Mikhail Zadornov: National transparent scam

Mikhail ZadornovElections are for residents of Russia, the game sort of fun … horse races. "Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, for your favorites!"
Several cities have tried to open the underground betting to put candidates on how the horses. The idea, however, failed. First, it was not enough willing to bet on different candidates. Call to vote for Zhirinovsky or Prokhorov, we see that they win — is simple: do not risk your money. And if you bet — another topic! Here everyone is willing to put … for Putin! Only it has a chance to really make money. And what kind of tote, when all clients are placed on a horse? I think: if the tote in a large offer to play by the applicants, that they, too, put on Putin. One thing to lose the election, and another thing — their own grandmother.

However, for the first time in many years, I decided to go to the polls. Overheated with all our people, who had long been the people, and the electorate. For whom I will vote for? Still do not know … I bet with myself.
Prokhorov? Undoubtedly, a person gifted. Incredible physical strength. Never seen a layman so powerfully played tennis even with professionals. Its supply can be taken only by accident. A trail, always in great shape. Smart, not overeat … The muscles in his so strong, that, apparently, is why he never smiles. They pull together a smile. In business, undeniably talented. And that never smiles, is good too — so serious man. Not up to hihanek hahankami. Foreign-language speaking different. Height of 2 meters or more. If it comes to power, it will be on in the world to write: "We have arrived honored guest!" And it will be a "medical" truth. And it's funny, when "the distinguished guest" call someone like Berlusconi and Sarkozy …
Among the officials decided to embrace, kiss when they met, and the growth of most of them — you know. After the inauguration, they will all have to kiss … Prokhorov in the navel! Already for this can give him his voice, like with my own eyes to see.
And the Kremlin will be more fun! Girls, who drove in Courchevel, Prokhorov will score in his administration. All secretaries, waitresses, cleaners, poloterki, dishwashers, oknomoyki-vindouvoshingi and other outsourced housekeeping will be drawn exclusively from the models.
What is it advantages? Not married! It would not be the first lady, which will indicate what to do and how to manage the power. His wife will be Russia! A pervyhledey will be many! But all will obey the master. Otherwise not take in Courchevel!
And when he goes to the negotiations in Europe and in the U.S., we will be proud of him, "Our something out which shows! That at a hockey game that demonstration — see everywhere. " True, many presidents hate it. Imagine, photographed together … Sarkozy and Prokhorov? Three Sarkozy, one Prokhorov!
What else is in favor of Michael? Our power will be a powerful joint-stock company with one shareholder at the head — Prokhorov. However, we are not afraid: we are already living in such an enterprise — just as the other shareholder.
Of course, their own people will treat Prokhorov capitalist in a capitalist / by Marx and Engels / as the proletariat. A proletariatsostavlyayut those who always flies by. But in our time, this attitude to people — little things, and they have no meaning. Besides, the other options we have long nobody offered.
So Prokhorov — a very good candidate for president! We will have a E-president at the head of E-Power.
Or is it for Mironov? Geologist! Romantic. Intelligent man. Love poetry. Travel. I do not know how he got to the top? Which geological expedition threw him to the Kremlin? What gems he discovered? Their program correctly built, "Do not steal!" Like, if money at all enough. "Free medical care! Where to get the money? Do not steal! "" Free education! Which shisha? Do not steal! "And so on … I have a question, he believes in what he says? If so, it means that remained geologist romantic!
One such visionary Kremlin president hired last four years worked. All-corruption fight. With theft. And the result, by the way, has made! He managed to completely defeat corruption … in Cop series on NTV! There, as nowhere else, cops and police, inspired by portraits of Medvedev in their offices, to kill all the werewolves! And the truth triumphed. So the advice to our people, the electorate one: if you want to live in a just society, where there are many good people — do not get out of the series NTV!
As such visionaries across all political and bureaucratic filters up leaking? After all, talent is no time for politics, and in politics — for talent.
In general, Mironov clearly decent man, and vote for him it is even possible.
Perhaps, after all Zhirinovsky!? However, on him I harbored resentment. Bread selects! Neither «Comedy club», or even "ProjectorParisHilton" such envy not cause. Zhirinovsky — a real wit! Genius! When playing on the television, my husband calls his wife from the kitchen: "Come here, Zhirinovsky on TV!" Of course, youth programs witty, funny, but these young wits are good only for a short distance. Jokers-sprinters. Topic not long hold. Gushed a joke all laughed, and then thought does not develop. Zhirinovsky stayer of stayers! He thought never ends. It is infinite as the universe, and in both time and space. So many years on stage and screen — and always the highest ratings. Genius!
As he recently "ProjectorParisHilton" dealt with those who indulged in mock any stars, even foreign. None of them gave vyaknut. One Urgant managed anything on the case insert, but also a very dotted. Zhirik thoughts are always fresh, it is always subject tsapanet from an unexpected quarter. What is most unexpected in our time? It is true! He does not hesitate to speak the truth! But of course, when he does not get paid to do what he says. But more importantly, it is always on garlic — in person — cut plain truth: who is who. If he becomes president, talk about political correctness in the world have to stop! Blacks will again be called negroes, and the Russians over Russian. And he was right! What is the "Russians"? Then it let's say there Russian Russian, etotrossiyanin Tatar, Turkmen and he humiliated … Most people in Russia today — is Russian. They are the least allowed. Once russkiynazovet himself Russian, his name-calling is a Russophile. Defenders rushing at him that way hog and Novodvorskaya. And this is also Zhirik rights: Human rights defenders in Russia has always been of the traitors.
Officials generally seek to sell the most expensive ever, that is the country!
And so this ministervshe Clinton our Zhirinovsky, tochnyak should he become president, all express what she deserves: about lesbianism, and about how her husband has finished, that he even forgot about the saxophone, and about her silicone Organon, and about greed, and the fact that only nedolyublennosti zasilikonennye emancipated woman because of an inferiority complex in front of the guys full — such as our Zhirinovsky — can play off each other in countries and rejoice.
I remember being in Riga during the NATO press conference Zhirik jumped to the podium and publicly stated that such countries as Latvia, and there can not be. The President of Latvia cheeks were sunken, his face wrinkled, and it became like a muzzle pei, who was given podzhopnik.
If Zhirinovsky will be president, oh, how many witnesses podzadnikov we will! Should not only for this vote for him?
In short, we take Zhirinovsky, we will not be president, but chieftain! Imagine, in Belarus — dad, Ukraine — Hetman, in Russia — Ataman! Slavs again invincible!
But Zyuganov also done: read a book with his jokes — wonderful! No vulgarity, no vulgarity … the true communist approach! Censor myself!
By the way, the one who always says on the subject, specifically. Figures are: who, whom, when and for how much. Slogans as Prokhorov, is not limited to, such as: "Demand for more!" What more? Who calls? Zyuganov program clear, paragraph by paragraph, as in our glorious Soviet past. Without image-makers, Outsourcing, PR managers …
And most importantly — he is not afraid to speak loudly proclaim all he thinks about the main. No, not about Putin. About education! Immediately lift in such a CSE. It makes young people egeneratov. For this is necessary to support it. And still going to pay the rent decrease, electricity, water, gas, free to do … what expense? It all away to those who have the people at the time selected fields, rivers and forests.
What else is in his favor saying? No one is rude! Do not offend. Everyone is smiling. Open smile — even smiley with her draw. The only wonder how he wants all hydropower, thermal power plants, railway and other GDP in today's capitalists away? In these the Wolf? To do this, you have to be the Wolf himself, and not a "smiley face."
I believe that in communist pariah has a very serious flaw: too many decent people. Not thieves! For our time and for the Russian authorities is unacceptable liberties. How did they come to power, will be running the country? He also did not give anyone the reins. In Russia, the president without reins, the driver on the "Porsche" without a rudder. What is the result if in the hands of the Communists would one philosophy? Again queues in shops? In dental offices noisy drill drills with a shudder, and all the people with gold teeth so cement seals? All mouths are sealed. Although they already have filled. Putin's TV production team tried worse than any dentists primarily mouths sealed.
Perhaps, however, I was wrong. Maybe our Communists in store and overlooked some gold party. If they do not hide so that in the future will never be found.
However, maybe this is not necessary. Communists, too, brought up to date in recent years. Just look at their campaign. Learned to use billboards and PR … Looks like they got their communist image makers. At the same billboards Zyuganov different right tie: the one in the tie colors of the flag of the communist, the other — a Russian, and the third — in a suit holding a consulting manager like … I mean for all tastes! And Gennady energetically began to speak, feel, forces for the elections mustered serious. Prepared, my health was doing something even younger …
I think you can completely trust someone who today learned to use PR and smiley at the same time.
Finally, in my opinion, Gennady only candidate who is not afraid that he is elected, and then he will have to answer for everything. Maybe it really remembers where buried gold party.
In short, a very, very worthy candidate. If it was not our main contender, he would have almost certainly a chance.
And now the main …
Also do not miss! Bast not slurp soup, consomme — sneakers, minestrone — Treads …
Seen his performance in "Luzhniki". Wow! As all lit: "We love Russia?" And all who in the stadium, a choir, a Soviet party members at the XX Congress of the CPSU, "Yes! Yes! Yes, "" And we win? "And in response to an even more furious," Yes! Yes! Yes "Basileus Justinian as on the racetrack in Constantinople in the 6th century spoke to rebellious class Okhlamanov.
How many in this country still schmuck-zombiusov! Who will win? If only one asked this question. Who calls win our next president? If we do not know who he calls win, then how to ask him: we won that someone or not? I remember because at the time Gorbachev said: "We will live well!" And kept his word. He did not speak to the people, "You will live well!" So that does not accuse him of anything.
Generally Putin, of course, young man. Soldier! The Americans to it, for sure, threatened, saying that you will not listen to us, you will arrange a goat named memory Gaddafi! Tried, feeling much dissatisfied, even rallies to encourage. But not on a narwhal. The KGB systems thinking is not taught tseerushnye managers, and the Soviet "Die Hard." Only our can roll up this topic so that even genuinely dissatisfied and those lost. First meeting of the rebels, then rally against the rebels, parallel rally in support of those who are against disgruntled and rally in support of satisfied dissatisfied … Population Perplexed! Where to go to sincerely express my outrage? Yes, someone in the administration on top of the money to organize the traditional Gazprom fierce Russian winters! But the Americans had something to defend himself, because some of their denzhonki hapanul and the revolution failed. Here are frost and justified. Like, you would do your in such cold weather in Russia to arrange mink revolution? Yes, and boutiques around the Swamp area faced a "revolution" stuffed with such cool products that amerikosskie money in exactly occurred.
Only we could arrange meetings in defense of fraudulent rigged election.
Of course, Putin's campaign admires. Every day in the news, he saves someone, someone help … As hospitals go, checks if there is electricity in homes, if not obsolete gas pipes, communicating with retirees, veterans promises a bright future … Finally, waited for our veterans hope its bright future.
"News" on Channel turned into a reality show called "Who else is now saved, and who helped Putin?". In "Best TV program" should win this year's "Straight talk with Putin!" First prize Taffy only him! That was, after all, what normal car to buy instead of "Field".
And how do you this screensaver-Toon? Putin — the galley-slave named "Russia"? Here's a single "slave" to inject our country and the rest … well adrift. However, the rower — a very accurate image. Really so hard rowing, and, mind you, in which direction? To yourself!
Kremlin plankton in all joined in the campaign for his master, a "king-father"! One said that thanks to Putin in Russia was a good average salary per person -6000 dollars. This he splyusoval earnings of our oligarchs neftegrebov-edinososov with earnings of teachers, doctors, workers … and brought the average wage! As in the old Soviet joke, my "we have a good salary, but small!"
And one came to the point that the main takers in the country — including doctors and teachers, and they must be fought. It only remains to add that the principal owners of the property — the old woman in the slums.
And all these putinovoditeli the same tune: "The main thing — stability! It can only provide Putin! "That's right. The oligarchs will continue stabilnograbit people. Prices will grow steadily. TV — consistently drive smurnyatinu. Viewers will watch it steadily and consistently spit that nothing to watch. We will consistently suggest that we have a stable freedom of speech, and the stable will not add that freedom we only concerns obscene words. And this is the word we are … stable!
Another one of the Kremlin's "plankton", not even the fear of Putin's eyes told him, "Just because of you, Vladimir Vladimirovich., Russia now developing. (And Putin is an insult endured resist.'s What willpower. Well he did …) And the "plankton" continued: "You are always helping someone, someone saving … As if you have neither the ministry nor helpers! "It remains only to add that soon Putin himself with a wrench will go from door to door, pull the pipes to toilets, no one flowed. Rower to work!
Apparently, Vladimir Vladimirovich liked this idea, and he said in his interview to the people recently complained to his officials, they say, they are very simple people behave disgracefully and not respected. Well done! The present government should be able to complain to the people of his subordinates. How else to deal with them? What to do with them? If the chain of command — our pillory!
But we believe that if Putin will choose, it's all changed. He will certainly expel them all: and Golikov and nafursivshih and Skrynnikov and Serdyukov, and laurel and naebulinyh! And with the world potreblyaTstva is finished!
In short, the people, the majority of the electorate happy. Thanks riots he now made his way to the owner, to get through to him. And the owner, as it is now fashionable to say, people … heard!
On one TV channel film "Yaroslav the Wise" shows the opposite — "Primary Russia" … On February 23, a decent singing songs from the stage, even the "Sevastopol waltz" remembered. Pop inserted doses, as if injected homeopathically to unnecessarily irritate the military, yet through commercialism, the electorate.
What does it all mean? The owner was really easy!
A fear of new rallies on Bolotnaya more power does not make sense. Well, pay back the American "RC" some rebel leaders to the organizers, the organization of new unrest. I think this time the Americans advance calculate day not frosty, sunny … And our authorities in advance about the Swamp area as open new boutiques that just loot the American Revolution and the organizers will fit. And the goods will be delivered special. After the riots, like all of us, from the world of today potreblyaTstva. And therefore to deal with them is easy.
And as transparent ballot boxes, I would still like to add. Before the election was an all-Russian scam. Will now be an all-Russian transparent scam.
In general, the right of the people asked each other:
— You will go to the polls Putin?
So go ahead, my friends, in Putin's elections, voting is not for him!
PS In Europe recently snowed. Europe in a panic. Hit real Russian frosts! Weaklings! That they have not yet been genuine Russian elections!

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