Mubarak's two sons behind bars

On how to feel elite in prison of former Egyptian regime, says The New York Times.

Tora Farm — Egyptian prison, a two-storey concrete house, where for many years kept those whom the regime Hosni Mubarak considered his enemies.

Now cameras Tora farm sits does not list the former leadership of Egypt: Gamal Mubarak — Prisoner number 23, his older brother Alaa, one of the richest men in Egypt — the prisoner number 24, the Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif, who once said that the Egyptians are not ready for democracy, Zakaryya Azmi, the closest confidant of the president, Fatah Surur, Speaker of Parliament, and many others.

According to their captors, they are all stunned change that took place in their lives. They eat the food that they bring their families — right, to which the prisoners until they are convicted. But Gamal Mubarak, who shares the camera with his brother, often refuses to eat.
"They are broken, they do everything they are told, and do not fall down vote," — says one of them jailers.

The former president is not in Tora Farm, but his health has improved and it is possible that he may soon fall behind bars. At the end of last week, Hosni Mubarak has been transported to a military hospital in Cairo, it is expected that one of these days he will be questioned by the investigators of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor General's Office.

The Supreme Administrative Court of Egypt announced on Saturday that the former ruling National Democratic Party dissolved and its assets transferred to the State.
But many people are not particularly happy. According to them, even if the pillars of the former regime be brought to justice, it will sum scores with the past, but does not show the way to the future.

Many said that instead of a mass protest military rule came to control the decrees. Parliamentary elections will be held in September. The authorities are doing nothing to restore tourism — one of the main sources of income of the national economy.

However, the arrest and imprisonment of the former regime leaders meet

Why is it — the special conditions?

sense of justice, or even revenge.
Newspapers tell us about the conditions of high-prisoners reported that some of them have managed to hide from the guards mobile phones.

"Why is it — the special conditions? — Outraged resident of Cairo Ahmet Hosni, — Yes, it's a miracle that they were there, but they are there because they are corrupt. "

"There was a lot of injustice — said the visitor cafe near Tahrir Square Halide Yusuf — Thank God that they are now in prison. "

"This is not a five star hotel — said one of the employees Tora farm. — This is a normal prison, it is sometimes referred to as a five-star hotel, as there are high-ranking officials. "

All prisoners have two beds, a TV without a satellite dish and a

They are in a very bad psychological state.

a little cold. All the prisoners are dressed in the same white dress every day they have a right to walk for 3-4 hours.
Gamal Mubarak behind bars has lost half of its weight, it is very small and there is almost no sleep. The Prisoner rarely goes for a walk and almost no contact with other prisoners.
"They are in a very bad psychological state" — said the representative of the prison. But he does not say that these people deserve sympathy: "Now in our country there is the rule of law if those at the top, bear equal responsibility with others."

Former presidential candidate Ayman Nour held by Mubarak in Tora farm five years, which was a political persecution. "Today, the thieves are sitting in prison, and honest people free" — he says.

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