:

"The lack of material and technical base of construction companies. Low skilled workers. Especially engineering staff. Lot of complaints from citizens in the work of builders. Oversight almost everything — windows, doors, boxes, walls."

"To pay for the construction of additions to the budget pulled four billion rubles"

According to official information, the State Control Committee has identified 40 construction organizations, which overstated the cost of their work. They illegally brought from the state budget to four billion rubles.

Posts about the current pace of housing construction in the area a bit. We only know that the chairman of the Mogilev city executive committee Stanislav Borodavko personally inspektavav construction sites in the neighborhood "Satellite" and was very displeased:

"Satellite" is almost dead. The house was solid as a month ago, well worth it. Only a few houses silhouetted panel — three or four. That is the beginning of the year, we — the buildup. We will then reap the benefits of this build-up in the form of nervoznastsi. And God forbid that it is then not affected the quality. "

In the construction companies in the region say that the housing erected for bank loans to customers. Therefore, until recently, the biggest problems in the financing was not. But, as recognized representative of the administration building trust number 18 Mogilev, in the case of adjustments housing plan would have to reduce the number of cooperatives:

"We are building a house that is fully formed cooperatives. And if the planned construction of the policy will be adjusted, then, respectively, and the number of such cooperatives will be reduced."

"A lot of the builders of the regional centers are fired on Russian"

Construction companies, particularly in the regional centers, are now faced with another problem — a shortage of skilled workers. It recognizes an administration Krugloe PMK.

"Staff turnover is very high. Begins peak of construction. Many dismissed by Russia. They are actively revived the process."

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