Mental health in the United States — a silent problem


Chronic non-communicable diseases in the United States are the main cause of disability in the Americans out. In turn, in the first place among such conditions — neuropsychiatric disorders.

This information is shared at the Summit held in Washington, DC Health, organized by The Atlantic publishing director of the National Institute of Mental Health, USA Thomas Insel.

According to him, mental disorders each year are responsible for a large number of suicides. Each year in the United States on their own away from the life of 37,000 people, which is twice the number of murders in the country, and more than the number of victims of road accidents.

"Mental health problems of our population are a very big problem for all of our health care system. This aspect requires more attention and study, "- said Insel.

Roger Ray, which is a network of health care facilities in South Carolina and North Carolinas Health Care System, addressing the audience of the summit, assured that one in four of those present in the audience at some stage in their lives will be put psychiatric diagnosis. Ray said that the U.S. should pay much more attention to the issue of mental health.

He also talked about what his company uses innovation to achieve this goal.

Carolinas Health Care System, in the words of Roger Ray, uses new technologies in an effort to prevent suicide among their patients. In a specially installed webcams central office of the organization is linked to all emergency services, which receives those who can potentially commit suicide. The office has a team of psychologists who have eye-to-eye (virtually) talk with patients, trying to quickly sort out their problems and offer solutions.

Psychiatrist Barbara Van Dahlen supports this approach. She is the founder of the NGO "Give Hour» (Give an Hour). As part of this initiative, Van Dalen encourages his colleagues on a regular basis free to devote an hour of their time to those in greatest need. According to Dr. Van Dalen, who in 2010 in a survey of the magazine Women's Day was named one of the 50 "Women Changed the World", one of the categories is particularly acute need of such assistance are those who have returned to civilian life after military service.

"The military have more likely to die from suicide than non-battlefield" — said Van Dalen, resulting in post-traumatic stress syndrome as one of the examples of the reasons that push people to suicide.

In a separate category of professional women will allocate the military, which, contrary to popular belief, do not suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, and the so-called "military sexual trauma" resulting from their own colleagues.

Theorists and practitioners gathered at the summit agreed that this issue should be addressed to "all the world", given that the problems of the spirit is not inferior to the importance of the problems of the body, to the solution of which the U.S. health care system is fitted, as it turned out a little better.

Yulia Savchenko

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