Mikhail Lyubimov. Operation Calvary secret plan restructuring

That gloomy February evening in 1983, I was watching TV.
The time then was quiet, though imbued with restrained expectations:
November 1982, died Brezhnev and Yuri Andropov was elected
General Secretary of the Central Committee.

The phone rang — the day they lacked — but when I took
the phone and heard a caller's voice, I felt a vague anxiety.
— Good evening, Michael P., do not you recognize me? — There was a tube.
— Sorry, do not know if — I said dry (do not like it when you do not
— Do not you remember your analytical reports with forecasts? —
Interviewee paused, giving me a chance to recover from the shock.
— Yuri? You!
Still … I do not remember these unfortunate analytical notes, with
They all started!

In 1980, I was Head of Forecasting in the First
Chief Directorate of the KGB (now renamed as the Foreign Intelligence Service).
It was at the direction of the Andropov in my department started an analytical
forecast all the possible options for the development of the Soviet Union on the most
modern Western computers. Involved were not the only information
of the KGB, the Ministry of Defence in particular the Central Intelligence
control), the State Planning Commission and the Council of Ministers, but even the holy of holies of ACS in our
country — the Central Committee of the CPSU. We used the most advanced American and
native methods, in the program, the impact of
thousands of internal and external factors determining the development of the USSR.
As a result, after a dropout on my board came ten
options, all of which ended in complete economic and political
catastrophe of our country — no happy end, I confess,
I did not expect.
Not without some doubts I handed over the documents to read
Head of the department Vladimir Alexandrovich Kryuchkov man
demanding, but fair.
Vladimir documents held two weeks, which happened
extremely rare, and, finally, with a sigh, returned them to me.
— Will report to the President himself — he ordered coldly.
It was quite obvious that Kryuchkov not want to "substituted", known
that in Russia the messenger with bad news always cut the head.
The very next day I checked out of our headquarters in Yasenevo
office of the chairman at the Lubyanka. He received me well and listened
very carefully, though, I confess, I was expecting a heated discussion and even
spacing for a poor prognosis. He was silent, but friendly to me
That's my surprise when, after two weeks I was called to
Department of Personnel and reported resignation on seniority, while on the
order signed by Andropov, I was purged from the reserve KGB and even deprived
departmental clinics — unusual stiffness …
— Mikhail Petrovich, now it was late, but can you please me
to call?
— Of course, Yuri! — I answered immediately. My heart
beat with excitement as more able to feel retired, discarded
landfill, and now suddenly … — Straight to the Lubyanka?
— No. In Kolpachny. Car for you to secrecy, I send
I will not. Check for up to you "tail." OK?
— That's right, Yuri! — Long service in the intelligence weaned
me from asking questions, especially on the phone.
In the executive mansion Kolpachny Lane, where once lived
Chef "Smersh" Victor S. Abakumov, shot after Stalin's death
I have visited several times in the various negotiations with the leaders of intelligence
socialist countries.


An hour later, I pressed the button at the entrance to the mansion. Much to my
Surprisingly, the door was opened by Yuri himself.

— Do not freeze? — He smiled gently. We immediately went to the second
floor, walnut cabinet, shelves laden with books and
settled in their seats. Yuri immediately turned and took a samovar
cookies from the cupboard and drying. — How are you retired?
— How do you say … That's from the clinic kicked …
— I deliberately tried to isolate you from the KGB environment —
Andropov smiled. — You are not offended by me?
I said nothing.
— Well, excuse me! You know why you were fired?
— I think because of my predictions — right I said, waiting for the storm.
— Your gorgeous weather — corrected Andropov had thrown me
in astonishment. — There is nothing worse, I did not read, to be honest, after that I do not
slept for several nights. However, they put an end to my doubts. No way out.
Are you ready to fulfill my mission of special importance?
— No doubt — I said quite frankly, because, to be honest,
always idolized Andropov.
— I asked this question for the form, — Yuri smiled. —
Thank God, I know all about your life and your mood, even, perhaps,
more than you know yourself …
The last question I had: I distinctly after retirement
felt that I was in active development, apartment
auditioned, and all my life controlled surveillance.
— All you have predicted — the awful truth — continued Andropov.
— This process is irreversible, even Leon Trotsky foresaw expansion
Party and Thermidor. It is our strategic objective — to restore
true socialism, get rid of all layers of the past.
— Are you sure that it is necessary for our people, Yuri? —
I allowed myself a certain ideological audacity.
— I am convinced that this country was created for communities
dorms. Most people can not live otherwise than by the energetic and
talented minority. This mass can not be forced to work more
She immediately begins to rebel. What is the solution? Destroy most of the
people? But this is Stalinism! It remains only: to create a new society.
— Excuse my frankness, Yuri, but your first
steps in the field of general secretary, in my opinion, are not in the least to
this. Do you think that catching the street bums, and strictly
Considering the time of arrival to work, we podvignem people to build
Socialism? But your decision to lower the price of vodka, to win
popularity among the people …
— Cynical? — Andropov said, smiling.
— Yes! — Inflamed me.
— You grasped our strategic goal, but do not understand the way it
achievement. The system is dead, and can not restore it, and do not,
why do we need a living body? The challenge is to finally
destroy it and build in its place a true socialism, which
would support all the people! All the people, and in a free election!
— Frankly, Yuri, I do not quite understand you. There will be no
Is it dangerous Manilovism — to believe in the socialist enthusiasm of the people?

— Here we turn to the nature of the transaction. Love to socialism
We grow out of hatred for capitalism. So you entrusted to make
plan for the implementation of capitalism in the Soviet Union, not soft, Swedish
Social-democratic type. We have to throw the country into the wild,
unbridled capitalism, where the law of the jungle prevails.
The Chairman looked at me.
— I understand everything, Yuri. But is not it too will
great challenge for our people?
— Of course, an extraordinarily high number, but no other way! Do you
consider our pathetic propaganda can arouse hatred
Capitalism? Only own practice. In order to experience the
pie, it must be eaten — it is also father Friedrich (he was referring to Engels. —
Ed.) Wrote. At your disposal I bring all of their personal codes and to the right
make full use of, and our surveillance and eavesdropping, and
necessary agents. Naturally, the account here and in Western banks. You
and stay in the shade, cover will choose for themselves, depending
the circumstances … you do not like my favorite drying, Mikhail Petrovich?
Something you do not eat … — Yuri stared at me
through his glasses.
— Yes, my mind had spun, how it is better to organize … —
For decency, I took a little drying and nibbled it.
— Let them ride, and a month later at nine in the evening I
waiting for you here with the first outline of the transaction.
Yuri hugged my shoulders (this does not happen at all) and
led down the stairs.
— What is interesting in our culture? — He asked while moving,
evidently wishing to rid our conversation from a professional
— Just watched "The front behind enemy lines" — I said. — Based on the novel
Seeds Kuzmich (Tsvigun deputy KGB. — Ed.). Tikhonov, there is very good.
— For "The Front …" Vyacheslav received a special award at the 15th
All-Union Film Festival in Tallinn. There we gave prizes to Gabrilovich
Yutkevich for translating on the screen Leninist theme. How ironic is arranged
world: and Stirlitz and Lenin on the screen — complete fiction! Anything like this in my life
was not! That's the price of the entire system!
Yuri opened the door and let me out.


The reader forgive me, but for reasons of moral order, I
have to refrain from mentioning the names of the real agents, and, of
of course, not to dwell on some of the purely professional
technologies work.

Secret meetings with Yuri Vladimirovich I had prior to his death —
indeed very sad day in my life — the operation in detail
worked out, the plan was signed shortly before his death.
Plan of operations under the code name "Calvary" fall into four
parts: 1) a systemic collapse of the existing political and economic order
the country, and 2) a coup and forced introduction of the capitalist system
"Wild-type", and 3) issued by the prolongation of chaos and confusion as
brutal means of mobilizing the masses to fight against the power under
socialist slogans, and 4) a socialist revolution, supported
all the people, the radical annihilation of the comprador bourgeoisie and the related
her political and economic structures.
— Of course, I could now scattered all respected dinosaurs:
and Chernenko, and Grishin, and Solomentsev and Shcherbitsky with KUNAEV, but our
plan must have some plaque idiocy. In any case, at the first stage
should be maintained in the management of these lovely old people, it will ignite the people
passion for reform, if we hold it in the toilet where someone has
order sought. Generally, the first step in a sense is the
responsible, for we must awaken to the life force that is driven
deep underground. In fact, the difference between socialism from capitalism?
Capitalism, proclaiming freedom and democracy, gives vent to all the darkest
human instincts, and Homo sapiens, dear Mikhail Petrovich, to
our common misfortune, selfish, selfish, mean-spirited and totally
capable of collective dormitory. In the current system we are hard and very
awkwardly squeezed nasty little soul in the grip of homo sapiens — so believe me
I, once we open the floodgates just a little like shit right there breaks out
to the top!
— But who is it that will lead the first stage? — I asked George
V., although it carefully reviewing strictly confidential "Personalities"
ACS of the Central Committee, representing about those horses, on which it will be put.
— How fortunate that in our system there is little educated
politicians and economists, teaching in all schools of political economy
Socialism, which, as you well know, we do not fully
deformed brains even our outstanding academics like Aganbegyan or
Shatalin — take a generation to understand the meaning of the economy in general
and the market in particular. Policy in our country either, policies considered
some hardware hidden agendas. So, at the head of the first stage will rise
Gorbachev, whom I have long been preparing for this role, the person rather
young and ambitious (note that I did not stand a soldier,
who do not dream of becoming generals, so no place in politics!), with very
attractive ideas such as "socialism with a human face," Dubcek —
By the way, remember how nice we are strangled this "Prague Spring"? I
Gorbachev has many critics, who argue that it is verbose and
indecisive. On the first will object: Did Cicero was not verbose?
Does this prevent his political popularity? What Cicero, take
our Ilyich! For its relatively short years he uttered and written with
three boxes! On the contrary, the whole history shows that the nation loves talkers,
promising rivers of milk and honey. As for the undecided
it is also a slander: just Mikhail looks at politics as a
endless maneuvering between different groups, it is natural
policy for the Soviet training.
— Granted, Yuri. Moreover, Gorbachev — this
the only person in our deck trumps, which can take the West.
He has great manners, he always dressed in a European, perhaps,
The only drawback — the endless "poking" all subordinate …
— Very subtle remark, Mikhail Petrovich. And as for not-pointing
worry: English "you" do not exist, and the undeniable
weakness will not affect our relations with key partner — the USA.
By the way, you forgot about Raisa Maksimovna. Frankly, of all the women of our young
leaders is most impressed me with its elegance and good taste — it's
destroy Gorbachev, because our people can not tolerate well-dressed women
— Still, Yuri, I have some hesitation … With
What a better way to begin the first phase of the reform? — I asked.
— Do not pretend inattentive, Mikhail Petrovich, I have a whole
marked the beginning itself. So much so seriously that even Volodya (as
Andropov called his faithful assistant Kryuchkov. — Ed.) Believed
the saving of labor discipline … — Yuri laughed gaily,
and I could not help admiring his little porozovevshim person. — Gorbachev and his entire
the backbone of the party should immediately discredit the most idiotic for Russia
Beginnings: the struggle with alcoholism! It is encouraging that this is not Mikhail
abuse, but Ligachev though for a sober way of life, but sometimes
breaks down — but he is an honest man — on his shoulders and lie propaganda
anti-alcohol campaign and, therefore, the total discrediting of the party.
Remember, Michael P., struggle with alcoholism should not be a paper-like
taken in our party! It is necessary to cut down the vineyards, close, and
dismantle wine and beverage plants, to exclude from the party, to expel
work possible, and to judge, and to plant for the appearance of the street in a drunken state.
Home "Golgotha" it should be noted the extreme idiocy — is very important.
At the same time we said goodbye.


The death of Andropov in February 1984, still gnaws at my
heart. To create favorable conditions for the implementation of the "Golgotha" (the
darker the night, the brighter the star), was put in power Chernenko, who
earlier than one year died. April Plenum of 1985, we held a
full accordance with the plan of "Golgotha", was elected Secretary General Gorbachev. More
under Chernenko in December 1984, Gorbachev represented the USSR in England
meeting with Margaret Thatcher. To create him an international reputation for
false name, I went there for a pre-meeting with agents of influence
KGB in the British Government, the royal court. England, we usually
used to discredit the Soviet leaders, for example, there once
Time was sent former KGB chief Alexander Shelepin, rival Brezhnev
which with our help meet strong anti-Soviet demonstrations that
naturally, so undermined his position that he was soon cleaned out
Politburo. Because our method became known British secret services,
had to go to the opposite effect: Madame Thatcher told that
her kind words to Gorbachev's Politburo and finally fell apart
undermine Soviet power, which it was unspeakably happy, and therefore gave
Gorbachev's most brilliant advertising. Sam April 1985 Plenum held
without any surprises. Of course, the very group sheburshilas elderly
We put on Grishina, but death row three leaders did not have to
his support, even from most members of the Central Committee of debility. Important role
played at the plenum Gromyko: before through our agents to it constantly
convey the fact that Gorbachev with attention relates to
his experience, not only in foreign and domestic policy (country Gromyko
did not know, and have often wondered at the Politburo, which in some cities
no meat) and expects to rely on it.

So, at the head of the country stood Gorbachev, his great props
Ligachev and Ryzhkov, fortunately, who considers himself a good economist, like all
our directors, who can only ask for money and give back to the right and left
orders. It is not clear where to go Shevardnadze, emotional, like all
Georgians. Apparently, on his shoulders would have to shoulder with the West,
You can imagine what impression will produce gusty Georgians
Western cold pragmatists.


Y. (As we called Andropov each other), as usual, he opened
door mansion in Kolpachny and walked silently with me to the office. He looked
pale and tired after a hard day. Slightly hunched — the habit
many people tall — he went to the bookshelf and took out
"Questions of Leninism," Stalin and slowly flipped through the book.

— There is tagging Abakumov — he said, smiling. — Seriously
worked on himself, he studied the leader. Hmmm, Stalin — this is another paradox
stories son alcoholic cobbler, studied less seminarian and then
politician of the highest class, the dictator and intriguing, to whom and
Machiavelli, and Churchill, who feared him as a fire, and the more amateur
Roosevelt — just ordinary children, despite their Oxford and Harvard.
A man with a huge geopolitical sense. His only mistake was
that he is not a socialist monarchy, based on the bodies. And why,
indeed, the Georgians not to be on the Russian throne, if after Peter I was not
no emperor with pure Russian blood — all Germans, Holstein,
Danes, the devil take it! But the restoration of the Russian monarchy, Michael
Petrovich, howl at the first stage of the "Calvary". If the whole royal treatment
was a continuous joy to people, and the landlords were not fighting skin from the peasants, and
merchants do not cheat, and multiply, and manufacturers of blood-sucking was not …
Did Leo Tolstoy or Assumption pinned a blindness that is not
they discern the true Russia? Was rotten regime, and therefore collapsed!
— Already at the first stage of the "Calvary" — continued JV — we swim out
mass of rubbish, of which there will be pearl to be
nurture. Appears different husk: luck technicians, junior research
members and candidates of sciences, janitors, who wrote "on the table" and rubbish
imagined themselves great, small black-marketeers and speculators in this rate
begin to accumulate capital that they face pale and Rockefellers
Rothschilds. Traders be fathers of the nation, especially butchers — seem to have
Napoleon Marshal Murat was from the butchers? This is a completely natural process
in any tipping situation. The whole audience actively rush into policy and
begins to push our party nomenclature, until she reconstructed, not
podladitsya and will not accept the new conditions of the game. We must immediately collect them
compromise for the last leg, at the same time keeping them as a support during
— Clearly, Yuri. At the last meeting I gave you
materials from the ideological form of each stage. Can we take them
as a basis?
— Undoubtedly. The first phase should be especially Muten and Gorbachev
here is completely irreplaceable. Need new slogans. Fortunately, our people
used to everything! Yet we all applaud such gems as "World Peace" or
"Party — our leader." A "will be one of"? A thesis
that "Marxist doctrine is omnipotent because it is true"? Just think of all this,
and you instantly go mad!
The slogans of the first phase should be possible to confuse the Party and the whole
people. More streamlining, more rubber! Not bad, for example, call the whole
process of adjustment — I was referring to is Mikhail Sergeyevich. In our
country this slogan immediately picked up, though no one knows why and what
rebuild. The slogans of the first stage should be intriguing novelty and
uncertainty, for example, new thinking. On the subject of a new write thousands
theses. Very warm heart of human values — you would think
that humanity is one. More eloquent epithets, from which emanates
solemnity, say, fatal. Or pluralism. Just do not
go to far, not so long ago in a private conversation with Mikhail Sergeyevich I
used the word "coitus," but he did not hear and played it at the session
Politburo as a "consensus." The slogans of the second stage should be specific and
angrier: private property, again, freedom, democracy, SOCIAL
JUSTICE, sovereignty, denationalization on shares (then life has given birth
Privatization and vouchers, and we did not insist on the terminology Y., for
he has always been against dogmatism. — Ed.).
— And what about the third step? — I asked.
— The third stage — the most terrible and strange, then go to any course
slogans for the people already lose faith in everything. Your job is only to bring
state to the boiling point. Will go to the course and just war, and rob
Loot, and government — to the gallows! This is the stage of unmanaged emotions
I hope that by the time you have to prepare a new echelon of truly
Socialist politicians would have removed from the power of all this crap …
Sorry, I'm tired of something …
Andropov went to the window and looked at the building on the opposite
side of the street, where he once lived Hetman Mazepa. I said goodbye and quietly left

ORG. N 90/441
Task force
(Pseudonym of Gorbachev and his entourage. — Ed.).

We report that the March 6, 1986 ended XXVII Congress of the CPSU,
organized by us in accordance with the plan of "Golgotha". As intended,
through active stock was given to the Congress openly demagogic
character. The report calls for Gorbachev prevailed ACCELERATE, raising
economy to the level of new claims (?), further (?) democratization and
etc. Particularly explosive against openly degenerative
anti-alcohol campaign, when it en masse began to produce
moonshine drinking cologne, polish and shoe polish diluted with water, were
prepared by us in accordance with contrasting theses about propaganda
"Fight for a clean and honest image of party member, for the principled cadre
policy "…
The main achievement of the Plenary Meeting of January 1987 is the introduction of
wide turnover in party abstracts of stagnation (the term and all development
prepared at the Institute of Film A.Nuykina personal involvement), which, as we
plan is the beginning of the general discrediting of the past, especially
World War II that would alienate the object "A" party elite
community elders and make them an important destabilizing factor in the
subsequent stages …
Agents of influence of huge work that culminated in the
at the June 1987 Plenum of the provisions on self-financing, co-operation and especially
ELECTION OF DIRECTORS, which generally should be the start of the forced
the collapse of the socialist economy. It is surprising that
Party and administrative elite with a large suspicious of ideas
market. Even such an experienced manager, as Luzhkov, a direct question on
television, not whether he thinks the new economic measures Leninist variant
Nepal, declined to answer, fearing to get to "market."

ORG. N 10/285
Task force
(Pseudonym of Yeltsin and his entourage).

The focus is … strained relations between Gorbachev and
Yeltsin and the creation of the image of Yeltsin suffered for the truth, so beloved
among the people. The preparation of the plenum of the CIM in November 1987 did not have
spend almost no effort: all already prepared to devour
Yeltsin, as demanded Party traditions, and even he was charged
Some suicide district committee secretaries. So, make
the first real step in the consolidation in the popular mind as the image of Yeltsin
counterweight Gorbachev and politics, speaking against the party leadership.



V. thoughtfully drank tea and was in good spirits,
as if he was not terminally ill. Read their poems, praised Volodya
(He did not call Kryuchkov) for interesting stories about past
theater premieres.

— Although Philip Denisovich (Bobkov — chief ideological
"Five", now the head of our group in the "bridge", personally supervising
activities of the Moscow government. — Ed.) Outstanding figure, which
and soles are not suitable nor Benkendorf nor Dubbelt, but boring
reports on the updates of literature and art, and Vladimir (Kryuchkov. — Ed.)
even something shows up and does it with a lot of talent! However, we will
distractions: for almost three months, I literally filtering our dossier
Party leaders to find a figure for the second phase of the "Calvary".
There are brilliant minds in the international department, say, Falin, Zagladin,
Chernyaev even Burlatsky, but they obintelligentilis and not suitable for the role
national leader — from them and smell the Academy of Sciences and learning, and our
people did not stand. We need a true Russian character, with its
rollicking and breadth, and boozer joker, which can and to dance under
harmonica, siganut the dispute from the bridge, and to give the nose if he so wants.

— And you viewed our province? — I asked. — Still and
Lenin, and Bunin, Stalin, Solzhenitsyn gave us neither Moscow nor
Leningrad …
— Naturally, scanned, but few live, interesting people —
he sighed. — Also …
— Yeltsin? — Carefully push me, not quite sure what was in
— Right! No wonder you with their operational teams combed
the whole country! In general, Yeltsin is no different from Gorbachev
ideological terms: the same partucheba, the same career, the same party
tunnel vision. But as a person, it is much harder and racy. If Gorbachev
loves long and skillfully weave network, Boris inclined to hack
shoulder. At the same time he has a great quality for the leader of the second stage
"Golgotha", he firmly believes in the correctness of every step. Besides
later, as taught by Marx, he exposes his actions questioned. But with
Yeltsin you have a lot of work: first, he needed to create the image
both here and abroad, and secondly, to bring him out of the Democrat and supporter
capitalist market, namely wild-capitalist, not different
Social Democratic-dryuchki gadgets. Interests of the people, ITS
Boris Nikolayevich.
His undeniably support a huge part of our intelligentsia —
remember, you gave me a synthesis of the conversations in the kitchens of our
scientists, writers and other intellectuals? By the way, I was more
struck not the analysis itself — I already knew that all hold a fig in
pocket — and the fact that they include water, based on the absurd premise that
KGB is not able to filter noise. They would learn the Bolsheviks
conspiracy! This unreliable public, everyone will blow in his tune, then
all start fighting, but out of ignorance, of course, will defend breast
market reforms. Filipp Denisovich (Bobkov. — Ed.) Publishes them for free
abroad, and every impression of the West derives from windows,
littered with goods, and no one really knows how to live there and, most importantly, how
make money. But the issue of money is not our intellectual elite
interest: their weight and health centers, and writers in Peredelkino cottages and
wild editions of books that no one reads, and state awards and
many other handouts, they are not valued. Where else in the world the state
contains 10,000 writers, of which writing can only tolerable person
Five or six? Where else have restaurants WTO house scientists, architects and
Journalists? Try to find in New York, home of U.S. Central
Writers! But they will support the market, because everyone considers himself a genius at
which there is demand, and then almost everyone will go through the world with a bare ass!
Sorry for the expression, Michael P. (I really was
amazed, because for all the time heard from UV Only the word "shit" or
"Dermuk", and then against the U.S. President Carter, Dokuchaev
We all their screaming abuse in the Soviet Union for human rights. — Ed.). Just
before our rendezvous me very upset Philip Denisovich: says
all our intellectuals and rushes to the KGB, achieves this high
titles! Of course, I ordered that they turned down because we lose
reliable support at a time when we start to defeat the KGB — they will
fear of revelations! Well, today we did a good job, it's time
relax! By the way, I'm going to go to the hospital …
— How shall we keep in touch? — I'm scared. — Visit you in
the hospital?
— By no means! There will gush all Politburo, you know our
sycophants! You can detect. I have secretly come here —
Andropov smiled. — For your personal information, Mikhail Petrovich,
my health very badly …
Apparently, at that moment my face expressed compassion and
confusion, since Yuri smiled, patted me on the shoulder,
trying to encourage them, and carried up the stairs. Go down with me, he did not even
it was for him is not easy.


After XIX All-Union Party Conference in 1988, damn it
hell, I came down to the hospital because of the overload. Alas, Y. many do not
calculated, and we tore down the terms established "Golgotha," at the first
stage. Party nomenklatura and the whole party were much dumber than
we thought. Nobody could understand where leads Gorbachev, each holding
of his chair and was most afraid of any change.

But could not the same Gorbachev from the rostrum of the entire state
country: Comrades, let's build capitalism, tear apart people's
property, to turn into entrepreneurs! And they are stupid, do not
understood, especially in the regional committees, they all thought that the limit of human
dreams — it's dachas, special rations, car, and a trip to spetsmeditsina sanctions
CC once a year abroad at some crummy Congress of the Communist
Party Friesian!
Do not call, then, Mikhail Sergeyevich: Comrades, you will have
Swiss bank accounts, build yourself a gorgeous own (!) villas
Nikolina Gora and in California, will send their children to Oxford and
they buy an apartment in Paris and New York! Your wife will wander on
Zurich credit card to buy whatever they want, and
you relax with their families, with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and not in
comfortable, but tasteless and tsekovskih sovminovskih sanatorium
because of the ever-present eye "Nine" and a strange girl even talk
dangerous — for amoralku kicked — and the Canary Islands in the top suites
Hotels of the World, where anyone can have on all night for some miserable
thousand dollars!
Could not say Mikhail on natural political
reasons. However, in this scenario, and this is not provided, but we are
hoped that the party crowd will catch hints and undertones! Give
granted only Komsomol Central Committee — they are at once beheaded, where the shoe pinches,
and immediately began to produce cooperatives, joint ventures, investments
where to party money. Confusion, noise, din, shouting at the XIX
party conference, we naturally inspired bad, there were
involve all operational groups. On the one hand, stupidity, and on the other
— fearfulness: for example, our assignment Popov Bunich, Starovoitova already
drafted a revival of private property in the Soviet Union, but
last minute funk, fearing expulsion from the party. Yuri Bondarev
shouted that it was unclear where the plane will land adjustment, some
claimed in all seriousness, that American capitalism — that is
true socialism, entangled in the Swedish and Swiss … and socialism
Again, no one understood, tends to Gorbachev. And we figured that
namely in 1988 will be the end of the first stage!


Create the image of Boris Nikolayevich folk hero in accordance with
covenants Y. proved to be difficult, especially since he was right: drinking
Yeltsin was quite moderate, as we all do, security officers and party members on a pint at
nose that a good snack in no noticeable in normal man, drank,
ironically, on holidays, but of course, there were also deviations when
him frequented Michael Nikiforovich Poltoranin.

He has created a reputation for drinking a JV Mikhail, for which
and two glasses — is drinking. Thus, the agent group "B" in order to
make Boris popular among the people, had to develop
a series of measures to create it appropriate reputation. We were consumed with a
these two years, if not for Gorbachev, who knew no Russian
national character, and believe that drunkenness — this spot for a politician.

When Yeltsin left for the United States to give lectures, I accompanied him, realizing
the task of "Golgotha": to strengthen the reputation of Yeltsin abroad. Up to now,
scrolling through the film with the famous speech of Yeltsin in the university, I
admire his charm and wit — Americans first saw
direct Russian man, distinguishable from the overly
Gorbachev civilized and directness, and sometimes scratchiness. But neither I,
not all operational group "B" had no idea that Gorbachev had acquired this
film and decided it varying at different speeds, compromising Yeltsin.
Screening of the film on television and reprinting in "Pravda" is inspired by Article
from the newspaper "Repubblica" about how he was walking in the United States, contrary to the calculations of Michael
Gorbachev, Yeltsin's rating sharply raised considerably facilitated our
task. It only remained to secure success, and to this end has been developed
operational combination that could participate and to me personally.
It was at the dacha outside Moscow, there were three: Boris I
Soot and Umalatova I thought and still think the most beautiful woman in the USSR.
Boris, as usual, did not drink, we're with Soot and drank a couple of bottles
Yeltsin offered swim in the Moscow River. As is known, Yeltsin could not
safely pass the river, and this is understandable: the whole of Russia from ancient
currently located on the banks of rivers, for us, the Slavs, the desire to take a dip
is genetic, and I would even say historical. Group "B"
already controlled and the shore, and the traffic police at the Uspensky highway. Boris took
towel, we Soot embraced delayed "Moscow Nights" and together
went to the bank. Then I stripped naked, as it was dark, winking
imperceptibly torch his children and leaped from the bridge into the river.
Everything was organized very tactfully guys came on time and
I did note, however, the whole incident was referred to in the press as
scandal, the focus, of course, was Boris, and
a lady. Gorbachev was triumphant, but conscientious, damn him, Bakatin —
then interior minister — did not develop this business and not posted as
supposed to Yeltsin (with soot) in the drunk tank, his
chistoplyuystvom undermining the whole combination. But the success was still evident. In
consciousness of the Yeltsin became true Ilya Muromets.
Yuri still considered a great advantage Yeltsin his game
volleyball, because sportiness valued in our people, rarely extending from
TV. Agents tried to persuade Boris that favorite
people should play in towns or, at least, to bathe in the hole,
as Popov and Luzhkov, or, finally, to play football with all
government. However, Yeltsin's stubbornness is well known (in this dossier
paid to the quality of a few pages), and he stubbornly fought off all attempts
draw him into a national sport. Moreover, contrary to our plan, he became interested in
tennis, though it is not the Russian people, and an English lord, and a pair of
once even slashing at the golf course, which immediately affect his
Oh, and it was not easy to mold Yeltsin leader of the second and third
stages of "Calvary"! Especially stop us Burbulis his looks treacherous
Jesuit and the Sistine Chapel castrato voice (although the man and he was my man
sees Russia for a century or two ahead), it's too much revolved around
Yeltsin, not knowing that scares away fans. It helps
Michael Nikiforovich (Poltoranin) his gentle manners, love of the press and
unobtrusive anti-Semitism, which in any case is always
raises rating.

ORG. N 3487
Task Force on
Service object "A" and "B"

Failure to … XIX Party Conference and puff "Calvary" showed that
even the elite of our society astonishingly cowardly and indecisive. The story of the
Nina Andreyevna (she sent a letter criticizing the restructuring Ligachev in
who fell in love at the party conference, and look forward to engage with them
novel), when Ligachev almost overnight has not eliminated the publicity, to
death frightened chief editors of democratic orientation, and
dropped us back at the first stage of "Golgotha", shows that the
intellectuals — bearing adjustment — also much more cowardly than we
expected, and actually value their miserable existence.
All this leads us to adopt a series of measures to create a more active
democratic bloc, uniting intellectuals, since the 60s
contaminated with the ideas of "thaw", especially freedom of movement in the world
(Provided at public expense), and prepared by us in schools
KGB criminal circles, already have deployed violent activities in cooperatives and
Also held important recruitment in the media necessary for ideological
treatment population, television created destructive programs
"Look", "Before and After Midnight" and others, prepared leaders — Mitkova,
Gurney, Rostov, his liberated views of developing a sense of audience
irresponsibility and lack of discipline.
Inspired by the law for the punishment of those who do not give information to the media,
that, because this is cowardice elite, provides insight
even in the secret agencies. The whole company is the theme of PUBLICITY
(Note that this is — our invention, UV preferred slogan of freedom,
But he underestimated the people's love for a cloudy term).
Emphasis is placed on the fight against the privileges to the Boris
N. across Chazova briefed that the Kremlin hospital
its going to poison him, so that he went to the district health center,
changed his line to ride on public transport, as the waste
Alternatively, Yeltsin allocated money for the purchase of "Volga". Organized
car accident while in the saloon car Boris on
that basis, dismissed rumors of the attack, which produced Gorbachev.
The contradictions within the Communist Party brought to the limit, it is almost
completely demoralized and only exists because of indecision and
cowardice of the Democrats. For more aggravation of the political situation and
Gorbachev stepped up pressure on the group "Union" in the Supreme Council,
"Memory", the various nationalist organizations and the Liberal Democratic Party. (By the way,
Zhirinovsky has never been an agent, such as it is, we are not even close
kept off, protecting the purity of the banner. According to our data, it is the agent
"Mossad", whose task is to intimidate all Jews, not only here, but in
Europe and the United States and force them to go to Israel.)



Emergency Committee was provided in terms of "Calvary" and approved personally by Andropov
as a measure for the transition to the second stage. The implementation of this acute action
assigned to Kryuchkov, who was to invite the Chair
Boris Nikolayevich coup. "Volodya — excellent organizer — said YV —
but it has only the experience of suppression of the revolution (meaning Hungary
1956, where he worked with Ambassador Hooks Andropov) and no experience
coups. So please keep it under control or it will fill up all
business. "

And so it was, affected hardware School. Instead of
immediately offered the chairmanship of Yeltsin, who fell under the pressure of Hooks
panic in the rest of the coup started all shake down and agree with
Gorbachev. Here we are faced with an entirely new phenomenon: despite
sharp contradictions between the White House and the Kremlin, no one wanted to go to
conflict and to spoil relations with each other. Yeltsin himself said: "I think
If Gorbachev had to Yeltsin, he would have had to invent it … I
I will fight for Gorbachev. " However, according to the "Calvary", Gorbachev was no longer
In the days of August, none of my men did not sleep, we were running
between the Kremlin and the White House are out to sharpen their relationship.
Without false modesty, I want to acknowledge that I personally organized the main impetus
in the operation: Boris hoisted onto the tank and reminded him how
acted decisively Ilyich. Then Yeltsin coup and declared outside the law than
wildly all scared, and became master of the situation. Was a success and my second
move: I bet Boris Nikolayevich zhigulevskogo a box of beer (Western
brand, by the way, he can not stand — there's a lot of chemistry) that Gorbachev
dissolve the Communist Party — hence the pressure on Gorbachev Yeltsin
at the session of the Supreme Council, after the failure of the Emergency Committee, and, finally, his decree
banning of the Communist Party (he hoped, of course, get
his beer, but I told him rightly pointed breach of betting).


Y. came to Kolpachny already in very serious condition, refused
tea, apologized, and lay down on the couch.

— Something I'm not feeling well. Thank God, the plan of "Golgotha" I
signed, but let's be realistic: as any man, I can
wrong and wrong to predict. Moreover, I consider a silly
dogmatic implementation of each item "Golgotha", especially in the second and
The third phase, marked by chaos and unpredictability. However, I
it is clear that the conduct of the "wild" of reforms under Yeltsin should
assign to the intellectual, preferably in the face of Jewish
(After UV, despite his wisdom and unblinkered was
graduate of the old school, where the word "Jew" was considered not with the spirit
proletarian internationalism) or at least a person with razevsheysya
muzzle and with a bad name. Now I find it hard to name, but we have to
Fortunately, the mass bred SRI, there and look for a theorist of the pond there
a dozen, all burst of ambition. And it must begin reforms, and to find
the same team of nerds who have no practice. What is it for?
Any practice, of course, will reflect on the basis of their experience and
Theoretical — reckless, he grabbed a volume of Hayek or even John Stewart
Mill and tug is to implement it. Reforms need to be cruel to
against the people and radicalized. I advise you to read Jack London or
O'Henry — there are very nice gnaw each other's throats miners.
Intelligent we need for that then it was easier to turn against him
anger of the people who still can not stand people with hats and glasses. All this
required in the third and fourth stages, please keep these fellows
the death penalty, but the term given not less than ten years.
It is also necessary to dilute the theorists
pragmatic business executives to Krylov … Remember? "Once a swan
cancer yes pike … "Oh, they will build a rynochek that all vzvoyut of fright!

ORG. N 490
From the report of the agent group
Destabilize society

As a result of our efforts have been on the history of the Soviet Union
given up, and all developed countries to recognize the "deviation." Began
active renaming streets in Moscow and Leningrad (the return of canceled
names provided in the fourth stage), but this process, despite
our efforts, no support in the province. This is because
the people there are not enough educated, many believe that there is still in power
is Lenin, and do not understand why you need to demolish the monument to the leader.
We were not able to organize a public burning of books, Gorky
Mayakovsky and other socialist realists, we have decided not to take out of the mausoleum
Lenin's remains for burial in the Volkov cemetery, and developed a series of measures
including the bombing of the mausoleum, various abuse ashes,
that would result in a mass revolutionary state.
We have achieved great success on television with a wide
your presentations and American advertising that affects impoverished
people, such as red bull. According to our method dramatically
quickened use and the constant repetition of words such as freedom and
Democracy — as a result most of the population already believes these words
curses, "democrat in x .." was the most screwed expression.
Compromised as the concept of patriotism, which is now identified with
stagnation and even bullying, thanks to noisy performances Anpilova.
A regular on the television show large and petty criminals as
honest benefactors has required a devastating impact on
spiritual values that are still left in the population. Continues
promotion of the occult sciences, and speech Kashpirovsky Chumak, from India
we brought Krishna, are also invited and American preachers
adopted and other measures to sectarian breakdown of society. In the media
regularly by the inspiration of the company to the public that the only
values in life are money, a great help to us render currency
prostitute, telling the younger generation how to live. But
must admit that we were not able to fully break in television
bitingly pornography, particularly child sex, bestiality, necrophilia.



After the events of August, our task was to first of all
bringing the total population to poverty. Yuri underestimated
destructive talents of our economic theorists, almost two
year completed all items of the second stage, "Calvary" and no longer
need for a third stage, which began after the organic
signing Belovezhskaya agreements. It should be noted that they are not
provides for "Golgotha" because UV conceived of a new society in the
The Soviet Union.


Several times in our private conversations with Andropov, I spent
the idea of a possible collapse of the USSR, the wars in Central Asia and the Caucasus, the war
Russia and Ukraine over Crimea and Donbas, finally, a third world war
USSR from redrawing boundaries.

— Anything can happen, Michael P., — said Yu — We give in
"Calvary" the main areas and we can not only provide, but
I can not imagine that the new leaders would be so silly that
suited to the last step the most bloody methods. If we do not
to believe in people, we can not build a new society!
Still, Y. was a pure man and an idealist! But even I, with
all temptation in dirty business of espionage, he could not imagine the whole
swiftness we approach the final phase: free prices,
robbery of the population and the government and private companies, inflation,
endemic corruption, enrichment and theft under the slogan of combating
privileges, complete criminalization of the country — all of this, according to the "Calvary"
was to be realized over twenty years, we have exceeded the same
plan for success: already by 1993. Especially brilliantly performed
campaign against the privileges — as a result they became many times
more, which angered the people to the extreme.
In the "Calvary" of great importance was given to the growth of crime, our
The trouble was that in Russia, almost no large speculators
jail them all, but there were in excess of bullies and petty thieves.
In this regard, during the life of Andropov's KGB we created special schools
which thoroughly prepare qualified mafia, even taught them
foreign languages, so that their future cases throughout the globe.
We have established close contact combat with the CIA, which, at our request
quickly subdued all the countries of Eastern Europe, in general, all exterior
Events after Gorbachev managed to dispel fears among frightened
before the West developed very easily and were reduced to a simple formula:
"West crushes, and we give in" and at times a more spectacular formula: "We
give in, and the West does not understand why and it is lost. " Ideal figure for
a foreign policy was Andrei Kozyrev, however, he was so
subject to various mutually exclusive trends that we have not always been
confident of success, however, Kozyrev had excellent quality, he served
right and looked in the president's mouth, so the impact on him was conducted through
agents around the president.
At the same time, we were very much afraid that the new leaders at all
forget about statehood and accustom to this nation (of course the latter
stage?), and therefore have introduced "tactics vzbrykivaniya", ie sudden and
unjustifiable action against the West, in particular, our sales
the press has written much about the scandal in the Irish airport Shannon when
the president is not out of the plane for a meeting with the Irish prime minister.
Newsboys explained this well-known weakness of the president (I wrote that
it is fiction!), but in fact it was a well thought-out by us "aktivka":
with what is to become the president of a great power will come down to
meeting with some smelly Irish? In the end, he may himself
climb the ladder to the plane, small bump!
In the long-range strategic plan, our foreign policy was to
addition to using a wide infiltration abroad our mafia crooks and
simply suffering citizens force the West to erect a new "iron
Curtain ", perhaps even like the Berlin wall, but in length —
Chinese. Thus, the West would be signed in full all of its failure
democratic achievements and gave into our hands a serious political
victory, ensuring the triumph of a new socialism.
However, to be self-critical, there were mistakes. The event type
October events, with barricades, tanks and shooting the White House (on
"Calvary" provides the Kremlin), we expected to spend in front of the
transition to the fourth phase, ie use and provoke us
violation of the Constitution by the President and by the opposition as a robbery
reason for the defeat of both sides and the seizure of power. October events
surprised us, because at this time we are not prepared
agents for the new government. Naturally, our people regularly
informed us about the environment Rutskoi Khasbulatov Anpilov Barkashov and
others, stressing their rowdy and even gangster tendencies, most
part of the opposition also subsidized by us, the newspaper "Day" is excellent
fulfill its mandate to foment civil war. However, the
and had to pay extreme to another camp, in particular, newspapers
"News" and "Today."
At the same time, we came to the conclusion that the "irreconcilable opposition"
despite his unconscious tendency to socialism, is unlikely to become
our reliance on the final stage. Most of its leaders were inclined to
hysteria and hysteria, was wearing a lot of popularity is not clear what
form, which is very reminiscent of the carnival, the whole movement was covered
unnatural religious ecstasy, which is the last step,
certainly would have entered into conflict with our goals.
Particularly painful impression inability Rutskoi
implement bags with dirt, which we for him specially
lumped in the country, and for the cordon, however, and the Democratic Party
despite the introduction of its environment under the roof of General talented
organizer, former Secretary of the Bar Association of Jakubowski, also
was powerless in dealing with dirt.
Although the events of October 1993, and was a surprise for us,
we have connected to it at once. The first forecast of the political
situation in the event of coming to power Rutskoi clear that we can
get a version of the Gorbachev period, ie Operation "Golgotha" rollback
from the second to the first phase, which was not in our interest.
Since the higher ranks of the Ministry of Defence and is reluctant
did not want to interfere in the conflict, had a promise of reliable agents
Army chief figures at the dacha and three tanks for resale
abroad in hard currency. Actually, the famous meeting with Yeltsin
military everything was ready, but to little military secrecy
to debate this issue with the President, showing the alleged intransigence.
At the second stage, we are faced with a phenomenon that is not listed
in any of our expectations. In world practice, any government
doing everything in order to please the people, including, of course, and
demagogic promises. However, the Gaidar government and government
Chernomyrdin permanently cut the branch on which sat, and did everything possible to
ward off people, and the ridiculous attempts to stand in the church services with
mournfully tearful faces and candles in their hands, which was broadcast on
Television did not cause the population is nothing but a wild laughter. On the one
hand, it is easier for our actions to discredit the regime, on the other —
excessively boosted second stage and unnecessarily brings us closer to ending.


Y. at our last meeting in a quiet mansion in Kolpachny Lane
looked terrible, and I could not look at it without the inner pain.

— I do not want to give a clear definition of the new society, but I
it is clear that the crucial role it will play the bureaucracy. Lenin
at one time made a cardinal mistake by inventing "government scrapped
machine ", he simply did not understand the nature of the bureaucracy, which is ready to serve
anyone. Believe me, as soon as we proclaim slogans REDUCTION
STAFF and start market reforms, all government organizations, including
the army and the KGB, terribly frightened, and they will have resistance. No
will fall into error, explaining resistance ideological reasons,
— just one will be afraid to lose his seat. However, very soon
the unit will be the most loyal supporter of wild-capitalist regime,
increase a few times, feel the taste of bribery and generally arise
on political parties … — Andropov thought.
— I have some doubts, Yuri: Do we really need
in the new state political parties? We have successfully weaned population
USSR from policies that whether revive this voluble and helpless
Institute? And the parliament … remember, even Marx wrote that "the meeting
old women? "
— Some semblance of policy should be maintained, — said Yu —
At least for a decent look to the West. Overall, however, I
I agree with you: should manage smart and skilled unit, and not
talkers from the street … God, how I hate these talkers politicians. Believe
me, our Parliament will give myself some stupid name like "Veche"
(He did not guess) … I'm sorry, I'm not feeling well today. To
bye …
It was our last meeting.
So do not expect me to describe the reader transition plan
final stage — a New Socialism, I'm not going to do
disclosures in the style of generals or Kalugin Sudoplatov laws
conspiracy remained for me holy. I do not want to compete with
classics like Zamyatin's dystopia, Orwell and Kabakov — my task
implemented before the end of the "Calvary". Let me just say one thing: I write these lines of
secret bunker of the chief of President General A.Korzhakova very
good and, most importantly, a reliable person, we have just in Russian
celebrated dvenadtsatiletie plan "Calvary" and simultaneously occurring
decade of restructuring. Going on a trip to Chechnya.
The rest will find out later if you do not turn off the TV.
Mikhail Lyubimov.
Of memoir-novel

Letter N 1


"Lyubimov I know nothing!"

In the newspaper
"Top Secret"
from G.Starovoytovoy

Dear colleagues!

As a reader (and once was and the author) of the newspaper "SS" with
surprised to find in N 2 for 1995 Khlestakov M.Lyubimova chatter,
which blatantly lying, that gave me (and Popov and Bunich) "job
develop a revitalization project in the USSR of private property "(?) However, we
"At the last minute funk, fearing expulsion from the party."
Inform editorial that no M.Lyubimova I know I do not know, in his
Party (CPSU + KGB never was — and because I have no time to sue, the
it is better to publish my rebuttal in the next issue in an amicable way. In
According to the law on mass media.

ie 480-96-14

February 22, 95


Letter N 2


"Who told him that?"

In the newspaper
"Top Secret"

Dear edition!

It has long felt the need to say a part of the truth, which I
is known about the nature of events in our country in recent years, but I
did not believe that there is a publication that dares to publish my writing. To
decision to write for you pushed me excerpt from "Memoir-Novel"
M.Lyubimova published in your newspaper, "Top Secret» N 2 for 1995
But before we start talking on the merits, I will remind one story
that may have known you since she was at one time
quite a lot of publicity.
It seems that in the 70's was published one of the best novels
intelligence — "In August, forty-four …". Its author, novelist Vladimir
Bogomolov, used in it, among other things, and documents provided with
marked "Top Secret". They were so expressive in themselves,
that were perhaps the most interesting pages of the novel (at least
If, for us, the professionals).
They say that when Andropov read this book (Yu as
know, I read a lot and had a taste of this literature), he ordered
immediately find out who dared to allow the author to the top-secret
Dedicated people peresherstili everything, but not found guilty.
Have found, however, and the documents themselves. Then Andropov ordered that a
invited him to interview the author.
Meeting was held. Y. Bogomolov rattled off a lot of compliments,
praised the book, and then, as if by chance, he asked, and as, indeed, were
his hands on the texts of secret documents. Bogomolov said:
— I did not have any classified documents.
— As there was, if any, in your book?
— I invented them.
— That means — have come up? — Said the Chairman of the affected
— Very simple. Composed.
They say that Andropov was completely smitten and long laugh at himself
is known to all of us to his quiet but infectious laugh.
That was true: no no no documentation writer
commit. Those that were presented in the book, did not exist. But,
invented by the author, they were mercilessly like true.
And now — an excerpt from "Memoir-Novel" M.Lyubimova,
published in your newspaper.
Now a lot of hunters — especially among former high
KGB agents (and especially to those who, for various reasons, was at one
time "to stick" on one of the steps of career ladder or even a "let down"
with it) — with gusto expose security services, while carefully attributing
a "heroic deeds" swamping own crimes before
people and blaming them for your colleagues. Agree: simple
way of being branded "old fighters" against the regime and in the process make
a lot of money (I will not call names: they are on everyone's lips.)
M.Lyubimov, to his credit, published in this passage is not
engaged. To his story about what he Andropov ordered
develop a complicated operation on "restructuring", introduced in our country
"Wild capitalism" with a clever back to awaken people love
to "real socialism", the author refers to a sufficient degree
Of course, all that is written in the passage — fiction.
However, in some places of the course, openly mock
"Memoir-novel" (as he himself defined the genre of his "memoirs", providing
passage humorous photographs in which a professional is not easy to find
carefully crafted assembly), the author is so close to
righteousness, because I (as in the case of Andropov Bogomolov) is ready to exclaim, "Who
broke the oath? Who told him that? "
Fiction was involved on the truth. Moreover, I suspect — in
truth, unexpected for the author, because, to my knowledge, he did not
can directly know about it.
I do not know who is "at fault" in the fact that in some places was in Lyubimov
"Ten": whether intuition extraordinary intelligence, or some echoes
rumors that have come before him ("dead" because there are no secrets!), or
professional speculative logical construction of the possible versions of the
events that shook the world and our country, twisted inside out.
No wonder they say: information — mother intuition.
I can not ask this question to Lyubimov, although we are both good
know each other, because they have no right to discover their own
involvement in some "stories" about which it is in his "Calvary."
One thing I can say, this passage (and the fact that your newspaper
dared to print it) approved my belief that it is time
tell people the truth (to the extent possible, what seems to me) of
almost no one knows the secret background of some of the events
recent years.
I fully imagine that border policy, which is not
given a pass to people of my profession, even when the country is in
moral and physical ruin and it seems there are no barriers
for lawlessness — no official or moral.
But I start from the belief that one does not relieve a citizen
Great Russia, the responsibility for its future. That is why
I proceed to the description of the actual events of the recent past. If not
do it today, tomorrow will be too late, our history in general will
scraped out of consciousness, useless, and — most importantly! — Useless for
us and our descendants. Russia and so lost for many generations who have grown up
mankurts the wasteland of lies that surround us, and continues to surround.
The first part of my work I could give you for publication in the
an upcoming "Top Secret." And this is the letter you
free to publish or throw it in the basket, consider the introduction to her and
our conventional signal: if it appears in the pages of the next issue
your paper, I will assume that you are willing to consider my future
I do not link you to any obligations: our world is too cruel
and merciless. If I see my letter in your newspaper, I'll think about
another method of action. To you I will not have any claims.
Not looking for me. If you agree, I'll find a way
to tell you the manuscript.




Mikhail Lyubimov. On the brain

Judging from the letter to the editor, Galina Starovoitova read Gogol, and this
encouraging: it means that she knows that our great satirist loved to laugh and
rightly believed that laughter cleanses the soul of man and helps him live.
Same ability to laugh at himself — one of the characteristics
Russian national character, which is probably also known former
presidential adviser on national issues, in particular, and in Chechnya. A
the Sudan, which faces a rough tone "mother" of the Russian
democracy, this is like Pushkin sue Gogol — because
Khlestakov said he Pushkin on a friendly footing. However, the
community has missed the trials of art
products, new generation, brought up in our solar democracy,
do not remember the trial of Daniel and Sinyavsky when they thought they were soldered
book characters, not to mention the persecution under the hypocritical Zoshchenko
laments that "Gogol and Shchedrin we need."

In the same boat with Galina Starovoitova, ironically, were also
Many prominent KGB, indignant that I built a slander on the "authorities" do not
had, they say, the KGB of such plans, although honestly signaled impending turmoil.
It was emphasized that the KGB had other, equally important plans, but I
not one of them had no connection. Yuri Andropov, former member of the secretariat
expressly recognized that a plan for him, "Golgotha" did not pass. Some
Duma members, newspaper editors have started to painful to think this is true or
fiction, but the official protest in any case have decided not to express.
Frightened even experienced entrepreneurs, immediately decided to abandon
purchase their own homes in Russia and take the capital in the west to
expropriation in the final stage of the "Calvary". Marked and public
figures, frantically started looking for a "hand", podvignuvshih author on this evil
satire is a warning, and one famous and very nice actress called me
Carabas-Barabas, pulls the strings doll.
What's wrong with your brain, gentlemen, comrades? Can I
head of this dubious politics and security
the country? What to say to that? Appropriate, perhaps, the words of Prince Hamlet, "Get out
the monastery, Ophelia! "
Frankly, knowing one more feature of our national
character — credulity, especially the printed word, I deliberately made to
Text is extremely absurd passages, in addition, the artist consciously
his job so that you can see a photomontage. But this is not enough. Was
The photo is of the Wax Museum, which in the Middle Ages
tortured heretic water from the kettle, with the caption: "Training agents of influence in
KGB. " What could be next? According to the old Soviet habit for reinsurance decided
nevertheless indicate genre — memoir-novel, a mysterious word, but still
indicating fiction. It would seem, what else? Still, many
revised assured me that I did not know my own people, I underestimate
vanity and inflated many party activists and individuals,
looking at myself as if the gods, never occurred to me to take offense even entire
organizations, not to mention gullible individuals. So it
it! Even the official representative of FGC S.Bogdanov in a radio interview
noticed that the author needs a psychiatrist (seems to imply
"Nuthouse"). There was no need to kick from the clinic, comrades! By the way,
Psychiatrist needed for all of us, and there is nothing wrong, and if our
law enforcement agencies will not protect the country from the tyranny of the criminal, then
psychiatrist will not help.
The most incredible thing that the "Calvary" and gone for hardened
Journalists: the program of the Russian channel, "Do not cut down," commented
article in all seriousness (O God), and "Moskovskaya Pravda" like it is not
saw through the whole thing, even when you come to a passage about the most beautiful woman in Russia
Umalatova soot. Thank liberated "Vremechko" for providing
forum for the discussion of "Golgotha" and I hope that from now on all the suffering
citizens will blame their troubles — from sewage malfunction impoverished
and hemorrhoids — the author, who demand: it is he is the main
performer "Calvary." Finally, it was found responsible for all of our
misery! Masterminds of the current Russian domestic and foreign policy
can rest on our laurels — the place of execution does not lead them, and me!
About time! O mores! "On all sides of his curse, and only when he saw his dead body,
how much did he understand, and how he loved, hated. "
So really, I wrote all this in order to amuse and readers
and yourself? Of course not! Let me explain.
I sincerely supported and perestroika and Gorbachev, and
Yeltsin, I thought that in August 1991, and the complete collapse of totalitarianism will
happy starting point for a new, free Russia. I still believe
that without freedom and democracy, the life of our state is inconceivable. But only
what kind of democracy? What is freedom? Alas, after the events of my
completely dispelled illusions: I'm amazed reigning tyranny and
injustice, depresses me most impoverished compatriots in
I hate calls and mafia gang of crooks who are masters of life.
All the political life of the country seems to me a huge circus, where there is no
space for people and where everyone is busy only. Someone "strengthens" its
political situation, someone in the mythical surveys and rankings
moved from fifth to tenth, and vice versa, and who, interestingly, all
cares, except themselves?
Disappeared from politics moral principle, which at one time
played an important role in Gorbachev and Yeltsin, all turned into a farce,
the fight scorpions in a bottle, not knowing compromise. I almost do not see fair
politicians, I rarely see decent people — alone hungry snout in
trough, tearing salaries, apartments, cottages. It is all like a bad dream, a delusion
That's what I wrote and gave this form of "hands KGB" and plan
"Calvary" for the reason that organic can not stand the theory of "hands" — whether
hands of the KGB, Mossad or the CIA. I have worked in intelligence for more than twenty years, I
know the strength and weakness of our own, and other intelligence agencies, and I am convinced of one thing: we do not
island of Fiji, as the largest country in the world, and no secret service spy in
including their own, are unable to direct the course of history of our
country. Where in Russia the damn blind belief in conspiracies and "hand"? Why
simplify things we crave? Why do we forget that our lives — in our
hands that we are primarily responsible for themselves?
So why all the matter in our country, is a classic
Chernomyrdin expression, "not the way you want, but as always"? That
it? Dispensation? Nemesis of former power built
largely on violence? The price paid for the occupation of the Baltic States and Eastern Europe?
For being silent when Stalin destroyed the peasants and arranged
processes? Or just any people, sooner or later the hour of sunset?
If I could answer these questions! If … I'm just looking
in our political circus, I'm looking at the arena of the children of the Fatherland, power-hungry
not for the money or for the sake of power, ready to give us something to sacrifice for
people. I look at this circus, I look like rushing on stage and something
shout clowns, and, like a funny firecrackers, gunshots heard — and suddenly
settles on the dirty floor staircase, covered with blood, Vlad leaves, I suddenly
see the torn fragments of young people in Chechnya — no, this is not a game, it is not
cranberry juice, but a real human blood!
I thank the vast majority of our readers, who assimilated
my satire with Homeric laughter. Thank you for saving sense
I apologize to those honest people who are misled
my dystopia, I ask you: be careful! Do not be gullible! Not for
mountains choices — learn to distinguish the demagogues of moral people! Chase
who you hang noodles on the ears! Let win in politics honesty!
A circus all cackles and dancing clowns, and bloodshed, and not seen
to this end …


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