Awakened from creaking doors terrorist and head of one of the opposition groups Abu Jihad had only to raise his head from the pillow, as was flashed several bursts. Who slept beside wife woke up from sleep when finished stormtroopers fire. Confident that at the moment and will destroy her, she froze, paralyzed by fear. But the purpose of the hijackers was only her husband. Another moment, and Mrs. Mind remains one of the bedroom. Nearby, bloodstained, lying spouse, family holed dozens of bullets 9mm caliber.

From the moment of penetration inside the villa and ending exiting the courtyard the whole operation took 13 seconds — 9 less than during the «dress rehearsal.» This reserve was enough time to take away from the office of Abu Jihad few packs hidden documents. A minute later all members of the group were sitting in the cars raced toward Ras Carthage. Return to the ship left without incident. Corvettes immediately headed for Israel. On the shore were left standing empty machine.

Newly made widow of Abu Jihad took a lot of time to come to himself. Until she woke up while unsuccessfully tried to call the police until she woke up daughter and called for help Palestinians until began to comb the area, the ships managed to escape far. A funny day Tunisia left those agents who came here for an operation under the guise of tourists.

So holds a «Mossad» Undercover their combat actions against Israel’s enemies around the world. Neither time nor distance does not come to the rescue of those who raised their hand to the Jewish people and its government. Retribution unavoidable!

I must say that when a terrorist act is committed with grave consequences for Israel retaliatory acts begin only after those who are entrusted with this task, will substantiate that the commander of the terrorists really set is available and vulnerable. Then plan «Mossad» goes to the top, to the Prime Minister or the Minister of Defense. «Mossad» did not kill anyone on a whim. In a fascinating book D. Raviv and Melman I. «The Spy — for himself head» carefully describes the official procedure, previous obtaining a license to kill. In the Knesset (Israeli parliament) has a special committee to examine such issues before they are approved by the first leaders of the country.

Stories about the hidden service «Mossad» (in Hebrew this abbreviation stands for «Institute of Security and Special Tasks») are often perceived like detective stories. The most lucky, most effective, the most famous, the most mysterious secret service of the world — as it has been called! Her story — an integral, very significant part of the history of state formation of the country of Israel. All 50 years of its existence it is an endless war for survival with Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and other Arab states.

Global Arab-Israeli conflict (eight wars since 1948) claimed the lives of 20 thousand Israelis; about 100 thousand were wounded — terrible number, considering that the population of the Jewish country least eight million people. Israel also must confront lyutomu Palestinian and Lebanese terror. Alone explosive devices on the ground of Israel for more than 350 years is neutralized, an average of one a day!

Most of the analysts believe that if not for the great efforts, professionalism and unique ability to «Mossad», as well as other hidden services of Israel, the blood spilled would have been much more.

Constantly being on the front edge of the secret war «Mossad» has always remained a mystery to all global intelligence — from the South American CIA to Russian KGB, causing contempt in respect of their own enemies in the Arab world and greenish envy of the Western allies. So it still is a «Mossad»?

«Separate the facts from the fictions of the Mossad — Huge task indeed, — says one of its managers. — Outside penetrates only information about the biggest cases that have nothing to hide unrealistic. The rest — Enigma seven locks. » «Mossad» without legends — this brilliant victories and bitter defeats, and the standards of this heroic self-sacrifice. Agents not only the Jews: for «Mossad» working people of different nationalities. Among them — the most beautiful ladies of the planet and the most cunning of men in the world. They are doing these things, before whom whiten screen adventures of James Bond.

In the world there was no spy organization, which would have influenced the development of the craft of intelligence — a remarkable achievement, especially given the ability of the Israeli secret service incomparable with the musculature of the CIA and KGB agent nets in a big British MI6. None of the intelligence was not designed in such a cramped criteria as «Mossad». But no government on earth can match with Israel as the ability to coordinate the human and technical resources of the country, that they contributed very state security.

Vserasprostranennye idea of ​​pragmatism formidable Israeli life and constant readiness to sacrifice Israel in the name of public interest close to the truth. Israel born after Hitler’s genocide, after a terrible war and majestic state disaster (6 million murdered Jews — for those who forgot about it). At a young state, surrounded by hostile Arab ring, formed a triumvirate of security designed to use only a great advantage over the enemy — mental. Leading position in this trinity (Aman, Shin Bet and Mossad) takes specifically OUTDOOR intelligence.

Service «Mossad» is descended from the eponymous hidden organization working removal of Jews to Palestine in the dark days of the second World War and later, during the immigration quarantine imposed by Britain. Men and ladies who were sent to all corners of the globe for emigration to Palestine and purchasing guns were not trained in spy craft their own schools. They acted in a social environment, in most cases hostile towards them, using intelligence, common sense and a great experience to-date. They knew that their most basic guarantor of success and survival is absolute secrecy. Impeccable conspiracy from the time considered like the trademark «Mossad.»

The first manager of the organization became Rnven Shiluh — rare cunning man who worked during the war with the British, and after its completion set a personal affairs closely with leading representatives of American intelligence. Shiluh realized that in his possession turned indescribable source Prof. frames. So could not boast of no state security service. «Mossad» has the capability of hundreds of operatives who spoke acres languages, culture and customs of those who knew virtually all nations of the earth. Jews can pass for Germans, Italians, Russian, Mexicans, Arabs — anyone.

Shiluh knew no better weapon than grasping the Jewish mind, and realize that patriotism, loyalty to the Jewish state fueled religious fervor. These people will never betray, get good out of their agents. And he scatters its network around the world: in the USA and the USSR, in Argentina and in China, Europe and the Far East. Not to mention the not to distant Arabian environment.

Acquired great fame in his time the second commander «Mossad.» comes from Russia named Izsr Hersl. Specifically, this low intelligence genius transformed «Mossad» of regional power in equal international spy game player.

Past Chief «Peter Shin» Hersl sought from their own people absolute devotion to Israel and dazzling performance. Above all, he could not tolerate Russian agents and famously once a year exposed to several KGB spies in the Ministry of Defense and other government agencies. Most impressive credentials Hersla — they intercept known letter exposing Stalin Khrushchev in 1956 and daring kidnapping of Nazi war offender Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires in the year I960. «The Rape of Eichmann made» Mossad «known — says retired Israeli spy. — On this operation filmed movies. Immeasurably increased international prestige of Israel before we were treated as a hole in the desert, and now all learned that we majestic civilization with awesome hidden service! * In 1962 goal Herela succeeded Prof. military, Maj. Gen. menri Amnt. Under him the lead in security triumvirate of the final run across to the «Mossad.»

The victory in the Six Day War in 1967 — almost all the reward of his department, especially 2-agents, but which rightfully equate to the most outstanding Spies XX century. First — it’s Eli Cohen, an Egyptian Jew, aimed at illegal work I Syria under the name Kamal Amin Taabet. This spy, who had a sharp mind, a photographic memory and indescribable courage, so deeply entrenched in the Syrian military and state apparatus that he even considered a candidate for the post of defense minister of Syria! «Mossad» was not an unlimited amount of disk imaging invaluable Syrian armed forces and the defense system of the Golan Heights. Kogan has worked wonders, but he has gone too far. From Russian GRU Syrian counterintelligence unmasked and arrested him at the time of the next transmission encryption. Kogan brutally tortured and hanged in Damascus.

Second superspy Amita — Wolfgang Lotz it. German Jew with impeccable manners aristocrat who loved thoroughbred horses and champagne. Lotz led a complicated game with top military officials in Egypt. He passed the information gathered in Tel Aviv using a transmitter hidden in a small attache case. Egyptian counterintelligence, again using the same GRU. tracked.) Linden and arrested along with his wife. After the Six Day War, Lotz and his wife changed to 5 thousand Egyptian prisoners of war. The transaction price is clearly creates the value of that person.

I must say that in contrast to the CIA, Russian GRU, Russian, Chinese, French intelligence Mossad in collecting disk imaging not rely on new technologies such as satellites and computers. Mossad prefers people. People can trust, machines — no. Trust — is the holy shot Israeli intelligence community. Especially since at Shnluhe and Hersle service Mossad was small, almost home structure, in which all knew each other well. Amit converted Mossad organized municipal machine with a robust base frame, rather Prof. countless elite and decent hardware. Through his reforms «Mossad», retaining all its strengths, has risen to the latest benign stage.

One of the most famous opera days of «Mossad» — work strike groups, combed after the disaster of the Munich Olympics the whole of Europe. September 5, 1972 Palestinian terrorists from the organization «Black September» by the intelligence agents of the GDR «Stasi» captured almost all of Israel’s Olympic team. Later in the Munich airport they coolly destroyed eleven athletes. World society shuddered from a nightmare. Israel had to get revenge. Sanctioned the destruction of the Munich massacre organizers hidden service specifically received from the government of Golda menri.

Of special forces soldiers «Sayret Matkal — strike groups were made under such romantic codenamed as» Black nurses «,» Wrath of God «,» Team 101 «and» Avenger «. They were ordered not only to avenge Munich, and generally cut off all the heads of the hydra «Black September», once and for all put an end to this terrorist organization. It’s not a secret identity «Black September» by the PLO. but it was a special, informal combat unit Yasser Arafat created for Enigma of the most daring and bloody actions. And the Israeli government did not spare to defeat the organization nor the strength nor the means to create a fundamentally widespread precedent coming to terrorism.

Percussion group «Sayrzt Matkal» destroy terrorist nests «Black September» throughout Europe and the Middle East. 12 bullets from «Beretta» Cull received Tsvaytsr — Roman resident «Black September.» Paris resident, Dr. Mahmoud Hamsharn was killed on January 9, 1973 by a bomb mounted in the handset. Fell victim to an explosive device Abdul Hir, resident in Nicosia, Cyprus. April 6, 1973 in Paris, was killed Basil Kubayshi Ai, one of the main managers of the «Black September», with specific role in the preparation of the Munich atrocity.

April 12, 1973 bombing of Cyprus broke into pieces even 1st commander terrorists — Moussa Abu Zaid. In Paris, another bomb planted under the seat of the car, killed the militant leader of the «Black September» Mohammad Boda. Eventually, in January 1979, in Beirut, was assassinated Ali Hassan known sad Salameh, military operational genius «Black September.» He also planted a bomb in the car. Peak and end of the operation to defeat the «Black September» was the raid fighters «Sayret Matkal» Beirut on the night of 9 to 10 April 1979. Perfectly planned and carried out the raid, eclipsing Hollywood on his own rudeness militants, Israeli commandos riddled with machine-gun fire in their own homes all remaining still alive managers pursued their organization.

During 6 years of hunting actually managed to kill all the terrorists responsible for the planning and realization of the Munich massacre. Yet, counterterrorism operation «Mossad» lasted. One of them was the settlement of Abu Jihad, which has been discussed first article. Probably because any beautiful diversion, though what a mysterious incident in the Arab world and, of course, the death of every Palestinian terrorist here credited «Mossad» and his faithful «Sayret Matkal.» Although it is not so far, still no smoke without fire.

Between Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty, between Israel and the PLO reached widespread agreement. But war in the East is still far not the end …

Created by Alexander Martynov

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