Moscow oligarchs styling private bunkers

Among Moscow oligarchs new fashion — to private silos. Now they are in the Russian capital for every taste — from a sample of the Cold War to the know-how of the 21st century. Vault VIP-class equipped with even a sauna. Larissa Zadorozhnaya walked through Moscow bunkers, to find out where and how you can hide from a hypothetical nuclear explosion?

On the surface — nondescript mansion. Dummy. But right outside the windows — concrete. This bunker was built for the party leadership. In the fifties — in case of nuclear attack. One could survive 16 days. No explosion occurred, the bunker was abandoned. Fashionable exotic Cold War managed to buy business. Now here — the museum.

Victor Baranov, guide:

— People stalkivayutsya so what they did not see in their daily lives. Such facilities are closed to the public. This is a unique experience for them.

Seen a secret bunker costs 20 dollars. But why go to someone else, if you can build your own? Sure the designers and ask for it now, 80,000 green.

Inside — air filtration systems, like in submarines or spacecraft. System monitoring the state of the environment, weather weather station.

Eugene Ubiyko, designer bunker:

— Fire storm passes, burn wood, 200 homes, and the construction, and it will stand the fire storm and swimming in the river, and the tsunami, agriculture, earthquake, shock waves.

Stew — another Soviet, masks — too. Nothing better to protect from the outside world people have not yet figured out — says the designer. In the shelter have a supply of water, cereals, vegetable oil.

Larissa Zadorozhnaya, correspondent:

— The bunker is still to finish. It will meter layer of stone wool, a special paste of graphite chips, steel armor. That is all lit up, you need two and a half days, if it turns bunker in the midst of fire.

This bunker built for Andrew. In a dangerous Moscow, where man-made disasters are frequent — he says — shelter necessarily useful. His bunker Andrew into the ground will not be.

Andrey Solovyev, buyer bunker:

— Will stand as a house. A country house. Futuristic furniture, computers, yet all will be put off. Armored appearance will be. Almost tank.

This, they say, an economy version. On the ruble, the same — the elite suburban village — there were underground shelter, where a square meter is comparable to the cost of flat business class. These bins — already 10. Walls with gilded furniture — leather only. While there is no danger in the underground house can store jewelry or negotiate. However, military experts say — how many do not build bunkers, and a nuclear strike would not hide.

So it turns out — the money invested in these protective spaces may be just "buried in the ground." In the truest sense of the word.

Larissa Zadorozhnaya, Oleg Nevyadomsky, "Details", the Russian office of TV channel "Inter".

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