Miorsky sorceress: Two were kings. Pozniak and Lukashenko …


The small town has become the regional center of Miori, as all the important towns of the district are expected to vzmezhkah. And at the center of the village was Miori. Which, thanks to the Russians, turned into a Soviet city Miori. Next to the church there appeared neagatychnym Soviet offices, department stores and a movie theater. But every year the district center is increasingly becoming a real Belarusian city. Through the activities of one person. Historian and ethnographer Witold Ermalenka. Who for many years has taught history at one of the schools Miory and manages historical and archaeological circle "Argonauts of the past." Together with his circle members, Mr. Witold collected two unique museum collection.


When you walk into a room museum, you can not help thinking KOROTKEVICH "Black Castle". Fragment, where he described the collection of the protagonist. "The rooms are shaped Grunwald: flying angels on the ceiling … Smells like chemistry, wood, smelly old paint. Of gold-backed books … . " Very similar to a diverse treasure that collected Miorsky Argonauts. Japanese vases, gold-plated chandeliers, weapons, musical instruments. And at each exhibit has its own destiny. But listen Witold Ermalenka.


— The most important thing for us — not the exhibit. You can buy it and would have been money. And the story itself exhibits. That's crucifixion was at Karpacz, now there is no village. In the 50s, when the Bolsheviks were cut down cross, crucifix thrown into the ground. Old faithful lifted and placed in the attic. He died, the house was dismantled, the cross thrown. And my "Argonauts" came and picked up. Most importantly, we learned that it's cut out regular master. Stankiewicz. A hundred years ago. He made cabinets.


The collection of 16,000 items. And put up a tenth. And how Mr. Witold gave Glubokoye Museum, the Museum of the Academy of Sciences. And recently bestowed lovers of antiques from the police.


— Who cleaned the police took away some interesting things.

After 19th?

— After 11th. After the explosion.

And that can be picked up in a museum after the explosion?

— All that, like weapons. For example, pieces of Russian bayonets.

And what's the point?

— To what was not.

This point for many years. And they even gave hope that the return?

— Maybe one day.


I have so often seen in the provincial museums of objects of peasant life. But in Miory amazed collection of elegant dishes.

— This thing pans. Here are imported from Japan vase. 19th century. But from China. But with the Netherlands, for example.

And as lordly things come to the museum?

— It's very simple. Robbed lords. Things are thrown into the attic. And then, when dismantled home, found.

But this is not the only museum created by Mr. Witold. The recently opened Museum of books and printing. Eyes run from the impression of abundance, which survived on Mershchyne in the whirlwind of the last century.


Here and early printed books, and religious books in Church Slavonic, Polish and Yiddish, old newspapers all time and the authorities that reigned in the province, postcards, posters and stamps.


— Collection Harun. Rare edition Farbotka. Few even know of this poet. Kolasa first edition of "For kids Belarusians". Pavlovich's first children's Bible. The publication Lastovskogo "What you need Know every Belarusian. " Grammar Tarashkevich. Next — foreign literature, which shows the diversity of the interests of the people who read books at the time. Polish, Latin, and German. Or essay Rousseau 1795. According to the music. It is said that we were the centers of culture. It is only those that have survived to this day. Although burned all and sundry, and took out all and sundry. That is the level of our province.

But this is all evidence of what? About degradation. Today.

— Yes. Probably. Out of culture media that were then.

— They can be cultivated? Sow?

— No. Society to blame. It is impossible in a small circle to create the ambience. Modern society is to destroy any environment. Degradation is generally in society. In Europe, not only in our. Europe deteriorates.


Still not right, Mr. Ermalenak. After all, their activities every day to prove the opposite. Through his archaeological team held annually Miorsky dozens of schoolchildren. For which such concepts as "Belarus", "history", "native language" — is not an empty phrase, but an important part of their lives. For example, a student of 9th class Igor Kondratovich. Speaking with the 15-year-old captain, I had no sense of the large difference in age. Absolutely solid, interesting personality. A guy in love with his Miori, is not going to run anywhere. Is it just in time.


— Beside our Miory was seven estates named Miori. And yet found only three. Therefore, we work very much. Even the Miori unexplored. Then look no further perashukats. Even five lives enough. Members of the circle is always looking for. And they find. Even on vacation. Let's go out to the village. It is necessary to plant a vegetable garden. And find something in the garden. Older tell us where there was a chapel in the village, which had been built. What kind of people lived in the village that they remember. They themselves are pleased that someone is interested in them.

How much of the Deep to Miory? Seventy kilometers. For the artist and traveler Joseph Drozdovich — it's not the distance. In Miory I met with the family Bronislaw Hedwig and Morozov. In his youth, Jadwiga worked Miorsky hospital. Where there was a terminally ill artist. Therefore, when mentioning his name Jadwiga old starts to cry.


— I was 19 or twentieth We were very religious. And he sasnivsya a dream that he had seen Mr. Jesus. Which of the pan Jesus left heaven. Tatu told. And my dad says — oh, you're making this up bullshit. Drozdovich said he bowed to him, and parted. Dad said, "you write." A Drozdovich the Pope said — you're a Pharisee. "And you?" Says me. — "I believe", I say. He then wished me the most. And then comes to me in the hospital. Drozdovich. "Where do I — he says to the doctor?" I took him to the doctors, and the doctors would not have him. Sent him to the churchyard. And it was, it appears, open tuberculosis.

And that would not have him?

— "Why did you bring him here?" — "How? — I say. — You took an oath of Hippocrates! Anyone should take the patient." And they sent him to the churchyard. And the next day he died. At churchyard.

Why was not accepted?

— He was persecuted. It was not like all the people. And if a person does not, it will destroy. He looked at the world through different eyes. Not the way we look. His carpets could not like anyone. They said they like living. And on every rug he put a cross …

When we started talking more, it turned out that the old Jadwiga — a very unusual one. Almost psychic. However, listen for yourself.

— I had a dream sasnivshysya, I'm still the maid was that the Soviet Union collapsed. I went to the hospital and tell the girls that the Union would collapse. And they say: "So you were literate, then just 25 years old would get." Sprawled on!

And in what year did you see today?

— I saw it today55th. And I dreamed of Lukashenko. What will be the president. Yet he was not radivshysya.

This is how so?

— Saw today that we will have a king. Two were kings. Pozniak and Lukashenko. And I remember, the first and last names. And Lukashenka was perhaps conceived only. But not radivshysya.

You had a dream where there were two names?

— Yes. And it was said, who is the king. A father says, "You fool you! Kings never in Belarus was not and will not."

If you are such a sighted, you can tell when his reign end?

— It will be the end.

That, by the end of the world?

— Yes. Therefore let no one tries. It will, that's all.

Last post Miorsky sorceress, of course, is not too optimistic. However, nothing new, it is not reported. The end comes around once. I Razvitayusya, according to tradition, the verse. Bronislaw Claus, husband of Hedwig — Former kinamehanik. On the eighth decade released his first collection of poetry. And the end is not thinking …


Where twisted horseshoe lake

And the sun gilded the horizon,

Distant ancestor of mine is not by chance

This place is fixed his gaze.


It's so easy swayed wave

And conjured heart silence

What hands involuntarily detained

The lake staennaga horse.


From here went all wooden houses

Looked at the window fields spaces.

So here is the beginning of

I Miory expensive city.



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