Lukashenko: Among the opposition, there are fighters

Alexander Lukashenko considers baseless claims that the terrorist attack in Minsk will be an occasion for the massacre of the opposition: "It is — a bluff, this is complete nonsense."

"I'm too self-confident, proud man, I do not allow myself to such methods to look at this stuff," — said Lukashenko, referring to the opposition.

"You first raised at this level and compete with me. But you zdekuetsesya of ordinary people? What do you scare them?" — Said Lukashenko.

"You want me to fight head-on, then go out on the hockey, football ground. Run, jump will be, we will fight, we'll shoot, for that matter," — said head of state.

He added: "What are you talking, gutting the company for a foreign penny?"

Lukashenko said that he sees the country's "real opposition": "Is it responsible politician who opposed and wants to come to power, would dare to say a word untested, a fortiori to act against their own people? "

"Who will vote for you, when you go to Strasbourg and demand sanctions? I think Lukashenko will survive any sanctions, but it is the same (sanctions -" Interfax ") against the people," — said Lukashenko.

Opposition claims he called the business and the way zarablennya money: "They needed to account for the money and therefore stormed the Government House. Do not they understand that I named head "turn away"? "

As stated by Alexander Lukashenko, "now in the opposition media is a struggle for leadership." "Today they are fighting, who will be the leader. These, so-called new wave, no. Povylazili Bogdanovich, Kozulin, Liabedzka, which, by the way, was released from prison, and he chatted today, "- said Lukashenko.

"It's the same scum. Tell the better" thank you "that this president you let go of the camera," — he said.

Lukashenko also said that among the opposition "is and militants": "We know them, especially the" Young Front ", the other non-registered organization. Course, we'll put them in place according to the law."

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