London: dangerously in love get married




Professor Semir Zeki of University College London Medical has long been studying the brains of romantic young boys and girls. In particular, he argues that the images of this part of the body you can see the love activation of specific areas related to the formation of positive evaluations. But the activity of those brain areas that enable a critical attitude to the environment, somehow weakens.

An expert on gender relations Phillip Hodson warned that in the initial period of love, full of longing and passion, you should refrain from rash and important decisions. For example, in any case, do not get married. For clarity, it brings the story of Britney Spears, who after a stormy party decided to marry his old friend, but after 55 hours the union annulled. Better expert advice dive into the world of pleasure and nothing to think, given that this state takes possession of a person not more than two or three times in a lifetime.

However, some scholars see levity in love and positive way. Namely, that without him no love at all would not be. Professor Pamela Regan of the University of California believes that if you do not close your eyes to some shortcomings object of their desires, the relationship immediately cease.

In short, it is necessary to take love as a disease, and quite pleasant to enjoy the presence beside her lover and go to bed rest is usually recommended by doctors. As, according to British psychologist Frank Tellisa, the so-called "love sickness" can not only psychological but also physical suffering.

Battery News, 16.02.2005 10:18

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