Mu — Empire of the Sun in the Pacific

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This continent occupies the whole southern part of the Pacific Ocean. The width extends for 8000 kilometers north to south — the 5000, the mainland My consisted of three parts separated by straits and seas. Valleys and plains were occupied by pastures and cultivated fields. Closer to the mountains located thickets of tropical plants. Here the river banks and streams. Along the ocean coast and on the banks of rivers and streams. Along the ocean coast and on the banks of the rivers rose palm groves. In lakes, swimming sacred lotus flowers.

Mu (Empire of the Sun in the Pacific)

Mu (Empire of the Sun in the Pacific)

In all directions diverge wide, paved with smooth stones of the road.

In times of greatness My its population was 64 million. They lived in 10 different states, but obeyed a single ruler — his name was Ra-Mu. And he ruled the state, which was called "Empire of the Sun." Ra-Mu was considered the embodiment of the supreme god — the Sun.

But the Emperor did not worship, knowing that he still is not a god. My most of the population consisted of people with white skin, but there were also representatives of other races — yellow, brown and black leather.

On My seven major cities — centers of religion, culture and education. There were also smaller cities and many towns and villages.

In Tibetan, "Annals of Lhasa," Heinrich Schliemann found, says that in this country "rich people adorned themselves with thin dress and amazing jewels." In the ancient Indian book "Valmiki" tells that muantsy were excellent sailors and their ships went around the world, "from the western to the eastern oceans, from the northern to the southern seas … They were wonderful architects and built huge stone temples and palaces" . In the annals of the Mayan people, which are called "Troanskogo manuscript," details how blessed land was lost in the Pacific. It tells the story that started the terrible earthquake, which lasted for one another without interruption. As a result, "the hill country land — the country My — was sacrificed. Sdvinuvshis twice from the spot, she disappeared into the night, constantly shaking the lights from the ground. Finally broke the surface of the earth, and ten countries were torn and scattered. They sank together with 64 million inhabitants for 8060 years to the time when he wrote this book. "

Lord Churchward defined age "Troanskogo manuscript 'around 3000 years. So, My disappeared 11,000 years ago.
However, the civilization of the "Empire of the Sun" could disappear altogether without a trace. On the Yucatan Peninsula, in Uxmal, is a temple of the Maya, where the inscription: "This building was built in memory of My — Lands of the West, the birthplace of our sacred mysteries." In "Timaeus," the ancient Greek philosopher Plato stated: "In My Country There were ten people." Ancient historian Plutarch described meeting the legislator Solon in 600's of BC from ancient Egyptian high priest Sanhisom. He said that for 9000 years before the Egyptians broke trade and cultural exchange with the West Lands, for the reason that she had disappeared in the waters of the ocean. Like Atlantis. It is from the continent My Egyptians were named the Sun God — Ra.

The most interesting evidence of My written on tablets found on Easter Island. "When the island was created, and has become known to our ancestors, crossing the beautiful country roads, paved with flat stones. These stones were so tightly adjusted to each other, there was no noticeable sharp edge. Along the road thickly grown fruit trees. They came together over the head of the crown, and the branches entwined like a muscle. Hecke was a builder of roads, and he was sitting in pride of place, where the road forks in all directions. "

The remains of these roads remain on Easter Island and other islands. In the Marshall and Gilbert Islands. Found high columns, decorated with ancient ornaments. At one of the bas-reliefs found on the island Arorae, captured princess fan Aravali with the royal coat of arms of the Empire My — Sun.

On Ponape, which is included in the Caroline Islands, the ruins of one of the temples of My. On the walls are engraved the sacred symbols of "homeland Mother." Local residents fear the approach to the building for fear of supposedly still living there muantsev ancient souls.

The contours of the continent:

This vast land was protected from the cold winds blowing from Antarctica, the high mountains. They are still visible above the waters of the Pacific Ocean. This island of Fiji, Tonga, Nikafou, Samoa, Mangaia, Tahiti, the Marquesas and Easter Island with the giant stone figures. In the center of the continent located fertile plain with tropical vegetation. In the north of the continent limiting ridges, from which there is Mariana Islands and Hawaii.

Opening My:

So continent called Maya — Indians of Central America, and still living in the Yucatan. Maya manuscript read French Brasseur de Bourbourg. He introduced the name into use. The word «My» means "mother" or "Motherland."

Lord Churchward:

By this pioneer of the ancient continent My English should be considered as Col. James Churchward. He did a great research work and found the description in My manuscripts of many ancient peoples: American Indian — Maya and Aztecs, the Tibetans and the Greeks, Egyptians and Sumerians.

Witness the great tragedy:

Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl has spent years of his life to the study of the giant statues on Easter Island. Erected their "long-eared" — one of the nations My, to protect this piece of land from the advancing waters. The island remained the same plate "rongo rongo", which contains a large number of interesting information about life in the continent My.

The last of the inhabitants of My:
This tasadai. They live on the southern Philippine island of almonds, and are the most primitive way of life. But other Filipinos also believe they are the descendants of immigrants from My and believe that healers — surgeons who do surgery without pain, use knowledge muantsev.

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