Massive fish kills occurred in Chinese river Haihe

Massive fish kills occurred in Chinese river Haihe

Since July 20, the surface of the Haihe River, near the city of Tianjin in the north of the country, tens of thousands of floating dead fish. Environmentalists suggest that fish kills occurred as a result of strong pollution of municipal waste in the river washed out by heavy rains.

Officer of the local environmental monitoring station, told The Epoch Times, that the massive fish kills associated with poor urban sewers. When the rain, especially a large, urban wastes fall into the river.

He also said that it was unclear what might fall into the river at this time, but the water there is not suitable for swimming and fishing.

Massive fish kills occurred in Chinese river Haihe

According to local newspaper "Meyzhi sinbao" dead fish appeared in the evening on July 20, and now they've formed a white line along the shore nearly a kilometer in length.

Locals pull the fish out of the water buckets, although the authorities are not advised to do that, and certainly not advised to use this fish as food to determine the cause of the plague of river dwellers, the report said.

Due to a deterioration of the environmental situation in China, massive fish kills in different parts of the country has become a common phenomenon.

Massive fish kills occurred in Chinese river Haihe

In June, as a result of industrial emissions of the local plant, the river and the Gulf of Luno Limyao Guangdong province killed about five tons of fish.

June 17 a large number of dead white cupids floated on a 4-km stretch of the river Tongzhou, a tributary of the Grand Canal of China.

In March, tens of thousands of dead fish floating on the surface of the lake Dunbohu in Sichuan. Basically, it was a big tolstoloby.

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