Melting Artik, the resumption of frozen conflicts

Melting Artik, the resumption of frozen conflictsNedavneshnego any time prior to the act, such as the extraction of minerals or the installation of stationary modules with an armed contingent in the Arctic have been virtually impossible because of the languid weather and natural criterion. Built in the time of war, cool military units or eliminated, or conserved, and the personnel of military units launched a huge land.

At the moment, the situation has changed, because of melting ice in the Arctic average temperature increases, the shelves are available with large supplies of minerals, making it likely not only not dangerous voyage to the shores of the Arctic, and the placement of professionals for the extraction of minerals. Well, the development of technology has reached a new level sufficient for the use of technology in the polar criteria.

Challenges to the Arctic shelf appear also due to the fact that it is essentially the border in the region for the most part are indicative nature.

Russian Federation has always stood for the division of the Arctic areas by sector, according to the last points along the meridian to the pole. In this case, most of the Arctic remains for Russia. This view has and Canada.

The United States considered such a position is fundamentally wrong, and believe that the country belongs only to the 12-mile zone off the coast of its own, and the Arctic is no man's land.

Another point of view are Denmark and Norway, who believe that the section should take place in an average band, for this version of the pole will have Denmark.

On this basis, constantly there are conflicts between Canada and the United States for plots in Alaska and Yukon, between Denmark and Canada over Hans Island area and water area.

Melting Artik, the resumption of frozen conflictsThe existing dispute between Norway and Russia because of dvuhsotmilnoy zone, which is 77 in the one-sided order established in Norway, and which came into the territorial waters of Russian Union successfully resolved only recently. The countries agreed to divide the disputed waters in half, and that's not typical refused to actually separate from the embodiment of the Arctic areas by sector and now has a claim on dvuhsotmilnuyu zone for receiving a arctic shelf with large deposits of minerals.

Another problem of territorial significance — Peninsula Greenland. The peninsula is the least sensitive areas 98 per cent of Denmark with a population of about 58,000 people. According to estimates of professionals on the Greenland shelf can hold more than 150 billion barrels of oil. At the end of 2008 according to the referendum the majority of the island's population voted in favor of increased autonomy from Denmark. Now she owns Greenland minerals Islands, Denmark left the defense and foreign policy. This provision is not one hundred percent satisfied with Denmark and she finds a way out of this situation.

The military potential of the Arctic region

The armed forces of Denmark, Norway and Canada because of the obvious weak little military capability can not make the harsh competition Russian Federation.
Norwegian Navy have 6 submarines, minesweepers, and the same six missile boats, 5 frigates.

Danish Navy frigates are 7 and 2 auxiliary ship.

Canadian Navy — 4 submarines, three destroyers and frigates, 24 ships and minesweepers.

These countries do not have marine units and airborne units, and in fact there are no means to transport paramilitary units on the Arctic coast. It is also not possible to destroy coastal targets, no carrier-based naval aviation, and the Kyrgyz Republic.
The United States does not have a constant contingent in the European Arctic, except for the radar station in Greenland. And in Alaska has 2 brigades Sun, one — team "Stryker", another — 4 Airborne Brigade and two Air Force aircraft wing, which includes from 2 Squadron «F-22" and the «F-16", 1 squadron " F-15 ", and support aircraft for reconnaissance and transport. Just in Alaska is located 176 air wing of the United States Air Force National Guard under.

Melting Artik, the resumption of frozen conflictsAvailable airports can accommodate up to 300 aircraft that can be deployed to Alaska for a few days. So, these planes can land increment ground units in a couple of times for a couple of days.

Alaska is at Fort Greely is the most powerful set of missile defense of the United States, part of a global system of Defense. The complex has adopted the rocket «GBI», the approximate number of missiles about 40 units.

In Alaska, there are no surface warships and submarines, there are several ships Coast defense and protection.
Russian Arctic potential.

Russian Federation as a result of certain events focused its military strength in the European part of the Arctic, which includes:
— the entire Northern Fleet;
— 61 MR regiment;
— 200th Motor Rifle Brigade;
— Three LA shelf "S-300P";


Another thing, if our home will not develop fields in their own economic zone and will not open for swimming SMP (albeit on their own criteria), it will be in the role of the dog in the manger, for what will be a rising economic and political pressures. Wage war with us because of this no one will, but prepyadstviya create other methods.

Another theoretical factor in the appearance of conflict in the Arctic may be activities in China, which in 2008 opened a research station in Svalbard in the Arctic began to appear frequently in Chinese icebreaker "Snow Dragon", who previously worked in Antarctica. Principal conductor of Chinese interests in the region by Norway, which this year has even offered to make China a member of the Arctic Council (not counting the five states listed in it at the moment are Sweden, Finland and Iceland).

China is experiencing an acute need for all natural resources. Because the Arctic are very important for Beijing's enthusiasm. China's position is most identical with the position of the United States, in other words, it stands for the highest internationalization of the Arctic. So far, however, the Navy of China, despite their high-spirited growth potential, are not able to perform, or how many significant military operations in the Arctic (first — because of the lack of bases).

Melting Artik, the resumption of frozen conflictsARCTIC TIME Cover your defense

So makarom although the chang
e of climatic test and the economic interests of the Arctic states are doing the theoretical possibility for the militarization of the Arctic and the appearance here of various military conflicts in the foreseeable future to implement all conceivable scenarios, these conflicts appears to be very low. With all of this it should be noted that in the longer term, a from important reasons preventing such conflicts is to strengthen the military capabilities of Russia in all its components, in fact in the Arctic, and as a whole.

Accordingly, the Russian military Arctic capacity should be at least not less than presently. With all of this of course, which is to inflate it would be in-1's, stupid, in-2, is very expensive.

As you know, 200th Motor Rifle Brigade, stationed in Pechenga, officially proclaimed the Arctic. So far, however, is not very clear what this means. For example, what kind of equipment it will be armed with whether to keep the tanks? Perfectly suitable for arctic criterion MTLB and "Knights", unfortunately, is out of date, it is unclear what the machine can come to replace them. But it is very well understood that the Arctic connections are required to have in its composition helicopters such local specificity.

There is no point in creating a new type of compounds for the formation of the 1st certain compounds of this type. Apart from the Kola Peninsula, such teams should first appear in Chukotka. Other likely points of dislocation — the region of Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk, Naryan-Mar, or Vorkuta, Salehard, Norilsk, Tiksi. Segodnyaschy absolute openness of the Russian Arctic not quite normal. As mentioned above, the risk of war back proportional to our potential.

Perhaps even more intolerant of complete disappearance of the Arctic (east of Severodvinsk) defense. Three or four anti-aircraft missile regiment, and two or three air bases there should be. At least in order to close the issue with preemptive strike "Tomahawks". In the end, the main ports of the Northern Sea Route should be equipped with the Navy as E & P, although the continued stationing of warships there hardly advisable.

RF to start the development of most hydrocarbons in the areas of the shelf, which it regards as its own. In this case, it will become the owner of the respective fields of de facto that the move will allow for constructive economic cooperation with other countries.

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