Modern sport and witchcraft

January 22, 2012 13:52

This incident occurred in Spain on the eve of the match between the "Athletics" from Bilbao and Madrid "Real". At midnight at the stadium in Bilbao a group of attackers. Use measuring devices are accurate to the centimeter determined the midfield, then neatly cut lawn and dug a small hole …

Dead Frog on the football field

In her mysterious personality put a chicken leg, a head of garlic, a list of players "Athletics", a whistle, thick glasses, a leather sole and six goat hairs. Crowned with the ancient ceremony magical spell.

As it later turned out, as magicians labored night … President shipbuilding company, owner of an insurance agency, a university professor and former goalkeeper "Athletics"!

Believe in signs almost everything. But in the world of sports superstitions reach its climax. Many great athletes — former and current — believe that to achieve the historical results helped them it is faith in the power of magic!

One of Germany's best skiers Johann Myulegg in 1993, after several unsuccessful performances, suddenly announced that someone poisoned his drink. He later blamed the coach, who had to leave the team. And beginning in 1994, the athlete has to carry with him on all the competition can of water, charged with positive energy of his housekeeper.

"Interesting thing happened two years ago in Russia. Metallurg Magnitogorsk fox mascot Timosha narrowly escaped lynching in its own ice palace. It was the last minute of the decisive fifth game quarterfinal against the Crusaders, the hosts fought with a minimum difference in the score. Hapless Uralets dressed red beast, anticipating victory, put on a stick plucked chicken. A few seconds equalized and in overtime guests were able to score the winning goal. As a result Timosha fleeing from an angry mob fled. Fans thought he Magnitogorsk simply jinxed. "

Recalls the famous journalist Igor Fesunenko, many years worked in the most soccer country in the world — Brazil, "With players ever befall any stories, reminiscent of the presence of evil spirits. The most famous case of a player of Brazilian club "America" TV special before an important match went to a "goody-landing" — "Holy Father." So in the name of Brazil is not the priests, and warlocks. They allegedly helped in the victory on the football field.

The meeting took place as follows. First witch reminded that only modesty and piety ensure success in football, then start to magical mystery. Fumigate participants rite special herbs and overshadowed their hand movements. Towards the end of the whip strikes by air force and dispersed the dark place is cleared for the forces of good. "

"In 1937, the strongest team Vasco da Gama of Brazil hosted the tournament in Rio outsider Andarai. The home team won with a score of 12:0. Further, as the story sport legend, events developed as follows. One of the fans of the losing side named Arubino snuck into the stadium at night and buried the dead frog on the lawn, and then turned to the sky in prayer to punish the club. Let him for so many years does not win the championship, the number of goals scored in our goal! — Begged a fan. "

"After this incident, Vasco da Gama could not win a championship for 11 years! Soon the club learned of the unfortunate frog, dozens of people engaged in its search, repeatedly ransacked the entire turf football field, management hired sorcerers and shamans, to lift the curse. Football fan even offered a lot of money to show a place where sent down a spell on the winner, but he proudly refused. "

To pay homage to the shaman

Unquestioning belief in omens and signs, to curse and slander, evil eye and spoilage reigns in football life in Brazil today. And not only in Brazil.

"A couple of years ago, fans of the team Arges Romania have decided to resort to animal magic to bring his club success on the eve of the most important games in the championship. Assuming that someone has cursed arena, seven fans Arges buried behind the stadium scoreboard cat corpse and burned the dead cock right in the middle of the field. Fans also tied up with ropes and red bars players asked for the match to wear underwear inside out. "

On an even more drastic action went a few years ago, fans of the team Peru. They invited the shaman, who was before the qualifying match for the World Cup to get the players to fall asleep Colombian team. And this method has brought the result, one of Colombia's football team came down shortly before the game with an attack of appendicitis.

"But the various rituals practiced not only fans, but also sportsmen. Thus, the players of English club Fulham recently came to the conclusion that as long as the Senegalese midfielder Pape Bouba Diop held at the stadium Craven Cottage club in voodoo ritual ju-ju, their actions in the Premier League went smoothly. "

After midfielder Diop rods and sprayed field with a mixture of animal blood, incense and earth, blessed voodoo priest, the team lost only one match out of ten.

"In my country, the magic — a common occurrence, I got used to it and is willing to resort to using it for the benefit of Fulham — said the footballer. — I spent a ritual, and it helped. We start to play — Repeat the procedure. "

"I do not hide that used magic to win the match and sports Chelsea defender Paulo Ferreira. In spring 2005, he admitted that he used the knowledge of some black magic tricks during the second leg of the Champions League against Barcelona. "

"Millions of viewers watched in amazement as Ferreira, he left the field at the break, suddenly exchanged shirts with Barcelona striker Ronaldinho — traditionally this happens only at the end of matches."

"A few weeks later in an interview with Portuguese newspaper Notisiash de nada Chelsea defender explained his strange act. He admitted that the Brazilian brilliant game in the first half led him to such despair that he was ready for the most extreme measures. "

"I can not say that I did it (changed shirts) deliberately — I just wanted to do something, and I was like something pushed, — the 26-year-old Portuguese. — I remember how strange it looked at me Ronaldinho, but the T-shirt he gave. Already come to the locker room, I realized that I now do … "

"My grandmother always tried to teach me some strange rituals, which I did not understand and was always trying to get out — says Ferreira. — But something in my head firmly imprinted forever. When I've got a T-shirt smelled then Ronaldinho, I just remembered. "

"Do not ask me what I'd done — continued Ferreira. — It may sound funny, but I'm sure — it worked. "

Indeed, the Brazilian Ronaldinho, who scored in the first half, the London match two goals, the second was invisible.

After such a frank recognition of one of UEFA officials said on condition of anonymity that the European football authorities hardly dare to take action against Ferreira, because to prove anything in this situation is extremely problematic.

Psychics in the world of chess

Before the beginning of the last last fall unification match of chess, FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has reported that according to him, one of the participants of the match Bulgarian Veselin Topalov in Elista intends to bring psychic.

"Well, something like that, we recall, was at the match Karpov — Korchnoi in Baguio … The conventional wisdom is that psychics — or, as I call them, witches — can in some way influence the opponent to prevent him from thinking. I do not really believe these tales. Each participant may match with up to 10 people. If some of them are witches, and their akkredituem — told Ilyumzhinov. "

As demonstrated by the game, psychic Bulgarians did not help: the absolute world chess champion became Russia's Vladimir Kramnik. But not all so simple with psychics, as it seems at first glance.

Here is what most of the match "Karpov-Korchnoi," researcher Boris Mironov.

"It was the summer of 1978 in the town of Baguio City in the Philippines. Under the terms of the match had to go to six games won. But already during the first party said Viktor Korchnoi in the fourth row of the hall on funny man. He stared unblinking at Korchnoi. Bidder asked his aides to find out the identity of unusual chess fans. It appeared to be the personal physician of Karpov, a psychologist and a psychiatrist, an expert on space medicine, MD Vladimir Zuhar.

"Impressionable and emotional Korchnoi spent a lot of effort to counter short visits a psychiatrist. Undoubtedly, these energy costs could not affect the quality of the game challenger. Any bad move in a game of the match Viktor Korchnoi in Baguio immediately linked to effects of psychological Zuharya and even demanded to call to order high-handed bully. "

"After fruitless Zuharya complaints and appeals to the Appeals Committee Korchnoi match team decided to invite to match their psychologists. By this time Karpov led 4-1. It would seem a little more and he gets 6 points needed to win! But there it was! Karpov tried hard and achieved clearly winning positions, but could not overcome an opponent! But the fact that the hall contains new assistants Korchnoi — Indian yoga, a man and a woman. By the way, as soon as they come in, something happened with Vladimir Zuharem he quickly covered her face with a handkerchief and promptly left the room! "

"Hindus are not only expelled the bully out of the hall, but forced Korchnoi learn magic phrase in Sanskrit, which he was to speak at an unexpected appearance Zuharya. As recalled Korchnoi, it happened on the eve of the 21 th Party. Challenger stood at the entrance to the building, where there was a championship. Suddenly pulls car out of it and goes Zuhar — straight to Korchnoi! And the one to stop looking at the newcomer and says sacramental phrase on sankskrite! Psychologist, not reaching the applicant covers the face and head with his hands and runs out into the street … "

"Korchnoi started to score points and brought the score to equal — 5:5! On the morning of the day there was a decisive incident: in the fourth row reappeared Vladimir Zuhar! Korchnoi reaction was indescribable, he jumped up and loudly demanded to remove the psychologist! Otherwise I do with it straightened! — Added the GM. But the spell Zuharya apparently already worked, because the party won Anatoly Karpov! Scored 6 points, he retained the title of world champion. '"

According to experts, the World Cup in Baguio down in history as an unprecedented chess match, not only players, but parapsychologists.

David Beckham is too tough for the Voodoo gods

To be successful at various world championships, you need to play well. Fans also can only express their support. But they express it in different ways can. In recent years the use of voodoo dolls whose home country is Haiti, experienced a kind of renaissance and has become popular as a psychological support for frustrated sports fans. Before the start of the penultimate World Cup rugby an Australian newspaper published a voodoo doll depicting Johnny Ulkinsona — the captain and the leader of the English rugby team.

This action was accompanied by a corresponding statement calling fumble paper rival in those moments when he performs his famous penalty. This, according to newsmen, Wilkinson will help bring out of myself and miss, but at the same time make the fans feel the Australian involvement in the success of their own team. However, these tips do not help. England won the World Cup. Wilkinson was voted the best player of the tournament.

In 2002, on the eve of the football match Argentina — Nigeria, rag dolls voodoo in demand in the shops of Buenos Aires, but before the match Argentina — UK sales increased by 10 times! Buyer accepts that they are going to attach to a doll face istykat Beckham and her needles!

Magic voodoo dolls even shown on national Argentine television. A leader of one of the most popular show demonstrated his own doll.

Alas! Calculations Argentines did not materialize. What worked with Nigeria, did not work in England. Beckham was too tough voodoo.

However, the failure of Argentine fans are not cooled the ardor of magic fans of other football teams. During the Euro 2004 football again intervened witchcraft. On the eve of the match between England and Switzerland, Extremely urgent for both sides, many Swiss newspapers and magazines came out with a special advertisement calling for football fans pierce feet voodoo dolls depicting Beckham pins.

In the picture depicted a football player looks like a David, but with slightly longer hair than now. Feet of Beckham bristling various sharp objects. Sign next to it says: "We can help England get the match on June 17 with a lead weight in my legs. Pull out this picture from the newspaper, attach to the wall and embed it nails, needles and staples. If we believe that it will help, then it will be so in reality. "

Whether it was planned as a terrifying campaign against the British captain or someone really hoping for his poor health during the game, but David calmly played the entire match, and reminding himself, in a television commercial, defeated evil and return people honest football . The British won a landslide victory: 3-0.

But its peak magic fever reached during the 2006 World Cup. It all started with the fact that all 12 stadiums of the World Cup in Germany, visited the shaman from Ecuador Ttsamarenda Naychapi. He drove with sports facilities evil spirits, during the tournament and do not hinder the players and fans.

"On April 24, visiting arena Tsentralshtadion in Leipzig and there he needed a ritual, 36-year-old shaman said: I came to Leipzig and cleared an important place for the World Cup. I brought back a positive energy. "

Historically, the worst enemy of the German soccer fans is England, as evidenced by the frequent clashes between fans of the two teams. So first of all in Germany in large numbers were produced in the form of a magical doll team from Albion, despite the fact that these teams do not fall into one group. The motive was simple: the Germans were eager to kill the British hope of winning the World Cup.

"Toys in height of 15 cm and a € 10 successfully sold out online. Their packaging adorned inscription conjure your team win, and in the instructions indicated how to bring the England player of the game. So if one of the attackers English — whether Michael Owen or Wayne Rooney — makes dash to the gate, or, God forbid, to go one on one, the football fan is enough to prick the doll with a pin that came with the toys, and then stumble forward and not be able to hit. "

The same thing will happen in the event of an attack the German team: for example, the England defender John Terry necessarily fall into the time of selection, or even injured — it was written in the instructions.

"Of course, the news of these dolls and the impending witchcraft by German fans flew to the British Isles. The reaction was not long in coming: the chairman of the English Football Supporters Federation Malcolm Clarke said that such quackery never be able to stop the victorious England. They will need a much more powerful black magic to defeat us, — he said. "

Come on, after this statement, German soccer fans to even more drastic measures magic, remains secret. We only know that Beckham was still in one of the matches of injury, Germany reached the semifinals, but the champion was Italy …

Voodoo magic is today recognized as the least original way football fight. And if it is the case even in civilized Europe, how, then, decides the fate of a large football, say, in Africa — the home of all kinds of ancient cults and beliefs?
In Africa, sport whose members rarely come into the scandals associated with the use of stimulants, raging different, but no less okolosportivnye passion. In the capital, Lusaka, Zambia, for example, in 2005, suddenly broke international tournament fight. Its organizers announced the fights can not continue because of the use by one of the barred black magic!

Revenge of the village medicine man

Wrestler of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Lubandi Mulozi, nicknamed the Mamba, appeared on stage in a very unusual way. His face was covered with a thick layer of white powder, reminiscent of a ritual mask. On the neck, hands and body hung Congolese whimsical charms.

Mamba strange appearance could still stand, but that did not stop. Approaching the opponent Zambian wrestler Willie Nkandu, nicknamed Tiger, Mamba quickly muttered some spells and began waving a piece of white cloth in the direction of the carpet, where there were fights.

It would seem a cheap publicity stunt. But Tiger and judge, serving the competition, after the magical passes Mamba … fainted! After a few minutes they were, did not come to consciousness, was carried out of the hall. After that, the organizers announced the cancellation of the remaining fights.

Zambian Tiger later explained to journalists that as soon as his opponent started waving a white cloth, he felt nausea and abrupt loss of strength. Mamba in turn, said that he had used ancient magic as a way to take revenge for the defeat on the wrestling mat his older brother from Zambians in the distant 1990.

However, this is not the first case of witchcraft in African sports world.

Also in 2005, the Zimbabwe-known athlete arrested on charges of misappropriation of personality. Medical examination confirmed into the "girls" to the male sex. Athlete was 17-year Samukeliso Sithole.

Over recent years the athlete participated in many sports competitions among African juniors, and in 2004 even won a gold medal and five silver and bronze medals in three disciplines: javelin, triple jump and shot put.

Nobody suspected foul play, until this has not declared one of the bridesmaids, trained with Samukeliso. She learned a terrible secret from hearsay, very angry, because in the past has repeatedly appeared before the champion in the nude, and wrote a complaint to the police.

"Samukeliso also spoke in his defense, is an incredible story. He was born a hermaphrodite. Parents went to the local witch doctor, who through their potions made penis disappear. But the family had not paid the doctor for a miracle — and therefore, according to the girl, the male organ otros again. "

At a press conference Samukeliso said he hopes to once again become the girl he allegedly already agreed with medicine man and give him a certain amount, which "squeezed" by his parents.

Most Zimbabweans, by the way, especially in rural areas, do not believe something supernatural black magic, and see it as part of everyday life. In Zimbabwe, many practicing witchcraft — predict the future, vorozhat and contact with the souls of the dead.

That's why last summer, the Zimbabwean authorities formally repeal its law against witchcraft, which was adopted during the colonial period. Now the magic can be used legally, but with one condition — do not pay her to harm people.

The penalty for witchcraft

Experts believe that at least 90 percent of African football teams have a staff of sorcerers and healers. Nothing but a spell before the game, while others are more diligent, showered magic powder with the addition of snake skin is not only the ball and the locker room, and a football field.

A case where before the championship match Nigerian players of one team caught the sorcerer of the opposing team burrow into their penalty area a magical amulet. Medicine man mercilessly beaten, and its mascot solemnly dug up and destroyed.

"Sometimes it comes to the official investigations. In April 2006, the Football Federation of Tanzania recognized the local clubs and Young Simba guilty of witchcraft before the match with each other, which ended in a draw (0-0). Officials believed that the rituals used violate the principle of open competition, and the team was fined $ 500 each. "

It all started with the fact that before the meeting, which played a key role in the struggle to win the championship of Tanzania, a reporter of a local newspaper took a picture of how the players of both teams dug on the unknown objects. In addition, players were not at the stadium through a special entrance, and along with the usual fans — for fear of getting into a vicious band.

"The result of the match had a significant impact on the balance of power in the league, and the club Young secured the final first place. It is worth noting that Yang and Simba, argue that it rivals were penalized for witchcraft in 2003. "

"We know that witches are taking a lot of money for their work. Minister of Sport of Cameroon Bidong Mpkatt received several years ago in the mail account from a traditional healer in the amount of 45,000 euros for the services rendered by the Cameroonian national football team in the matches at the African Cup of Nations. In an accompanying letter mag reported that from the very beginning of the competition patron indomitable lions — so called in Africa Cameroon — and thanks to his miraculous amulets they became champions, winning on penalties in the national team of Senegal. "

Witch Doctor conjured on its own initiative, in fact he did not even leave the house and was not present in any team match, which took place in Mali. However, the bill the Minister, he carefully explained all the rates and charges of black magic.

"According to African media in the budgets of local football clubs officially exists item for psychological training of players, which is primarily designed to pay for sorcerers. As acknowledged by the former president of the club Canon Ferdinand Kungu Edima, work marabouts (so called witches in Cameroon) has always generously paid football bosses. "

"But it is in Cameroon. In other African countries, "sporting magicians" sometimes forget to pay compensation. So, for 10 years waiting for the Ivorian financial wizards expression of gratitude from the government for help in winning national football team in the African Cup in 1992. "

"The sorcerers of the suburbs of the economic capital of Côte d'Ivoire in Abidjan were convinced that it was their job to tip the scales in favor of the national team when she was taken away from Senegal honorary sports trophy. And invited them to attend the cup matches the minister of sport in order to utilize their mysterious magic tricks that were to ensure the victory of Ivorians. In the final match of the Ivorian Elephants team was able to beat on penalties Ghanaian Black Star in Dakar, Senegal. "

"Since sorcerers regularly complained that they were not rewarded for their contribution to the victory. When their patience ran out, one of them threatened Corrupts the team damage. He did it or not, but in 1992 Ivorian national football team in particular no different. "

"In the end the Ivorian establishment seems to think seriously and finally decided to apologize to magicians for unfulfilled promises. We apologize personally brought the minister of defense and protection of the civilian population Moiz Lida Kouassi. At a ceremony in Abidjan, he handed witches detained "salary" of several thousand dollars and a bottle of gin each. The Minister expressed the hope that they will continue to help the country, especially in the sports business. "

Ritual at the cemetery

An amazing thing happened in Mali on the eve of the semifinal match at the African Cup of Nations. Cameroon coach Winfred Schafer and his assistant Thomas Nkono Bamako were detained by police for what they supposedly were going to perform on the local stadium some ritual actions. Cameroonians rivals were the hosts competitions — Mali team — so the guards were especially vigilant.

"The police operation took about a half hour before the match in front of thousands of fans have filled the stands. Thus on Nkono who tried to resist, was handcuffed. "

"After more than a dozen police officers took custody of sorcerers, the audience was shown a strange thing — according to police, the management team of Cameroon with it trying to make magic rites."

"Abused indomitable lions were ready to arrange a big scandal, and at first refused to do out on the field, but after coach arrested were released, the incident was hushed up. However Cameroonian Minister of Sport Bidoung Mpkatt urged the Malian authorities to conduct a thorough investigation. "

However, in time to alert law enforcement officers found on the field of victory enchanted items Malian national team still has not brought. Cameroonians have been no problems in the semi-finals, beating the hosts 3-0.

In Germany, recently released a documentary film directed by Oliver Becker dedicated witchcraft in African football. Becker managed to get close with many African football boss who dedicated his many secrets football magic.

"Having been in a secret ceremony in the South African club Huntington United in South Africa, Becker tells how it looked. First, long shirts washed in a large barrel with the particles of animals and plants, thus causing the spirits of ancestors. Then the players were treated zebra hoof, giving them endurance, strength and impact resistance of the animal, and the goalkeeper — the monkey paw that he was in the game in the same bouncy and energetic. "

Edge sportswear goalkeeper also infiltrated with fat lions and some medicinal plants. This was done to ensure that during the game, before you hit the ball in the box, the goalkeeper unnoticed ter the ball on the t-shirt to someone who will get his gear, got together with the ball and part of the strength of a lion.

"Becker says that the strongest impression during the filming of it made the night visiting the cemetery in Dar-es-Salaam (capital of Tanzania), the two players to gain strength at the grave of a recently deceased young man, believing that the power of the dead man will go to them. '

"Both players are sitting at the grave of their feet kneaded blood pre mortification chicken, rubbed them with infusion of herbs while quietly humming. Prior to that, in a ceremony nearby hut: the ball and the players shirts envelop with smoke over the coals and spiritually protected to prevent injury. "

It should be noted that the magical rituals involving athletes, it is not voluntary, and the most that neither is required. For example, in one of the football clubs in South Africa four years ago, three athletes have refused to make the ritual incisions in different places on the body. For this they are taken out of the team for a few matches!

Blessed Gloves

During a match at the African Cup of Nations in 2000 between Senegal and Nigeria, there was that commentators dubbed then another "using black magic." It is known that by playing with the score 0-1, the representatives of the Nigerian team ran onto the field and learn from the gate rivals some "protective amulet," after which their team had two goals and won 2-1!

Recently, during one of the African Champions League draw in Maputo (Mozambique), a football match between a local club "Ferrovieyro" and Zimbabwean "Dynamos". During the game guests accused of "witchcraft and black magic used in the sport."

The losing team's fans were screaming that the gloves goalkeeper conspiracy special spell. Say, otherwise he would have failed to reflect a penalty and a number of dangerous shocks! After that, the speakers announced for the stadium, the goalkeeper, "Dynamos" — sorcerer.

So loud — literally and figuratively — the application has led to the fans left the stands, ran onto the field, and ended up a mass brawl.

Almost a similar situation during the game between the national teams of Rwanda and Uganda in 2001, when the Rwandan goalkeeper hung on the grid a spare pair of gloves. Ugandan football because of that, try as he might, could not score a goal: five times the ball hits the post and swept around her.

"The audience saw the gloves magic hands (magic hands), in their eyes — clear case of witchcraft. Rwandan goalkeeper gloves offered to remove from the grid, he refused, the players started a fist fight, the game was canceled, and the audience by storm took the football field. The game ended with only five hours later, Rwanda won 1-0. "

The 2002 World Cup in the official delegation of Senegal was listed Lingel Ngoy Mbaye, Senegal Sorcerer Supreme. He did not hide from the media on the eve of his team's game against France, openly described the reporters working methods.

"To my charms worked, I do not need to go to the stadium — said Ngoy Mbaye. — I will cast in a hotel room watching television, that's enough. I will go from corner to corner and drive away evil spirits from our gate. I worked with the team of Senegal during qualifying and the African Cup in Mali. Everywhere we succeeded. My magic did not fail me at this time. "

"The Vice-President of the Senegalese Football Federation Mbaye N'Doye comment on this statement as follows: There is nothing wrong in the fact that our team is working with a representative of the occult forces. His presence has a beneficial effect on the team. "

"The next day, literally Senegalese Lions defeated on the field the team of France!"

However, in fairness, I must say that the spells do not always bring the expected result. Before the last World Cup soccer tournament Supreme Togolese voodoo priest Togbui Assiogbo Gnadblondiro III predicted his national team to the historic mission of the 2006 World Cup.

"Ancestral spirits tell me that the team, you may go far in Germany. I have a few in stock rituals through which we are able to beat the Koreans and the French. That really will be a success "- said in an interview with the sorcerer BBC.

But, as time has shown, the predictions of the Togolese priest was not to be. Themselves Togolese his failure in the championship tied to the lack of a live mascot in the stands of the team — Moms Togo. Mother was unable to provide an income statement for the visa, so she stayed home.

The next FIFA World Cup in 2010 held in South Africa. For the first time in Africa will host the World sports show this level. As experts predict sport in South Africa can expect quite unusual plot — competition in the first place between the witches, who promise to call upon all the forces of good and evil for the sake of their team wins …

Gennady Fedotov

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