Mysterious secrets that have not been able to open in 2011

December 25, 2011 7:04

Video UFO in Jerusalem

Weird video depicting UFOs move about the world in a few weeks in the past year. January 28 mysterious lights hovering over the "Dome of the Rock" — an ancient Islamic temple in Jerusalem.

They said that this video is the best video that he captured alien spacecraft, as its authenticity can not be disputed: several people have removed a strange object over the temple from different angles. When these videos appeared on YouTube, video UFO in Jerusalem drew a lot of publications all over the world interested in the mysterious phenomenon.

Skeptics, in turn, declared that this video — a fake, but a lot of people who believe in aliens, completely disagree with this. In March even MUFON — an organization that studies the very appearance of extraterrestrial life, also joined the group of skeptics, announcing a UFO hoax. Eventually, even the most dedicated people who believe in UFOs reluctantly admitted that the video was just a hoax.

Magnetic BoyMagnetic Boy

While all of the Internet community was buzzing about an alien object in Jerusalem in February from Serbia came another strange message. Seven-year-old boy named Bogdan demonstrated to the world paranormal ability to attract metal objects, like a magnet.

According to the publication MSNBC and The Daily Mail everyday objects such as spoons, knives and forks were glued to his body with ease. Also glued to it and things from completely different materials, such as small plates and flat glass products. To explain this phenomenon, no one could, but argued that this capacity can not be magnetism, because the skin may stick Bogdan and non-metallic objects. Mysterious feature is explained only surface friction of the skin.

Zhevodansky beastZhevodansky beast

Of all the monsters that are rumored to live on Earth, perhaps none inspired as much fear as a mysterious creature that terrorized the rural population in France in 1760. This monster — Zhevodansky beast — as you know, with impunity destroyed peasants, farmers and shepherds, leaving their victims wet spot.

During the two centuries that monster frightened many, especially in France. Many believed that it was a wolf, werewolf, others said that it was like a supernatural demon, as the legend can not be killed by bullets, and the others insisted that it was a serial killer, an early French Jack the Ripper .

Mysterious stories were told many times, including on the basis of legends even made a film in 2001, "Brotherhood of the Wolf." In 2011, the secret was finally revealed in the book, Jay M. Smith's "Monsters Zhevodanskie." Author convincingly shown that in fact there was not one beast, which was responsible for deaths was thought earlier. The area hunted wolves that attacked civilians.


Zhevodanskogo mystery beast was not the only legend of the monster that managed to open in 2011. Since the 1990s, people around the world (especially in Puerto Rico and Latin America) reported a terrible monster vampire who was nicknamed El Chupacabra (with Spanish for "goat vampire," as it is being sucked the blood of small animals, especially goats). According to the description of the first witness, Chupacabra was 2 feet, an increase of about 1.2-1.5 meters and schipy back.

The monster had long thin legs and feet, head, like a humanoid head, red, and black eyes. Later Chupacabra allegedly seen in the U.S. (mostly in Texas and New Mexico), but later it turned out that they were sick dogs, foxes and coyotes. Although many believed that it was a real being, the mystery Chupacabras yet been disclosed, the witness, who had seen the monster, who described the "standard" appearance monster confessed that described the monster from a horror movie 1995 "Species."

Russian UFORussian UFO

In April, just a couple of months after the amazing UFO video in Jerusalem, there was a movie, depicting the body of an alien found in Russia, which has caused a new wave of debate in the blogosphere. According to an article in The Daily Mail, «badly damaged body of an alien with an open mouth was found in the snow near Irkutsk."

Video alien creatures quickly spread through the world after it was first posted on the Internet. The body of an alien resembling representatives of extraterrestrial life, it was about 60 cm in length. Part of the left foot was missing, instead of eyes were large indentation. Video caused a lot of noise and debate that lasted several weeks, until finally, the Russian teenagers are not admitted to cheating, after police found the body of "dead alien" in one of them in the apartment.

While in 2011, managed to uncover many mysterious secrets, some of them still remain unsolved and will reflect on them in 2012.

The mysterious death of bees

Death of bee colonies are concerned biologists for years. Since 2006, the U.S. lost about 20 to 40 percent of the bee colonies. These events are called "bee collapse." It has been proposed a number of explanations for this fact, from pesticides and mobile communications to climate change. Some scientists blame the problem of fungi and viruses that have infected insects. The virus affects the stomach of bees, makes fabric purple. Fungi that colonize in the esophagus of bees, called Nosema ceranae. Together these misfortunes do not give the bees to eat.

Although scientists have several important clues, until they can come to an agreement. Even if the fungi and some viruses infect bees, may not necessarily be killed all members of the family. Causing massive loss of insects, remains a mystery.

Faster than the speed of light

In September, 174 Physics Laboratory of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, announced that the released particles between Switzerland and Italy, moving from an unusually fast speed. After three years of experiments and analysis, the team concluded that released their neutrinos reaching Italy for one 17 millionth of a second, far faster than expected. This rate is greater than the speed of light.

The experiments were conducted in November and again, to the horror and surprise of many, the researchers got the same results. Further research is needed to find out whether there was a mistake in the calculation, or the theory of relativity can not be sustained. In 2012, expect new research.

The influence of the oil spill from BP

What effect did the BP oil spill in 2010, when the Gulf of Mexico was 5,000,000 barrels of oil? Scientists still can not accurately answer this question. Initial estimates were disappointing: in the near future, it will destroy the ecosystem will die all the flora and fauna in the region, as well as significantly hurt the region's economy and tourism. Time magazine visited the Gulf States in 2011, and concluded that about a year after the accident, it became clear that such a terrible scenario will never become a reality. This does not mean that the oil slick has no effect, but the environmental disaster, which had expected, they were not observed. The consequences are not as dire as previously thought.

Scientists from the National Administration National Oceanic and Atmospheric estimated that in August, most of the oil remains in the Gulf of Mexico, where it is dispersed and dissolved. Many environmentalists criticize the message, believing that downplaying the threat, and the oil continues to flow, but independent studies have found that the oil has largely disappeared from the water. Yet oil residues continue to appear on the beaches and settle to the bottom of the sea. Among these conflicting data is one thing remains clear: While it is not known what the consequences will cause the largest oil spill.

Extraterrestrial life on planets similar to EarthExtraterrestrial life on planets similar to Earth

Are we alone in the universe? This old as the world, the question is still open, despite the findings of the last few years, and the idea, which was confirmed in 2011. In January it was announced that the Kepler space telescope has found evidence that the solar system is a planet similar to Earth Kepler-10b, which is the size of one and a half times more than ours.

Although it is assumed that the surface is too hot to her life originated, scientists think that perhaps her life was in the past. This discovery comes just months after scientists announced the discovery of another — the planet Gliese 581g, which had the right shape and suitable location for life. Then, in December, there were reports of a new planet — Kepler 22b, which is described as follows: "The planet is about 2 times the size of Earth, and rotates around the middle of the" habitable zone "around its star, that is very similar to Earth in the location … was first detected very like planet. "

Each year, the scientific community is becoming more and more planets similar to Earth, but no direct evidence that they have a life, has not been found.

End of the world 2012

Many people believe that 2012 will bring many significant global changes that will come in the form of accidents or perhaps a new era of enlightenment. End of the world in 2012 is associated with the end of the Mayan calendar, which is a bit the same as the "end" Urigorianskogo calendar December 31, 2012.

Ancient Mayans never believed that the 2012 end of the world, but even if that were the case, it is unclear why the end of the world retold by them, but did not mention the thousands subsequent prophets. For example, the predictor Harold Camping pointed to the fact that the world would end in May 2011, and then in October. But this, as we know, did not happen.

Others are less concerned about the "expiration" calendar than science confirmed threats, such as the collapse of the defunct Nibiru or predictions of increasing solar flares in the next year, which could potentially damage the power system of the world. Whether these predictions come true, we'll find out in the near future.

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