Military confrontation grows

Military confrontation grows

Forecast, which is published in its pages a popular science weekly New Scientist, looks very scary. The publication reports that the global warming that is observed today in the world, leads to a shift of its axis. This creates the risk that our native land de facto sdernet hinges.

The researchers found that the increase in average temperature of the planet is heating of the waters of the world ocean and the warm water greatly increases the inclination of the axis of rotation of the Earth. At this point the process of displacement is not as significant: about 1.5 centimeters per year. But no one can predict what will happen to society in the coming years. Especially, on the nose "curse" Maya 2012.

It is currently known that the displacement of the axis of rotation of the planet occurred repeatedly. This is confirmed by numerous historical sources, as well as the extant writings of Herodotus and Plutarch. "Four times during this time the light was rising suprotiv his habit — broadcast Herodotus Egyptian priests — twice it was rising, where now sits, and twice going down, where now rises."

In astronomical tables, which come to us from the Middle Ages, it is indicated that Babylon was located much further north than the place where the ruins of the city today. It turns out that until recently, the offset axis of the North Pole was located in the 600-th north latitude, 300 is now located to the south pole. It is assumed that the earth's axis went from his normal place during the World Flood.

What, then, could be a natural disaster scenario? According to geophysicists, possible that will increase the number of earthquakes and tsunamis in the Pacific and Indian oceans, volcanic eruptions. As a result of volcanic emissions of gas and ash may well lead to the onset of the "nuclear winter": will be dark and cold. Earth's surface will fall and rise — go in waves. World Ocean goes out of its banks and flooded all that will be on his way.

However, it is worth recalling that, due to the earthquake in south-east Asia in 2004, the axis of the planet, according to the results of measurements of geophysicists, moved by 3 cm. As a result, the speed of the Earth's daily turnover has increased, decreased themselves day by 3 microseconds. And the apocalypse did not happen. Can, and the current breakdown in the Earth's natural mechanisms to anything serious will not?

A new threat — a secret geophysical weapon HAARP?

As is known, in 1997, on the peninsula of Alaska USA have commissioned a secret radio-electronic system with powerful radiating installation HAARP. According to the Pentagon, officially, is a scientific research station. However, the civilian scientists on its territory are not allowed, and there is overwhelming evidence that the Americans were able to create the first geophysical weapons capacity of more than 3.5 million watts. 180 antennas, which are aimed at the zenith on the general area of 13 hectares, allow heating of the ionosphere to the formation of high-temperature plasma.

Creator of Bernard Estlund acknowledges that with the support of HAARP is possible to change the wind rose to influence the weather. Military experts in the late 90's. last century, warned that the use of HAARP allowed unanticipated reactions of the magnetic field of the Earth, until the change of the existing poles. Perhaps due to the recent alarming reports, HAARP has already started its influence on the axle?

Now in the world there are three similar objects. One, the above-mentioned, in Alaska, 2nd in Norway, Tromsø, and the third — "Sarah" — is in Russia. Complex "Sura" comparable in strength to the overseas HAARP and is located in the central part of Russia, about 150 km from Nizhny Novgorod, it is on balance Radiophysical Research University. Today, however, funding for "Sura" in comparison with the American program is much more modest.

And most of all, each of these objects is automatic sliding doors. Since it is quite a wise decision — installation of gates of this type.

At this time, the U.S. is putting into operation the third, especially a strong emitter in Greenland, which will enable to exercise influence on the entire territory from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Scientists from around the world indicate that there is some argument, according to which the weather is impossible to manage, because it is formed by the strong energy processes in the dense layers of the Earth's atmosphere in a layer up to a height of 10 kilometers, and the ionosphere is located at an altitude of over 100 kilometers. However, note that a thorough study in the majority in the United States today is funded, usually military department, given that the research findings will be in the foreseeable future for the defense have not illusory and the real value. Accordingly, all the processes that are practiced on them in the future, may be used for military purposes.

An interesting fact is indirect preparation for future weather war — the actual working out a plan to create special units in the United States Army for rapid deployment in a variety of natural disasters.

Based on this, there are open-minded reason to believe that a possible military conflict XXI century will be accompanied not only by conducting combat operations using WMD, missiles, tanks, precision weapons, planes, ships, etc., but also the climate weapon to influence , including on climate globally.

Considering such prospects, there is a need to pay attention to the management of the system of military-political processes in the philosophical values of the powerful elite. 1st and 2nd World Wars were the result of not only the acute rivalry between the world's imperialist powers for sources of energy and the formation of government. There is a new consumer, far from the philosophy of the ideology which was based, inter alia, on the premise that once formulated Nietzsche that "God died" and, consequently, there is no truthful value targets in the modern world. Utilitarian results homologous denying the obvious religious and philosophical dimension of social processes, including in the military-political structures are known.

There is concern with the emergence of new political-military challenges for the near future of Russia, the future of the world and the whole of life on the planet. Apparently, there must be some new diverse and unconventional steps, additional steps to ensure national security and, most importantly international stability, from the experience of the twentieth century and the beginning of the XXI century has shown the validity of the most devastating ways to solve conflicts and warfare. Must be considered that it was predominating today militarily the United States has political and psychological experience of combat use of nuclear weapons in the XX century, and hence can go and use the inevitable new forms and methods of war, when it will be, in their opinion, meet "pragmatic" interests.

The emergence of the Black Sea Navy battle cruiser "Monterey", which is installed on board the missile system "Aegis", through participation in the Ukrainian-NATO exercises "Sea Breeze-2011" actualized to neighboring Russia, the question how to ensure its national security in the twenty-first century, including the space of the former Soviet Union. Serious challenge to security and frank are fundamental differences existing today on the future architecture of the European missile defense between NATO and Russia. According to Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, the meeting of the NATO-Russia Council, which was held on June 8 in Brussels and did not allow the parties to reach a unanimous verdict on missile defense. Russia proposes to do with NATO and the U.S. system, based on the thesis of the regional distribution of the responsibility of States in certain sectors of missile defense, while the leadership of NATO rejects Russian approach, justifying its position that the military alliance is responsible for the safety and security of its members . NATO for its part offers Russia to build two independent and powerful defense system and to exchange strategic information that, in the words of the Secretary-General of the alliance, Anders Rasmussen, will allow a more effective way to protect the territory of both Russia and NATO.

Cruiser "Monterey" was sent to the waters of European waters as part of the preparatory phase approach of the U.S. administration to the formation of the European segment of the universal defense. 1st phase of the program begins with a placement in the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean Seas of transoceanic ships are to pursue the protection of Southern Europe and the hypothetical unwarranted missile threats. The official version of the U.S. government, they can also be sent to the Black Sea in an emergency, for example, an exacerbation of the situation in the region. In these circumstances, the Russian Foreign Ministry in its comments on June 12, this year poses valid questions: when it comes to ordinary "visit" at the border with Russia Maritime region, why it was chosen for the battle ship is similar to option arms ? And what role was played by the antimissile "Monterey" scenario exercises "Sea Breeze — 2011", during which the testing of "anti-piracy operation in NATO?"

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