Mayan prediction: the world is moving to an end?

October 5, 2012 3:29

According to this prediction Maya, which appeared in the mid-70s, which willingly write media last for 2-3 years, soon the world will die from a planetary catastrophe, humanity will overtake the apocalypse, and left us to live only 80 days …


That's how this incredible story, as if from the pen of Orson Welles or HP Lovecraft, has become one of the most popular on the Internet, attracting "clientele", focused on the thrill. There was this crazy theory, of course, in the U.S. in 1975. In 2009 he published a disaster film "2012", shot by Steven Oltena bestseller "Will the Maya." The film was a worldwide success. And that's when this theory is no longer a fairy tale and became almost a reality. Pray, ladies and gentlemen!

Studies conducted by the agency "Ipsos", show that 10% of the world's population — and it is no less than 600 million people — believe the prediction that we should disappear December 21, 2012. But this study also shows how great a man thrust to the terrible, terrible.

Doomsday theory has enjoyed enormous success. France — no exception. In France there is a "national product": Nostradamus, and still his quatrains intriguing researchers.

In the 80's doomsday scenario imagined unleashing third world war against the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. Now comes to the fore a confrontation with the Muslim world. Each era has its own experts in deciphering quatrains, although none of them managed to unravel their secret (and whether it exists?) Mankind misses sensational.

That famous extravagant designer Paco Rabanne predicted in 1999 that the station "Mir" will fall straight to Paris, killing thousands of people. But in general, all these dire predictions — a good business, bringing a lot of revenue: sale and charms, and atomic shelters, special equipment and saving Byugarash stone village in France. For merchants came supernatural golden age.

Leaf through any free rag, read the announcement of shamans, magicians and sorcerers, who only a few euros promise you happiness, love and wealth. This is not the Mayan calendar, which threatens to send us all to the hereafter. But there is one place, where the inhabitants, according to the French-French legend will be spared from this terrible fate. It is a tiny village in the department of Aude Byugarash. 189 of its inhabitants (according to the 2007 census) is completely would have done without such advertising. Perhaps the evening of 20 December their number will increase dramatically!

Indeed, there streamed hordes of curious onlookers. There are so many that an inter-ministerial commission for vigilance and fight against sects took this peaceful village.

Some have said that the Mayan calendar misinterpreted, that there was confusion in the dates, as well as interpretations of Nostradamus. The Americans have already built near shelters with food supplies and everything you need to survive, consoled by the fact that, if it is not end of the world, it is possible … or the day after tomorrow?

Laurent Bryar

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