Mazda on the Ring Road at full speed and flew into the deflector: I beg her body and cut the roof. Driver killed

In Moscow, 108 km ring road there was a major accident fatalities, according to the user "Mobile Reporter", posted a video from the event.In Moscow, 108 km ring road there was a major accident fatalities

At the intersection with road enthusiasts car Mazda 3, at the exit from the inside at high speed collided with a metal bump. Iron construction body pierced through foreign cars, cutting off its roof.

Eyewitnesses say the accident that the driver seemed to have missed it the right turn. Just 100 meters further there is another twist, but the driver decided to turn isolation at all costs.

Accident after accident witnesses tried to help the driver, but to no avail. He died on the spot. For removal brought rescuers and firefighters.

Turn on the road enthusiasts had to temporarily close the rescue. Formed a five-kilometer traffic jam. Work at the accident site investigators and traffic police.

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