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From olden times people treated the dead with respect and mystical awe. In all religions and all nations in this respect there are clear canons and rituals. And despite all their differences, so far the worst offense is the desecration of graves. Do not touch the graves, not to disturb the ashes of the dead — the rule should be strictly adhered to by all! Otherwise …

"You are dead, but you'll live forever …" Ancient Wisdom. Many fans of the adventure genre with interest watched the acclaimed film by Stephen Sommers "Mummy" Treasure of the Sahara Desert in 1925. His heroes — adventurers and rogues — stumbled upon an ancient tomb and opened it. Thus, they unwittingly set free the forces of evil taivshiesya three millennia in the body of an Egyptian priest who was executed. Condemned to eternal existence as the "living dead", he experienced a revival and began to take revenge. Of course, even a child knows that what is happening on the screen — fiction. However, we know a lot of facts that make a look at the story from a different point of view. So …

"To those who disturb the peace of the mummy, waiting terrible death." These signs are usually found near the archaeological rich burials. But the most incredible thing is that these predictions come true.

The reason for the three worst maritime disasters that resulted in thousands of deaths, it was a curse mummy Egyptian princess Amen-Ra, who lived 3,000 years ago. So a well-known American archaeologist Dr. Scott Hesel. A terrible curse into effect in 1890. Then the English lord Kantervil acquired golden sarcophagus stolen from the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Before getting to the British aristocracy, the mummy has changed several owners. All of them died under strange circumstances. There is a record in the diary of one of them: "When I tried to look into the eyes of the mummy, more precisely, in the place where they once were, at some point I began to think that the embalmed body will give signs of life — her eyes expressed as Hate that the blood froze in my veins … "The owner of the mystical mummy decided to quickly get rid of it and sold it.

Lord Kantervil was very superstitious person. He even did not think about how to open the sarcophagus. Thus aristocrat hoped to be saved from damnation. However, the legend and the huge interest in the unique exhibit ancient public haunted him. The essence of the legend came to the fact that it is imposed on this mummy unbreakable curse that needs to catch up with anyone who tries to disturb her peace. Nevertheless, I decided to present Lord sarcophagus on display in New York.

Kantervil booked a cabin for himself on the best ship in the world at the time — "Titanic." For mummies were given a place in the cargo bay.

As you know, on the night of April 15, 1912 this marine giant sank, taking with him the life of a man in 1513. And what became of the mummy? Many scientists say that it avoided the tragic fate of the passengers. There were witnesses who saw the coffin floating in the open ocean. According to other sources, provident Lord allegedly managed to save his treasure, taking a sarcophagus in a lifeboat.

It is difficult to say how it all happened in those terrible hours. But in 1914, the mystical mummy again "came to light." It was bought by a rich Canadian from Montreal, who has decided to forward the sarcophagus back to England on a ship in a great title "Queen of Ireland." Shortly after leaving port the ship collided with a Norwegian vessel. As a result, the marine accident killed 1029 people. To get rid of the curse of the mummy sinister, Canadian decided to bring her back home to Egypt. For this, he hired a new ship that May 1, 1915 left New York. And six days later he was attacked by a German submarine. Torpedo hit was precise and cost the lives of 1200 people. Canadian himself was still alive, but by the end of his days suffering from a mental disorder — he could not stand the thought of that was his fault so many people died.

A mummy disappeared. Most likely, the latter became her refuge seabed near the Irish coast. Scientists have tried to find translations curse which was inscribed on the golden sarcophagus, but they were gone most inexplicable way. Maybe it's for the better? Esoteric researchers are inclined to that the mummy was imposed special spell. Prior to this mummy is transported across the ocean, and all ends happily. Only this was the instigator of maritime disasters, which killed a total of more than 3,700.

Curious occurred in 1999 in Giza, near Cairo. Italian archaeologists have discovered in the area dumping Egyptian pharaoh and his wife. The inscription on the headstone. Scientists have deciphered it and found out that the great goddess Isis (Isis) three times will punish anyone who dares to desecrate the grave. Seriously this warning no one, of course, did not take. But in vain!

Archaeologists have explored the pyramid, removed from it the treasures of Pharaoh, and four royal mummies and take with them. And then it began … The head of the expedition, the nature of the distinguished good health, before leaving for Italy died suddenly of a heart attack. Two days later, his closest aide, died of snakebite. The remaining members of the expedition along with found antiquities returned home by train. Composition crashed, and wagons were derailed. Survive this catastrophe no one has. A mummy and treasures of the royal couple disappeared.

Similar effects occurred after the ancient tombs have been opened in other places of the world. Three years ago in north-east China has a team of Australian archaeologists. They found mounds of X century. Local residents have repeatedly warned scientists: "Spirits do not forgive you abuse!" But they started to dig. A week later, he died of a heart attack, one of the scientists. A few days later the same fate befell two other archaeologists. The researchers decided not to tempt fate and turned the expedition.

In 1997 he worked in Southern Mongolia French archaeologists. Their attention was drawn to the unusual mounds, hills. One of the participants secretly stole some jewelry from the burial XI century. But the next day he had the inexplicable feeling of dread, the night of his nightmares. Yet the thief rather keep myself stolen items. All opened suddenly, when he was found dead in the toilet plane that landed at Paris Roissy airport. The death of a hapless archaeologist was so mysterious as it is disgraceful.

Mystical thing happened. in present-day Poland. Then it was decided to open the tomb of King Casimir IV (XV c.). If the government knew what it's all over! Fourteen scientists who participated in the event, died one by one. It is true that the cause of death could be installed immediately. It was a deadly mold that covered the sarcophagus of the monarch and quickly hit the human respiratory tract: But where did this mold in the tomb of King Casimir?

After all these stories conclusion is that up to now the tomb of the great men of the past protect something that does not allow them to violate eternal rest.

In 1991, the scientific world has stirred a sensation. In the alpine valley Ötztal (Austria) at 3 thousand meters was found perfectly preserved mummy of a man whose age scientists estimated at 5300 years. In honor of the place of occurrence, it was named named Ötzi (Oetzi). The mummy stumbled German mountaineer Helmut Simon. Coming down from the glacier in the Tyrolean Alps, he managed to see peeps from the ice man's head and shoulders (because of this mummy is often also referred to as "ice man").

Scientists are trying to understand who the dead man was a mystery. Initially, it was suggested about 'that Neolithic man grabbed a snowstorm, and it was cold. Later it turned out amazing facts. After studying the DNA named Ötzi, the researchers came to the conclusion that it was a man about 46 years old, in good physical shape. He was an ancient warrior, wearing shoes and a warm coat, made from pieces of skin chamois, ibex and deer. On his head was a bearskin cap and leather decorated old tattoo. When named Ötzi was found a small bronze ax, a flint dagger with a wooden handle, wooden bow and 14 arrows.

Subsequently, scientists have concluded that the "ice man" was killed in a bloody fight / that lasted at least two days. In 2001, the Italian radiologist found, that his shoulder was stuck head silicon boom (apparently, he was shot from behind). It managed to pull out of the body only shaft. According to one of the climbers who discovered the mummy, she held a dagger in his right hand, which fell at the time of removal from the glacier. The entire body of the ancient warrior was covered with wounds and bruises, and the jacket, daggers, and a quiver of arrows traces of blood of two more people. We can only guess what the bloody drama was played out in the mountains during the Neolithic. Without doubt one thing: death named Ötzi — the oldest known murder.

Now mummy "Iceman" is stored in a transparent fridge Italian museum in Bolzano. In Austria, it has a lot of enthusiastic fans. Mummy was a real star. Only here for a few years after its accession in the museum premature death found seven people from among those who discovered and investigated. Opened this mysterious list Dr. Rainer Henn, who headed a group of experts. He was putting his own remains "ice man" in a plastic bag. Exactly a year after the age of 64 years, Professor Henn died in a mysterious car accident. He just rode at a conference on named Ötzi, where he intended to declare the scientific world of the "sensational discoveries." Do not have time. Cause of the accident is still not clear.

Next person mummy "sentenced to death" became the climber Kurt Fritz. It was he who led the group of Henna resting place, named Ötzi Kurt was an experienced mountain guide, but ended his life by a sudden avalanche, which suddenly came down in perfect weather, although this could not be. However, he was the only one in the bunch of climbers who died. His mutilated body was found on the bottom of a deep gorge.

Then came the turn of the famous Austrian journalist Rainer holila who filmed the extraction of named Ötzi ice prison. Then he made a documentary about the discovery and tells the story of a mysterious mummies in the press. Journalist died from a lethal brain tumor.

In 2004, due to the ominous Death continued. Not escaped the sad fate, and who first discovered the "ice man." Helmut Simon long pleaded with the Italian authorities, demanding a reward for unique finds. Finally, he promised to pay 100 thousand dollars. Helmut went to Italy, where he said in numerous interviews as gods show him the way to the named Ötzi. I wish he did not disturb again the secret forces … Back to Austria, Simon left his hotel in Salzburg own to take a walk in the mountains. Suddenly, on the slopes of the ridge collapsed Ötztal snowstorm. Temperature began to plummet, and was replaced by warm autumn winter cold. Simon did not return back. Only eight days later rescuers found his body, he fell to his death, falling from a hundred-meter height. Ironically, it happened near the site of last refuge named Ötzi.

In this strange coincidences did not end. Less than an hour after the funeral of the unfortunate traveler, as a sudden heart attack died search team leader, 45-year-old Dieter Varnakov. It was a man in full blossom, never complained of heart. Varnakov left behind those who recently searched the mountains.

Another Austrian archaeologist, 66-year-old Konrad Spindler, who became a member of the research group to study "ice man" did not believe in the curse, and brushed off the sinister rumors. "Nonsense, nonsense press! — He said with barely concealed irritation. — And what did you want to say that next on the list — I? "Exactly one year Spindler died of multiple sclerosis, becoming the sixth victim of the mysterious" plague. "

Finally, the last was the Australian mining mummies archaeologist Tom Loy. Expert in the field of molecular chemistry, was found dead at his home in Brisbane, in the Australian state Kvislend. Body was found just six days after the death. Again, the irony: the scientist was just finishing a great scientific work on the "ice man." It is noteworthy that Loy suffered a blood disorder, however, it was discovered shortly after his meeting with Tyrolean mummy.

So, today there are seven bodies … and absolutely no evidence. The investigation leading both Italian and Austrian police. However, a single suspect has alibi all etskvremya he lay quietly in the freezer of the museum at -6 ° C and do not go out. Do all these tragedies supernatural cause, say no one has taken. Although the reason for this is the strange and the negative impact that has on the mummy of tourists, many of the exhibit after the inspection report poor health, and some even fainted. According to the official statistics, the same phenomena are observed in the Hermitage Museum, the British Museum and the Louvre — in those rooms where exposed mummies.

Experts are inclined to believe that life was a powerful sorcerer named Ötzi. For this he was killed. Perhaps it was imposed special spell. Such rituals existed among the ancient Druids: people received "death-spell" — a special mystical process that foreshadowed the terrible punishment to all those who want to disturb the peace of his body in the future. It was a kind of "insurance" from Tomb Raider. Similar rituals practiced by the ancient Scythians. And, interestingly, their spells, it seems, is also "work." This is clearly evidenced by the fate of at least five "black archeologists" from Ukraine, who robbed Scythian burial — mounds. Against them was a criminal case. Within a half years awaiting trial offenders were under house arrest. But the court did not take place — every single one of the "black diggers", died in a bizarre accident and illness.

Researchers are still put forward a set of hypotheses as to how did the mummy could kill so many people. The most popular among them are: killing energy barriers posed by ancient magicians, fatal effects of extremely dangerous microorganisms, lethal gas emissions created by the ancient priests and chemists. A paranormal experts explain what is happening so-called "necrotic bond." It can occur between abiding in that light energy being or soul of a deceased person and tangible objects in our world. Through them, the dead man is able to punish people who violated his peace. For this purpose, the negative energy pulses, which are harmful to health. Our ancestors discovered it long ago. It is no accident customs of all nations prohibit desecrate the graves of the dead.

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