Mark of Triumph

Pride of the rocket — the new S-400 stand on alert immediately after the Victory Parade

May 9 on Red Square will be held anti-aircraft missile system "Triumph". And after a number of days to be put on combat duty 3rd battalion of the new air defense system S-400, as specifically "Triumphs" is intended to be the basis of future gallakticheskogo shield Russia. On how to create this protection, the correspondent of "Izvestia" said General Director of JSC "GSKB" Almaz-Antey "them. Academician A.A.Raspletina" Igor Ashurbeyli.

News: Igor Raufovich that still represents a "Triumph"? After all, they say that we are not considering it, and nothing more is needed.

Igor Ashurbeyli: In 1-x: S-400 "Triumph" under no circumstances should you upgrade made by us and well known in the world of anti-aircraft missile system S-300 "winner." What they look like on the outside, less than a legend to a potential enemy. That he could not distinguish from the air or by satellite, which is actually saying is on the firing position — the C-300 or C-400. And the inside is completely different electric. Knows about it though what the officer, who has previously worked with the C-300, and now serves on the C-400.

If we talk about the differences in the properties of the fighting, the first increase in this area and interception, and the detection zone, and immediately followed by a number and engaged targets.

For a number of features of the difference is from a half to four times. One of the major advantages — it is an opportunity or as we call it, "omnivorous" of the new system on missiles. We have a C-400 already has two missiles, by the end of this year will put the third, and "on the appetizer" stashed a couple more new ones. The system has an open architecture — in other words, depending on how you will change the means of attack, it will be able to use the new types of missiles. In this case, all the Russian developers. This is — a breakthrough.

News: Do these properties, for sure, there is a numerical expression?

Ashurbeyli: SAM systems deployed in the firing position in just 5 minutes. Able to firmly capture spy planes, aircraft of strategic and tactical aircraft, tactical and operational-tactical ballistic missiles, medium range ballistic missiles, hypersonic targets, jammers, radar surveillance aircraft and guidance, and more. En-route radar complex provides support for up to 100 targets and a clear support up to 6 targets (which will be induced by a missile. — "The News"), a distance of defeat is dependent on the type of missiles. For example, one missile aerodynamic targets are destroyed at a distance of 250 km, and the other is able to shoot down an object and at a height of 5 meters.

The performance properties of the C-400 have been proven in the large-scale exercises "Combat Commonwealth-2009" and "West 2009". Then the crews of S-400 successfully killed the target — modern analogs and promising means of air attack. Immediately proved the correctness of the decision taken by the Ministry of Defense to build teams of air and space defense.

and: Under the roof of "Almaz-Antey" is scheduled to join (or absorption) of CB associated with the creation of anti-aircraft missiles and missile defense systems. Do not destroy it konkurentnst? Would not the fact that the Army will offer what is, and is not that better?

Ashurbeyli: None. To-day there is concern PVO "Almaz-Antey", and in it Headend System Design Bureau "Almaz-Antey". To him, as the head designer of air defense systems, now with four-connected enterprise-developer — in the areas of maritime air defense, air defense ground forces, missile defense and automatic control systems. Xia creates a single entity, a powerful brain-howling center of several thousand people.

Our task — to keep the development teams that are in the merged companies, and adapt them to new targets — they are put before us by the Ministry of Defence. All of the merged companies after one failure — the lack of development work on the new development. They all continue to modernize long ago developed technology. At the moment, this is starting to get anecdotal in nature, is a scientific and technological dead end. We could also unceasingly upgrade the S-300P "winner." But "Diamond", in my opinion, have done very honest: we have closed on their own initiative and suggested the topic with the development of MOD-500. And it's called, and our colleagues from the budget will be enough to pull out endless money on old, to do something new.

and: But there was a competitiveness between S-300B and your S-300P. As a result, there were two desired country anti-aircraft missile system.

Ashurbeyli: I think it's all the same a few made-up story. In fact, there was no competition. The budget is just a waste twice: to create technology for the Army and the Air Force. From the 1st boiler taking money to create non-unified technology, almost to separate different nuts. But is it justified such extravagance that our current budget can not provide?

You can, of course, to say that the C-300B and C-300P was functionally different operational use. It is one thing — C-300B, land defense, march on the mainland — to put a task once a week go to the English Channel. So now, go tank columns on the tracks near travels on tracks C-300B, provides them with air cover. Another thing is the S-300P — The object is a mobile laundry duty to protect the cities, nuclear power plants, air borders of the country. I am not arguing about the tactical and technical properties of the C-300B, people did what they had ordered. The question is: why? If there's stall, as in the tank, you can not just on the physical level it carry duty. Accordingly alert every day is S-300P and S-300V is in storage areas and waiting, when will these tanks will be sent out. But there they'll never go. Because I once read that the world has already voted bucks buying the S-300P. Since 1994, the implementation of our homeland has received four billion dollars from unnecessary.

Although, again, I stress, tactical and technical characteristics of previous systems before the S-400 "Triumph" were comparable. And at this point we're just this page of history turned. At this point you should all join hands and develop promising systems, aerospace defense, which we will do in the combined GSKB "Almaz-Antey". Now we are talking about systems that are initially developed to unify so that they can be used in the Navy, and in defense of the object, and in the Army. In other words, it is not single-minded focus system, and multi-disciplinary, inter-species.

and: What are the prospects?

Ashurbeyli: Here, for example, a brand-new system of "Hero", medium-range, which is to replace the S-300PS. Quite small, mobile and quite a cheap, but will own the same tactical and technical characteristics as the system PS. Develop a system of "Morpheus" very short ranges. It is a system including a cover and a C-400 and C-500, and the "Topol". "Morpheus" is able to "kill" high-precision bombs and cruise missiles to intercept short-range boundaries.

It is understood that the development of the S-500 will be completed by 2015. Its properties we do not disclose it. I can just say it will use the new radar-based active phased array operating in X-band. This is the latest technology. In fact, "Morpheus" plus "Hero" plus the C-400 and C-500 close all the echelons of defense against foreign sverhblizhnego to 5 km and up to 4
00 lines with redundant km with a height of 5 meters and is close to the cosmos.

and: you have said that the structure will GSKB company engaged in the missile defense system of Moscow, and the Tipo for she already has some puzzles. We are modernizing our defense system. Nuclear missiles provides a "roof" of the capital, a thing of the past?

Ashurbeyli: By agreement of the defense in 1971 and we have, and the U.S. has been fixed missile defense system. At the moment, a fundamentally different task — if not to have a mobile, then perebaziruemuyu missile defense system that will specifically cover the object that you want. And second — this is a completely different elevation, range and speed to intercept missiles. Maybe the new physical principles.

and: In other words, the creation of real interceptors based laser systems?

Ashurbeyli: I can only say that we look closely at the South American project to air-based lasers.

I: But there is the view that a laser weapon to shoot down missiles is unrealistic. Americans themselves have recognized that it is a scam …

Ashurbeyli: If we're talking about ground-based lasers, yes, of course. But we're talking about air-based lasers. A "scam", as you say, was the Yankees that put technology yet unattainable physical puzzle defeats the purpose. We initially thought that he must go step by step and you need to put puzzle multi-destruction, "dazzling" optical guidance systems. And then have to go on. It turned out we were right. And, according to our disk imaging, Americans really have reduced the requirements for proper system of thermal damage to the multi-functional. Reduced from 7 to 2-quantity ordered from the industry, "Boeing" with a laser machine.

and: President Dmitry Medvedev put the puzzle to make the system of air and space defense. Beginning has already been made?

Ashurbeyli: The first step deals with the integration of available funds. All the money that I have listed, they generally are part of the SAI. A second step — the development of new tools that will be logged. May God bless us as long as the first step to finish.

The process is still in a state of debate. We are very happy that finally did in the recent military doctrine says: "The system of aerospace defense of the Russian Federation to be." Since the previously separate comrades, that we in fact do not comrades, put a swing even the very terminology of ASD and, in general, the very necessity of the creation of such a system, which, in my opinion, is a great sin. Now, when the military doctrine approved, the debate ended. We had hoped that the new R & D on aerospace defense will be opened in 2010. This has not yet happened. Pinning hopes that the funds will be allocated to it in 2011.

Q: I recently met with the designer of a ballistic missile "Bulava" Yuri Solomonov. He laments that the lack of modern materials, hardware components and equipment. But even the new combat lasers, and a whole bunch of new anti-missile systems. They, however, also electronics, new materials …

Ashurbeyli: In the same C-400 is not actually of imported devices. In other words, our developers as before can make soup out of an ax. In addition, the Ministry of Defense has gone on now for a significant softening of his position regarding the use of imported components. This is a procedure that asks about 3 months for each shipment. We are currently trying to simplify it even more.

No need to fear the use of imported components. Should be easy, right amount of understanding of state programs from the arms of her purchase to the extent that is needed to complete the applets. Including additional in store — it should be in warehouses. Then, in the framework of the existing life cycle of this technique is no dependence on imports will not. It's time to clean up the "metal curtain" in the part of the defense industry and more than intensively integrated with other countries. I would go further and read not only on the use of hardware components, and the development of joint ventures. Not only for the production of final products and are not in our area of expertise, and in those areas where our zabugornye colleagues can do better, faster and cheaper.

I can think of. Once I arrived in Seoul, and I was on a secret test site proudly showed ins with the equipment. Some are made in Russia, and a number of those that are made by our documentation in South Korea. Feast for the eyes to look at one of these Korean "cases"! Our koryavenko such, all sherohovatenkie, and almost everything in nickel, chrome, everything is fine, perfectly. I say: Well done, guys, you know how to copy better than us, but have come up with something that's our spices. But some things are cheaper and Korea does better, and do not need to be afraid. If the finish products are still created us, then why would the possibility of joint production of some parts do not look more liberal?

I: That's right. Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin said more than once stated that we would have with the Yankees to do a joint missile defense system, and with the Europeans to build a strategic missile defense system …

Ashurbeyli: It does not matter to me. At the technical level, we are ready, politically — the question is not ours. Business with the West as it swings: one way and then back. The field of defense industry, asks all the same over a measured, limited, long-term planning. So profound integration, I think, still unreal.

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