Mysterious footprints in the sky over the city Kolobrzeg (Poland) December 8, 2011

January 14, 2012 14:52

December 8, 2011, a resident heard a mighty roar Kolobrzeg. "It was about 15.30. When I ran out of the house in the sky … I saw something amazing. They were the band, not like the fact that I could see. "

Should explain that here, Mr. Rafael person professionally engaged in aviation. Serve in the national reserve forces in the 21st Air Base in Swidwin. Knows how to look like the band that leave planes or flare emissions from aircraft, but that was in the sky on December 8, it was something else entirely. It is believed that the Polish sky crossed american aircraft of type hypersonic Aurora? Or maybe it was a UFO? Fortunately, it was possible to record everything in HD, so that each one can see that in this day appeared in the sky above Kolobrzeg. It is interesting that Mr. Rafael says that it is likely to fall …!

Looking for a band he had the impression that the object hit the ground. However, in place of the alleged fall nothing was found. Therefore, the case is very puzzling. The video also includes a brief conversation with Mr. Raphael, which was recorded December 22, 2011.

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