Lukashenko: no crisis, stop running

As reported, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said at a news conference in Minsk, that there is no crisis and economic difficulties caused by the panic and excitement. He called on citizens to "calm weather these days," promised to prevent the collapse of the ruble, and said that the foreign exchange reserves of the country weigh 32 tons.

Sell what is bought

"There is no crisis. We have a panic and excitement. Were panic and excitement. We still restore "- says the president of Belarus.

Lukashenko advised citizens not to panic. "Finance — a very sensitive subject. Money likes silence. Most importantly — relax "- called it.

He assured that the sharp price fall in Belarus will not be, as in the republic can not be repeated Russian scenario out of the crisis in 1998.

"Remember the 98th year in Russia: crashed to the bottom and then go up. But this scenario is not for us, we do not have oil and gas to cover the hole "- quoted Lukashenko" Interfax ".

Citizens who are on a wave of consumer excitement massively buying goods in shops, Lukashenko made a "hard", he said, the council: "Stop running, and live in peace. Sell what is bought. "

The president assured the increase of pensions in August and November, adding that not all Belarusian pensioners in poverty.

He referred to the published in the media "statements honored pensioners who in the store did not have the pork neck." "It's like a pig no other bodies" — ironically Lukashenko.

Commenting on the indignation of people who say that for filling the machine twice a month, they need 2 million rubles, the President said: "Two tanks — is 1000 kilometers, if our seniors are moving, then problems will arise."

Lukashenko added that these "distinguished" retired "once kicked a broom out of the government, and they begin to criticize."

As the head of Belarus, now "is calm warming". "But this is not fast process. It would be faster if it were not for the high expectations of the population. All are asked to be told when it will happen. No one will say. And even if I knew which day it will happen — I would not say. Because it is still overestimate expectations ", — he said.

"No one says, when higher prices. Remember the stupidity of our government, when it announced a 30% increase in gasoline prices? Week, all standing in line at the pump. We have looked carefully into the lock — everyone in the garage half a ton-ton petrol "- said Lukashenko.

The dollar is overvalued?

Belarus President believes that it is hype for the currency resulted in her buying, shortages and price increases. He added that in this situation, control pricing was the right decision, and market mechanisms "are not adjusted the prices in the country."

Lukashenko believes overvalued now existing in the country of the dollar, is confident that its growth will cause chaos in the country.

"There is no need to put the price of the currency Br10 thousand And I pushed for it. But this will cause another increase in prices and chaos in the country ", — he said.

Lukashenko said, "it is clear that those who say that we should put the course on Br10 thousand, want to sell the currency more expensive." "But no one says that Br10 thousand — this is another surge in prices, which will not sustain the population of the state", — said the President.

"But even on the black market now buy and sell at Br5 ,5-six thousand others say that Br5 thousand — it is expensive. It is those who want to buy. Between all of the suggestions we have found the average — Br5 thousand is a lot. The time will come, and all will say — it's expensive. But now we are pushing to raise rate "- said Lukashenko.

According to his data exchange reserves of Belarus today weigh 32 tons. "Our reserves — 32 tons. But I have these 32 tons, which belong not only to us but also for our children, I do not throw away "- said Lukashenko.

Speaking of the value of gold reserves, the president stressed that "five billion dollars that is, I could not launch on the market. This is a strategic reserve. "

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