Minsk hide victims of terrorist attacks

Today will be buried 8 of the 12 victims of the terrorist attack on the station, "October" Minsk metro. The official mourning in Minsk over, but the concerts, entertainment programs canceled before the end of the week, and people continue to bring flowers and candles to the entrance to the metro station "October", which resumed operation.

Today, most of the victims will be buried Minsk terrorist attack — 8 people. Funeral ceremony will be held at the Northern Cemetery Minsk, Kolodishchi and Atolino, near Minsk, and in Luban, Pukhovichi areas and the old road. Yesterday, four people were buried. Thus today completed the funeral of victims of the terrorist attack.

Regarding the state of those who survived, but was badly damaged, then the information on the previous evening, hospitals continue to be 167 people, including in critical condition — 26. Yesterday from Minsk hospitals discharged 12 people, including two wounded Russian citizen. In all, the attack suffered eight foreigners.

Yesterday Alexander Lukashenko said the disclosure attack and the arrest of the suspects.

In the evening, it was reported that at present three suspects: a direct executor of the terrorist attack and the two individuals, the degree of participation are to be seen. These young people working professions, they belong to some organizations is unknown. They allegedly confessed to involvement in the bombings in 2005 in Vitebsk and Minsk in 2008. Chairman of the Belarusian KGB Vadim Zaytsev said that the intelligence agencies did not have just 3 days to arrest them on charges of terrorist attack July 4, 2008, and that after the explosion in the subway, they set out to make new crimes, which would allow them to avoid arrest. As for the motives of the these people, then head of the KGB at the evening briefing could not say anything, just repeated the thesis of some unbridled ambition of one of the suspects. According to him, the suspects are not some superprafesiyanalami, but April 11 was used too rare type of explosive, which is the only two countries in the world, having received it via the Internet. And the Attorney General Grigory Vasilevich stated that the criminal case will soon arrested for the attack to the court.

Alexander Lukashenko yesterday ordered law enforcement agencies to "engage and interrogate the" opposition politicians who spoke of the attack.

Nothing about questioning the opposition for their comments on the terrorist attack is not known. But the intensified campaign antyapazytsyynaya in state media, which opponents of the government blamed for their comments on the terrorist attack. However, at the same time the chairman of the Council of the Republic Anatoly Rubinov and said that there is no stripping of the political field will not be that Lukashenko is not understood.

However, from the mouth of the Attorney General Grigory Vasilevich There were specific threat and to independent media — the author of publications on the subject of tendentious attack he threatened to administrative and even criminal liability. As those who sow panic in the society by reporting false attacks. According to the Secretary of the Security Council Leonid Maltsev, three of these distributors have detained the day before rumors.

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