Mayan believe that Reptoids colonize the planet Earth December 21, 2012

February 2, 2012 9:43

Those who wrote numerous articles about the planet Nibiru, not only do not know of what is trying to say, but do not read books that were written by Zecharia Sitchin, too, and not knowing the truth about a third of what he was trying to write. But we will not give away the first criticism, and look for inconsistencies in the writings of the second, but just tell us about going to the event called end of the world as it saw it, he warned us the ancient Mayan, exact date of the end — December 21, 2012 .

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And they know what they say, since the time of its full and mysterious disappearance is Mayan is the custodian of the ancient knowledge of the history of mankind. Not only is the Mayan tribes were descendants of the ancient civilizations of our planet Earth, but because everything we take now the myths and legends, as part of their genuine and true story, which is already taking place on planet earth attacks Reptoids race were as real as raids on ancient Rus Vikings or the hordes of Batu.


This race of extraterrestrial beings is not the inhabitants of our galaxy in the truest sense of the word. Without resorting to the restatement of the basic postulates of quantum physics, we say that in order to get to the planet Earth, they must move out of its measurement in ours. But to do so it is quite difficult, because the Reptoids have all you need for this knowledge.

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Yes, they are in many developed us. That's just their development has gone the way of evil and that is at a certain stage of development reptoids race did not allow them to make the transition between the third dimension in which they were, in the quarter, which at the moment we are all committed. It is because of the evil that was carried Reptoids in itself and with it, they were stopped at the time of the transition from world to world, causing been stuck in a so-called fold "worlds", where there are laws of three-dimensional world, and so to the four laws the end and did not appear.

The only thing that got Reptoids of all treasures of the Fourth Dimension — cutoff power over time. Thanks to them, they were able to make himself almost immortal, stretching their lives in the tens of thousands of Earth years. In all other respects, they had to rely on technology, becoming technocratic brutal three-meter race dinosaurs.

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We are quite difficult to estimate the level of technological development. However, there is a strong belief that it is not particularly high. And it can be concluded, if only because many dark races of the galaxy using them as mercenaries, others are able to withstand them. But still, compared to the knowledge that we have, they are ahead of us groan thousand years. Because meeting them could be for humanity on planet Earth catastrophe.

The reason for their attack on planet Earth

In the extant writings of Maya described as at least 4 attempts when Reptoids want to colonize Earth. Description of them but one we can find on Sumerian clay tablets, and the last — in the Old Testament and in the ancient Indian texts.

All four ended with the invasion of race Reptoids — disaster, as had always been the forces capable of not only stop them, but to expel from the planet Earth. Each time they were representatives of different solar systems, is equally ancient earthwork called "gods" or "angels", and every time people are in the side of these battles, becoming their observers.

But all this did not stop the race — Reptoids from further attempts to colonize Earth. It is believed that for this they have three reasons. The first — an appeal to a primitive earthlings slavery. Second — as Reptoids use us (and this is unfortunately already proved) in food, their visits to the planet Earth are identical to those that we are making, going into the coop or on a pig farm. And third — knowing that humanity is in the fourth dimension, Reptoids want to make it with us.

However, scientists believe that most likely we will get a symbiosis of all three options when Reptoids using us as food and slaves, will wait until the open passage between dimensions.

Reptoids and mankind in the last few thousand years.

Alas, mankind has managed to collect huge archive of testimonies of countless visits when Reptoids register for the remainder planet Earth. Their UFO arrive to us with alarming regularity, and meetings occur so often that ufologists and experts from government service have long ceased to see them as something out of the ordinary.

In a nutshell, here's the outward manifestations of such visits:

Reptoids arrive on planet Earth on triangular aircrafts usually black;
they themselves, despite the fact that they belong to a humanoid race, yet have more features pangolins — scaly green or bright yellow skin, yellow eyes with vertical pupils, a three-meter rise, incredible strength, bone combs, which adorn their heads, and many others;
when dealing with people they always do exceptionally aggressive, and people after such meetings, or disappear without a trace, or die, or lose their memory, often such meetings end with the most common physical violence.
and last — being able to move not only in the physical world, but also the astral Reptoids are attacking not only the coordinates of our real world, but also during our sleep, or when we try to go to the astral plane, and the consequences of such attacks are just as destructive as for the human body and for the mind.

But this is what we see, perceiving reality at school physics textbooks. And in order to understand what is really going on, we need to add to our usual perception of another level of our being — astral.

And so:

Living on the more subtle planes, Reptoids until the end can not be shown in our reality. No, they can be seen, heard and affect us on a physical level, but they can not express themselves, and thus — to see and take us to the level of both our internal and coming to us from outside energies. And it is worse, at least for the reason that it is in the astral Reptoids inspire people of planet Earth that panic, which involves every encounter with them may devour our energy block will and even kill.

But it is from this Reptoids themselves vulnerable, as are people who have knowledge of astral war, easily able to cope with them. Indeed, in the physical world Reptoids and stronger and faster than us, and their metabolism can quickly heal the wounds fatal to any person on the planet Earth. But the transition to the astral plane, everything changes, because there is not due to the growth, speed and muscle strength, and the strength and power of energy. So — a lot of people on the planet Earth, has at astral power that allows them to easily cope with any Reptoids.

It is at this level, and representatives Reptoids bright galactic races are at war. It is at this level, St. George (remember icons) defeated snake — Reptoids. It is from the astral, if such a decision is taken, and will be a help to the planet Earth. And it went to the astral Maya revolted reptoids-masters, but have been unable to defeat them.

We will not talk about the technique of astral wars since Those who are really interested in them, or learn how to learn to fight in the astral plane, and without our help. Let's just say — born on the planet Earth are born are the ones we used to call the magicians, not only unaware of their real strength, but even not knowing what kind of life they actually live.

In the astral inhabitants of planet Earth ready for a decisive battle with the race Reptoids approximately 65-75%. And so the battle can not be predicted. But perhaps we have become used to write this article, at least not trying to present this outcome.

December 21, 2012

Upon arrival, they will not disappear. They do not need, as the main weapon Reptoids race, anciently considered aggression, violence, and inspired by all of this fear. They will not hover over us on their huge interdimensional ships, and exhort us: "Surrender! Give up! Give up! ". They immediately begin to attack to destroy all who would any resistance. Round up the rest, like a docile cattle on the reservation already constructed earthen city and …

And here there are 4 different options:

1. — Entered the war, those whom we call "angels" and "messengers of God" — the inhabitants of the planetary system Vega. To withstand race Reptoids as technocratic, and on the astral level, they are as previously driven them by giving mankind another chance to be saved, as always without asking for anything in return based on the divine right of every rational being to personal choice.

2. — Reptoids will attack, but it will become a screen to break into the world of dark galactic races representatives who will use it as a pretext peretyanutzhiteley planet Earth on its side.

3. — There will be no interference from outside, and then the Reptoids will reign over mankind, to really commit to it so necessary to them in the fourth dimension. In this case, we can assume with almost absolute certainty that our race it becomes a fatal end.

4. — The most likely of all — recently born among us enough of those who can resist the invasion of the race Reptoids astral level. It is they who will defend our civilization entered the war from day one. But it is — not indigo children, as many people think. Indigo came to us only as observers, just as we "arrive" in the computer game, when we play in it. They are aware of were born in this world just to get the experience of the transition from the measurement and not to fight with anyone.

The real defenders of the Earth will be people with the so-called "sunshine", but not yellow and golden energy — those ancient White Mages or Warriors of Light, in countless rebirths fighting across the galaxy with all forms of evil.

But what will this war and whether it will at all … Understand that we also offer a version of events that will occur (or not occur) December 21, 2012. After all, everything is in fact, we know very, very soon, because the wait is more than a short time — less than half.

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