Magnetic pole shift could destroy civilization

November 22, 2012 2:44

Technology of the 21st century civilization drew a very dangerous and delicate angle. In general, technologies that use the banking system, meal delivery, electrical, utilities, communications, almost all of the modern world may collapse if "school" things go wrong.

Unfortunately, many are not, and the chances that it will be even worse, increase. Moving part of the growing danger of unstoppable, accelerating the shift of the magnetic poles of the Earth. The magnetic field acts as a shield to protect the fragile new electronic technology changes people from the sun and the surge in the solar wind, which can encircle the Earth electric plasma. If the field is broken, electronic infrastructure collapses, civilization will collapse, and millions of people will die …

Web network is susceptible chips.

Silicon chips run the world. And the more technology becomes the "exotic", the more we risk losing it. 50 years ago a civilization could sustain weakening and magnetic pole shift.

Not any more.

Now, a civilization based on computer technology, will collapse. Was complete and total Armageddon. Try to lower the modern world of 7 billion people in the technology of the 18th century.

Modern technology will disappear, leaving the deaf, blind and dumb world.

See the problem? It will not be judgment day, but for millions it will be the end of their world.

Will bring the U.S. weather the storm?

Although the U.S. is a superpower, the country's economy and its infrastructure are very fragile. The attack on 9 11 show that America can win. And you do not need so much. If the activities of commercial aviation will stop for a week, it will be enough to throw the entire U.S. economy into a significant recession. Imagine a wide technological collapse.

Fragile technology currently operates the world

Remember that the weakening of the magnetic field can stop all electronics completely subjected to intense solar storm, radio, television and communication will be knocked out for weeks, perhaps months or years.

One big hit America has become a Third World country. This will happen in a few hours.

Disturbing mutation of Earth's core

Research has shown that strong magnetic storm, accompanied by a shift of the magnetic pole shift may be associated with mutations in the changing mysterious core.

If it is true that the number of mega-disasters will increase, such as a blow to Japan in March 2011 — or even worse — a mutation within the earth able to create the basis for the magical madness, chaos and mass death. 

Magnetic madness danger of increased aggressiveness and death

Solar flares reaching the Earth in a weakened magnetic field, leads to madness and death.

This shocking discovery made by two well-known researcher in the 20th century. Much of their work was forgotten or suppressed.

Disturbing link between solar flares and their terrible effects on man were discovered in 1915 by the great Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevsky. He found evidence that solar storms responsible for the exacerbation of conflicts, war and death.

Studies have shown striking Chizhevskogo growth and decline of solar activity — interacting with the Earth's magnetic field — processes lead to a frightening transformation in people, change the mood, affect emotions and behavior.

He found that the cycles of solar flares can literally drives people crazy.

Since the magnetic pole shift and weaken, random effects of the sun can only increase.

The displacement of the magnetic field can not be stopped.

Separate studies by Professor Raymond Wheeler of the University of Kansas, showed even more alarming data. Wheeler, a famous historian of his time focused on the theory of the Russian scientist.

The fact that I found Wheeler, its very frightened.

Using a rating system, he pointed to the history of war, conflict, and even small battles, including the length and severity. And to compare their data with the information and charts the 11-year solar cycle.

The results shocked and dismayed him. Chizhevsky was right. Humanity is at greater risk, but completely turned a blind eye to the danger.

Repeated solar flare hit the bare earth.

That's what Wheeler confirmed: When the 11-year solar cycle peaks, it leads to unrest, riots, rebellions, revolutions and all-out war between the nations.

It was almost as if the strong growth of magnetic activity directly affects the human brain and drove Mankind, bringing it to a deadly emotional tantrums and frenzied murderous fun.

Assault, murder, rebellion, and bloody wars erupting around the world.

Dead, a ghost town is fast becoming a ruin

Magnetic shift: technological growth and collapse of madness.

As the number of outbreaks is increasing, and the sun is becoming more violent, the violence increased in the land.

Pattern is unmistakable and undeniable. At key points during the solar cycle minimum to maximum activity of the geomagnetic field begins to increase, as is the case in the bombardment.

Magnetic changes affect the human brain.

Careful study shows that the magnetic field interacts with the electrochemical control of the human brain and has a negative impact on the underlying psychological mechanisms. The negative impact includes abnormal hormonal fluctuations, and significant changes or differences of brain wave activity.

This magnetic monster initiates a general mass hysteria and uncontrollable increases psychosis. This even affects other mammals.

And then the world is going crazy.

Chaotic world could slide into murderous madness.

Alarming findings of doctors Becker Friedman

During 1963 another terrible brain magnetic puzzle into place. The picture that has emerged may come from the depths of hell.

Research by Dr. Robert Becker confirmed the theory of solar madness.

Dr. Robert Becker and his colleague, Dr. Freedman, made an important — if not alarming-discovery. They determined that intense solar activity leads directly to the psychopathic outbreaks and mass insanity. Their work confirmed and emphasized the study Chizhevsky and Wheeler.

So, Who was Becker? In some ways, close to madness?


Dr. Robert Becker was a pioneering researcher and leading expert in the field of biological electricity. Twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, Becker has also taught and was a prominent professor at the State University of New York. He was recognized scientific author.

Becker died in 2008, but left the world a final warning about the approaching years — from 2011 to 2014 and later.

Few heeded his warnings and began to prepare for this double threat: a chaotic planetary magnetic field and unpredictable state of change, and more and more angry sun.

Few people pay attention to it.

And you?

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