Muscovites will be able to verbally agree to the removal of organs

Feed mandatory prior written application will not required

Moscow City Duma is preparing a mandrel in the legislation under which the people of Moscow can become posthumous organ donors, so to speak orally. It is reported Medportal.Ru.

As explained head of the Duma Committee on Legislation Alexander testes, Muscovites have the right to consent to an autopsy or the removal of organs after death, only on the basis of a written application. Meanwhile, according to federal law, consent to become a posthumous organ donor can give the Russians both in writing and in orally.

The same applies for permission to perform autopsies, orders authorities determine the place of burial, as well as the transfer of the right of his body to relatives.

Thus, according to Semenikova, the new law will result in a municipal law in line with federal law. Search "options for changing the law" will take about two weeks, said Semenikov.

Patriotic transplantation has an acute shortage of donor organs. Thus, the number of kidney transplants in Russia lags behind the minimum design requirements of 10 times, the liver — 20 times the heart — 30.

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