Mayan Calendar: December 21, 2012 open skies

April 11, 2012 9:11

Mayan Calendar: December 21, 2012 will open the heavens.  Photo: Getty Images

Mayan Calendar: December 21, 2012 will open the heavens. Photo: Getty Images

Sons Mayan considered the shortest day of 2012 newly born the Sun symbol, which will bring with it a new civilization.

Maya gave special importance date December 21, 2012, which is approaching us with great speed … Their cosmic calendar, as well as the "Great Year" ends on this day, and, according to the prediction of the prophets, it will bring with it a new period and space deep space knowledge.

But not only the Mayan sets this date. Inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt, the Golden Fleece depicts encrypted Calendar Stone (stone calendar). It is based on information about the movement of the world, and the Sun around the center of the galaxy, and also ends on December 21, 2012.

Cherokee tribe, natives of the south-western United States, there is a cyclical calendar that ends in 2012. According to the predictions, at the end of the calendar will be born all over again.

Scientists also expect that on this date the event occurs, which happens once in ten thousand years, despite the fact that they can not predict its impact.

Exclusive cosmic event

What is so special about this date, the predicted thousands of years ago? From the point of view of astronomy, expected event like that happened in the last 25,920 years ago. From the point of view of the science of the Globe, on this day, the shortest of the year, the sun will cross the "dark rift", which is a collection of gas and dust that blind us to the galactic plane. Intersection occurs when the Sun will be close to the center of the galaxy. If so, it is in this short and important day sun equal to the galactic center. There is a description of this phenomenon as the opening of "Heaven's Gate."

Why is the sky "opens" only once in 25,920 years? To answer this question we must understand the meaning of the "Great Year» (Great Year) and the cyclic movement of the globe for 25,920 years. That same day, the stars, which were observed in the central part of the sky, moving slightly to the east. The movement is so slow that only through 25,920 years on this day you can see the same position of the stars.

For example, over the past 2,100 years, 21 March (the vernal equinox), the sun slowly moved in the constellation Pisces, and is now the movement is completed. In the coming years, in March the sun will appear in the constellation Aquarius, so the Earth has entered the Age of Aquarius, which is determined by astrologers as the era of spiritual renewal.

Cyclical nature of the "Great Year" by the fact that the globe is slowly changing the direction of rotation on its axis once every 25,920 years. If today is the north pole pointing towards the North Star in the constellation Ursa Minor, the axis of rotation in the future of the world will change a little direction, and the name "Polar Star" will correspond to a different star.

Sun "born-again"

From the point of view of the Maya, the passage of the sun through the "dark rift" has a deeper meaning and symbolizes the rebirth of the sun.

Every year, on the shortest day — December 21, the Sun is close to the northern part of the globe, and the day begins to increase, in a display of the Mayan new "birth" of the sun. But this year, according to their cosmology, will further the "birth" of the sun, which happens only once every 25,920 years.

For Mayan Milky Way is "the great cosmic mother," from which all life is born. According to them, human life is born in the heart of the galaxy. And to the "dark rift" sons of Maya treated like a "birth canal of the Cosmic Mother," so the passage of the sun in this place means its new "birth" of a recurrence of the "Great Year", which occurs once every 25,920 years, the shortest day of the year .

If this is the case, we have not long to wait to see what changes will bring a new birth of the sun and the new cosmic cycle, which begins in December. According to the predictions of the Maya, we will witness the union of nature with cosmic knowledge and create harmony with the environment and harmony in human society.

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