Minus Russia plus China America

Minus Russia plus China America
Conflicting news on the current topic of China and Russia in the last days were filled with media. Some analysts, including the professorial ranks, convinced that after 20 years, China will become so massive that our motherland and the United States will create a strategic alliance against him. Other experts, including from the IMF are convinced that China and Our homeland has exhausted its model of economic growth. Still others believe that Chinese and Russian trend — just growth. Fourth convinced not America, and China and Russia are already doing an alliance whose purpose — to keep under control the APR. So controversial, «History of the Future,» as would the writer Wilson, leads to certain reflections, which are the main terms of Beijing and Moscow. But the United States seems to be taken out for braces … wonder at the APEC summit dominant force was China, with a keynote speech, Xi did not even deign to mention Barack Obama.

In nedavneshnem review of Western newspapers «Interpress» cited arguments correspondent «Le Figaro» Arnaud Rodier. He believes that the «star of the summit» became Chairman Xi Jinping. And that’s what Comrade Xi said: «China can not develop in isolation from the Asia-Pacific region, and the region can not prosper without China.»

It would add, not that other, as a clear claim to leadership.

«The New York Times» takes the material a bit softer. «Lack Obama made China a dominant force at the APEC summit» — the newspaper.

Meanwhile, Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech on the theme of China’s economic restructuring and the importance of partnership Asia-Pacific region for this country, and Obama was not even mentioned.

Obama was going to use the summit to provoke negotiations on Trans-Pacific Partnership, but Obama could not find the means to arrive at the summit. Administration of the White House pinned its hopes that the South Korea Seoul announce readiness to enter into negotiations, but expectations are not met. «Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak also undermined hopes for a trade agreement,» — shows edition.

Gloomy announcements for the U.S. note. Ultimately, the crisis in the U.S. geopolitically on hand China.

But, there are also economic sense to be ahead of geopolitical, and not the contrary. In the PRC does not rejoice that a week or two the United States in the face of the Minister of Finance may announce «default» — in other words, the inability of the country to repay debt, including the exterior.

China — the main South American lender. In China, according to the «Associated Press», — almost 23% of the South American debt. And on the days of the Chinese formally asked the Yankees do without default.

«China, naikrupneyshim U.S. lender, of course, expresses concern about the South American fiscal cliff», — quotes the channel «RT» Deputy Minister of Finance of the PRC Zhu Guangzhao.

Meanwhile, cooperation between China and Russia, including in the field of geopolitics what is called, is growing and strengthening. Estimated as in the era of friendship between the peoples of the USSR.

As reported by RIA «Novosti», Vladimir Putin said Russia’s interaction and coordination with China in terms of fundamental solutions of international problems — namely Syria.

«Our consistent position in the international arena, certainly paying off. Unable to reach decisions on the world’s biggest dilemmas. The last example — the Syrian problem, «- said Vladimir Putin, opening the meeting with Xi Jinping at the APEC summit.

Chinese favorite, in turn, noted that the parties occupy identical positions on sensitive issues «Bright evidence of that — close cooperation on solving the Syrian issue to resolve the nuclear problem on the Korean peninsula. I think all these issues we have or identical or repetitive position. «

And then Comrade Xi noted that our homeland plays an important role in the Asia-Pacific region.

Followed and the statement of the Chinese favorite readiness to continue cooperation within APEC.

Xi Jinping concluded: «This year — the year of harvest secured in the development of our relations.»

Further conversation touched such important topics as foreign trade and military cooperation between China and Russia.

Vladimir Putin noted that our homeland and China cooperate in the PTS and military affairs. He recalled that the military 2-states participated in the 2-large exercises on land and at sea. In turn, Comrade Xi said that this year will hold a meeting of the commission on military-technical cooperation, the meeting of Heads of Government and the closing ceremony of the Year of Chinese tourism in Russia.

What do they write about all this Chinese?

The portal cri.cn (English version) with reference to «Xinhua» October 8, an article was leitmotif which — Chinese invitation of the Russian Federation to participate in the security of the Asia-Pacific Region (APR).

The essence of this material briefly.

At the APEC summit in unofficial conversation with Putin Xi Jinping said that China would like to work with Russia on security and stability in the Asia-Pacific region. With all this, Comrade Xi said that China and Our homeland share broad common interests in the region.

Developing the theme, the Chinese favorite explained that China is willing to strengthen coordination with Russia — in order to maintain security and stability in the region, also contribute to its prosperity.

In addition, the Chinese favorite referred fruitful 2013 for China and Russia, noting that there was a lot accomplished. Then he bezotstupno urged both sides to improve the structure of bilateral trade, to promote cooperation in the field of energy, resources and high technology, and continue to maintain close contact and coordination to produce international issues.

Chinese resource also notes that the negotiations favorite 2-states agreed to hold in 2015 the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the victory over the Nazis.

In the press notes and the Sino-Russian rapprochement within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Peter Akopov («Sight») writes that the SCO is becoming increasingly influential player on the world stage — Union Moscow, Beijing and Divide.

Our homeland supported application India and Pakistan. And this support is not possible without the consent of China.

«India is in fact from the moment of creation of the SCO wanted to start this business, and it was adopted as the supervisor, — explained the newspaper» Sight «Management Centre of Indian research Oriental Studies Tatyana Shaumyan. — But as you start talking about it this introduction, here entered Pakistan, who was also interested in taking the SCO. In this situation, it follows that our homeland has been prepared to support the entry of India and China argued for faster Pakistan. Beijing, apparently, not so much opposed the entry of India as pointed out that in this case you need to take and Pakistan. It was eventually decided to enter both countries. «

Joint decisions between China and Russia in the framework of the SCO, such makarom also they say about escalating geopolitical and economic cooperation.

Accelerated development of China, which has become a weighty geopolitical player, gave occasion to one South American doctor declare: in 2035 China will become a threat to the Russian Federation and the United States, and eventually merge the two countries against Beijing.

In an editorial entitled «American doctor: by 2035, China will become a danger to America and the Russian Federation, and the power will create an anti-Chinese alliance» («Huanqiu Shibao»; source translation — «Inosmi»), with reference to RIA «Novosti» quoted Dr. HSE department Edward Ponarina. August 1 at the presentation of the report «The Russian elite — 2020» (a report on ways of development of the Russian Federation in the period from 2015 to 2030, made with the help of the club «Valdai»), he said that the eyes of Russian elite U.S. have undergone a major transformation: if in 1993 top of Russian society, are America peacefully, now America is perceived as a threat to the security of the Russian Federation. However, rather than over with 2 these countries hovering «common threat», the elite of the U.S. and Russia can find common interests. Participated in the discussion of Michigan Institute Dr. William Zimmerman said directly that «common threat» — is China. Zimmerman further stated that by 2035 China will become dangerous enough to ensure that our homeland and the U.S. have joined forces to fight with China, said Chinese newspaper.

Expert on Sino-Russian relations Xia Yishan in the same «Huanqiu Shibao» for the next day explained that in Russia there is anxiety about the direction in which China will develop. In Russia, there are supporters from the idea of ​​»yellow peril», but they are few. Judge draws attention of readers and the fact that after the collapse of the USSR America had tremendous impact on the Russian intelligentsia. Others even began to act instead of American speakers, broadcasting the «yellow peril.» Again, these people are not the eyes of the whole of the Russian intelligentsia. By Xia Yishan said that Russian experts familiar he did not raise the subject of the Russian-US alliance against China. The expert believes that the Russian public much more disturbing way of approaching the U.S. and China: the two powers could then rule the world unchallenged.

As for American professionals, the thoughts of the Russian-American alliance against China they express not the first time. Specifically, they often slander China: say, he crushes under itself and adjacent country is going to master the Russian natural resources. Conclusion that Washington and Moscow should join forces and put an end to the growth of the Chinese impact in Asia — he also South American.

In an essay posted on the «Foreign Affairs», Senior Research Fellow, Center for the latest American Security Robert D. Kaplan writes that in order not to give way to China, the United States may enter into a strategic alliance with Russia. And Our motherland can fully accept such a proposal: it captures China Tipo leisurely countryside Far East and Siberia means settlers and «leaking» there companies.

In October, the media disk imaging appeared predictions about light (or dark) the future of China and Russia.

Ekaterina Kravchenko (Vedomosti.ru) leads the IMF forecast, according to which our homeland and China today exhausted growth model.

Russian economy, according to the Fund, will grow on average by 3.5% compared to 4.4% in 1998-2013 gg., China’s economy — 7% versus 9.6%.

The forecast said about the reasons for delay, «dragon», «Overly highest growth rate of investment, which accounts for almost half of GDP, led to the creation of excess capacity and diminishing returns.» And noted that the demographic factor plays out: in 2014, the labor force in China will begin to decline, productivity — fall.

That still hinder the development of the Russian Federation?

There is not a good infrastructure, especially transport and Electric, there excessive dependence on raw materials, there is not a good business climate. Growth in Russia lasted thanks to the high cost of oil and loading capacity available, the IMF said. Fund experts suggest: «This model does not work anymore.»

According to forecasts, in 2013 the growth of Russian economy will be only 1.5% — down from 3.4% in 2012 and 4.3% in 2011 In 2014, growth will reach 3%. Negative demographic dynamics reinforce bad reasons. And in slowing the RF attenuation and contribute PRC economy. This contribution will be 0.9% in 2013 and 0.7% in 2014.

IA «Finmarket» message leads the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), according to which the forward-looking characteristics in China they say that economic growth there vorachivayutsya to a long trend. In Russia also noted a positive change in the momentum of growth.

Index of leading Chinese characteristics remained at 99.3 pt, Russian — rose from 99.3 to 99.4 Fri Fri

As for the U.S., and there, add, October 17 can happen «default»: the government fails to pay its debts. Leading economists are already predicting a U.S. disaster. Against this background, hard to believe that our homeland will be combined with the U.S. in order to resist the expansion of China. It’s just the same as if a drowning man would have asked for help from another sinking.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
— Especially for topwar.ru

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