Mutations of animals — the work pisheltsev?

November 25, 2011 16:31

Residents of the South American village linked the birth of a mutant pig with a UFO seen over the day before. Anomaly occurred in the body of the poor creatures, led to deformation of the skull, resulting in a pig's head was vaguely resemble a human.
Actually, the locals describe the animal as something resembling a hybrid of human and pig. According to the farmer Laureano Escobar Arias (Laureano Escobar Arias), «the animal looked like some kind of alien creature." It is noteworthy that ten of the brothers and sisters "alien pig" were born completely normal — at least the appearance of deviations do not have.

 Despite the fact that the inhabitants of villages are ready to ring up all the UFO organization in the neighborhood, experts insist that, in this situation, do not blame everything on the invaders. According to authorities, the reasons for this phenomenon may be several, and not all of them belong to the category of incredible and fantastic: "We do not know exactly, but it could be a consequence of the genetic problem or a result of environmental contamination."

It is noteworthy that the same scenario was observed a little earlier in another part of the world — in Wales. In the region, several cases of animal mutations also preceded contact with UFOs.

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