Military Secret: Russian Nostradamus. Forecast General Moshkova. How to change the world?

December 5, 2012 4:02

He foresaw Valentine Moshkov. The name of General Valentin Moshkova, a full member of the Russian Geographical Society and coordinator of the Society of Archaeology, History and Ethnography at the University of Kazan, was not included in the encyclopaedia … Many of his works were known only to a narrow circle of local historians and ethnographers. Such are the "Materials for the Study of the Gagauz dialect of Turkic language," "Scythians and Thracians their fellow", "Materials for the characterization of musical creativity natives of the Volga-Kama region", "Permian-Karelian parallel" and several others.

A special place in the artistic heritage in general is published 1907-1910 in Warsaw's fundamental study "A new theory of the origin of man and his degeneration composed filed zoology, geology, archeology, anthropology, ethnology, history, and statistics." General it is largely managed to predict the fate of our country.

Valentin followed that all the great and small states and nations make "a continuous cycle of revolutions," which he described as "a historical cycle." Each cycle of all nations without exception lasts exactly 400 years. Every 400 years of its history, the people return to the same, where I started, thought Moshkov.

In turn, the four centuries of the series he calls, respectively, gold, silver, copper and iron. And the cycle is divided into two halves of two hundred and went to the first — upward, dominated by the "progonizm" that is, the desire for "a higher type," and the second — a downward, or "atavistic."

In the first half of the 400-year cycle, "the state is growing and gaining strength at the end of the year 200 reaches its greatest prosperity, and so this year could be called the" top lift ", and in the second half it to decline until it reaches the end of its cycle peak . Then begins the first four centuries of the new rising half cycle. "

But that's not all, because every age is divided into two half-century of 50 years, characterized by its own character. The first half marked the decline of the other half — the rise, with the exception of the Iron Age, representing the "continuous decline".

Thus, the scheme Moshkova, each historical cycle of 400 years of ups and downs constantly alternate and last no more than 50 years.

The beginning of the first Russian general this cycle took 812 years, when the leaders of glades, Ilmen Slavs Radimichi, Krivichy and other allied tribes, uniting their lands in the first Old Slavic state — Kievan Rus. It turns out that the baptism of Russia had the second, progressive, half of the Silver Age.

Batu invaded our country in the first, decadence, the golden age of the second half of the 400-year cycle. On the field of Kulikovo Russian troops went to fight in the second half of the Silver Age. Romanov dynasty reigned at the beginning of the golden age of the third cycle, after the end of this second Iron Age troubled times. But Napoleon's invasion happened in the year "top lift" of the third is not complete cycle. Indeed, the Russian army and the people in the year have revealed a great upsurge of spiritual forces, and soon the army of Alexander the Blessed stood near Paris.

Historical cycles Moshkova can try to apply to other countries. For example, the United States. There's a reference point wise to take in 1776 — the time the proclamation of the "Declaration of Independence". America's political weight in the international arena after continuously increasing. The Second World War, which brought the U.S. capital unprecedented dividends, in this case falls on the upward half of the Silver Age. In the 70's of last century, the U.S. economy has reached exorbitant peaks, because the country is at the crest of the rise. But now many political analysts expect "decline of America."

Moshkova theory is interesting and that it allows to make predictions. In 1910, the prospects of developments in the Russian general, said: "In two years, that is, in 1912, we are entering the Age of Iron. For the nearest time we can predict with high probability: the constant rise in the price of basic necessities and in particular provisions, which will increase each year. As a result of his subsequent breakdown of the entire financial system and the debt of all sectors of society, especially urban residents, and the intelligentsia.

Industrial and commercial institutions will bankrupt one after another and stop their activities or go to foreigners. As a result of such events will begin a hunger strike, particularly among the urban poor. Despite help from the government and charity, many people will die from hunger and from the epidemics that often accompany hunger. A hungry mob, driven to despair by the Government and not by any of the people, and the fatal process of degeneration will seek alleged perpetrators of his misfortune and find them in government, the wealthy classes of the population and the Jews in the western region. Start riots, beatings wealthy and powerful people, and pogroms. Province, inhabited by aliens, take advantage of this confusion and will raise it here and there, the banner of revolt, but all attempts to violate the integrity of the state will not have success. "

Needless to say, that very soon all the predictions Moshkova become reality. There were also food riots, unrest and class, and Jewish pogroms and riots suburbs. It comes even before the Revolution and the Civil War. Said in its predictions about Valentin and external threats. And already in the first half of the XX century in Russia will fall two world wars.

Looking into the second half of the century, the general wrote: "In order are being selfless love to the government replaced love or attachment to the person of the ruler. This latter gives turn indifference. Next is to be first to the personal hatred of the government, and then to the government in general, coupled with the overwhelming desire to destroy it … Hate in this case is also a matter of instinct and not reason, as love in the ascent. "

Moshkov depicts the degradation of culture and art, "the study of science is reduced to mindless memorization wisdom of former times, and to the pursuit of Diplomas leading advantage in the struggle for existence … In the area of literary break as something new decadence and pornography. Hunting for reading disappears … Many pursuit of pleasure is the sole purpose of life. People become susceptible to all kinds of games, especially gambling, indulge in drunkenness, the use of various drugs, revelry and debauchery. Honesty … people disappear, lies and deception are virtues. Property near excites envy except the desire to take away. To indulge in extortion, blackmail, fraud, theft, and, finally, just robbery. "

Most, perhaps, interesting, lies in the fact that General Moshkov foresaw all this with the help of divination by the Tarot, not by contemplation of visions of the future in a basin of water and did not even get through the revelation of the higher powers. His prophecies he made on the basis of a detailed analysis of the objectively existing historical reality, writes

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