Media: Boris Moiseev described the journey to the next world

December 5, 2011 12:14

The fact that Moses saw in that light, what was the content of the note on the body of the dead soldier, what Viktor Baturin accused and the new tactics of "black realtors" — fresh in the traditional review of the Russian press on "Ytre."
Popular artist Boris Moiseev first told reporters that he saw in the night was on the verge of death, according to "your day." A year has passed after Moses had a stroke. Artist "actually seen" death. "Before, I was afraid, now — no. It is too shameful and lonely "- added Moses. "All I remember is a wasteland. I go on it, as the righteous Moses went on his way, for me to some people, we stumble on some mountain pass through it, and there — the door is locked. And I'm looking out for a long time. I think, "Damn, how to go from here, then?" I did not want to stay there, "- said artist.

After the incident, he had to relearn how to talk, now he barely picks up, and sometimes even forgets the words. Moses, jokingly, told how director Sergei uses ailing actor for a living, bringing it to the stage, like a doll. Nevertheless, he is optimistic: "I have recently been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Because people with my diagnosis so do not get better. It's a miracle. " All the tests that fell to his lot, Boris Moiseev explains simply, "God loves me. But loves sophisticated! ".

In the new issue of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" You can read about how the mother of the dead soldier conducted its own investigation into the circumstances of his death and came to the conclusion that it was not suicide, but murder. At that thought it prompted a note written with a ballpoint pen on the body of Man. Nikolai Vinogradov, awaiting punishment for having told his superiors name completely uncontrolled "grandfathers", extort money, wrote their names on his hand. He hoped that this suicide note found, and it will help to know the truth. Indeed, adjusting sleeve to his son, who came home from the army in his grave, his mother said letters written on her left hand. "We see that some letters are erased from the dead, but the end was not able to erase", — said Anna Ivanova, foster mother soldier. "There were large letters:" I have finished. " Then — very small and worn out — six names. And even smaller — a phrase that details his natelniku sewn to the inside, "- she added.

"Moskovsky Komsomolets" acquaints readers with the new tactic of "black realtors." "The fact that the apartment is taken away from the sinful lumpen or just too weak and frail elderly and disabled, is, unfortunately, irrelevant. Can drastically affected everyone "- says the newspaper and the results to prove some stories. "Scenario wit the" black realtors "should podzanyat police series and authors, the benefit of ease of implementation, along with the scope, cynicism and covered Moscow districts truly fascinating" — adds a journalist. Puzzling is only the fact that his office is responding to extortion, kidnapping, blackmail, and other tricks of criminal virtuoso.

A new case of Viktor Baturin, who is accused of fraud with counterfeit bills "Inteko", tells the newspaper "Izvestia". Now he has become a defendant in another criminal case — of tax evasion. Investigators believe that the brother-in-law of ex-mayor of Moscow has not paid taxes to the state of almost 34 million rubles. from the sale of land and buildings "Inteko". This property Buchanan granted ownership of the company after the section with her sister Elena Baturina in 2007. Next week, a businessman, who is in prison "Butyrka" will be questioned. Shabanov's lawyer suggested that the beginning of the active security forces around Viktor Baturin — a sign of Elena Baturina and Yuri Luzhkov, passing witnesses in the case of theft of the Bank of Moscow close to $ 13 billion. However, the Luzhkov said Viktor Baturin is a stranger to their families, which have long been "severed all relations."

"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" reveals new details of another high-profile case — about an accident involving a car head of the Sverdlovsk region Alexander Misharin. Head of Regional SC Zadorin Valery said that according to preliminary data, the car moving on the governor's band. Accident could cause severe weather conditions, in particular — the poor visibility. As well as one of the possible reasons is considered a technical failure cars. The investigation became interested in another version of the accident, made by members of the public motorists. They issued a statement that came to them witness an accident, claiming that an accident could easily provoke a clash escort vehicles governor "Audi A4" with the "Volga Siber." The accident at the Serov tract, in which the machine governor faced a "Volga", provoked such a response that in Yekaterinburg even created an initiative group for public scrutiny of the investigation into the tragedy.

"RBC daily» leading economic forecast for Russia's GDP next year. UN experts have reduced its forecast for world economic growth by 1 percentage point — to 2.6%. This is the basic scenario. The pessimistic scenario provides disorderly default in Europe, because of which the development of the country was plunged into a crisis, and global GDP growth will not exceed 0.5%. In the case of the baseline experts promise Russian economic growth of 4%, and if the dire predictions come true, the country faces a decline in GDP of 3.6%. Analysts' Uralsib Capital "indicate that inhibition of the major economies will cause lower prices for Urals crude oil from $ 108 per barrel in 2011 to $ 98 per barrel in 2012. As a result, exports three quarters consisting of raw materials, reduced and will grow by only 0.5% and imports by the strong ruble to rise by 9.9%. In this regard, experts have lowered GDP growth forecast for next year from 4% to 2.8% and predicted a lower growth rates in the long term. In the HSE believe that Russia's economic growth of 2.7%. Only the ministry remained optimistic: they do not expect a recession and even predict a rise of 3.7%.

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